I'm really glad that this story is going so well!! And I'm sorry for long updates but I have just been so busy!! Oh well no worries mates the story will go on!!

Returning Moon

Chapter 8

The next few days have been hell for me. My parents are arguing more now, mostly about their stupid bloody problems. But sometimes me and Molly get dragged into the mess. She hasn't been sleeping much and neither have I, even though I have the power to protect her however I'm unsure if I can when she sleeps.

Still we're both alive and that's what matters, but I also have to find a way to take down Freddy like October said.

Right now I'm lying outside under our big shadded tree listening to my Ipod. Molly is lying nearby coloring.

"So kiss me goodbye, honey I'm gonna make it out alive, so kiss me goodbye, I can see the venom in your eyes" I love the song Snakes on a Plane, the guy who sings this lyric I think is totally hot.

Grinning Molly said "what's so funny Xan?"

I turned my head towards her and gave her a serious look "one of the guys who sing this song...is totally hot." I said in a serious playful tone.

She giggled and put her crayons down "you have a crush on a singer?" she asked.

"Un huh...but I'm not the only one Mol...many girls do...and you will be one of them too." I said cocking my eyebrow. She laughed "your really funny Xan...so are you going to marry him?" she asked.

I laughed so hard that tears were beginning to come to my eyes "I wish Molly...I wish." I gasped.

We went back to doing our own things when a familiar voice came into earshot "Hey Xan."

Sitting up I saw Morgan, Cory, and Annie standing on the sidewalk with another boy. "Hi guys." I replied, Molly looked up from her picture and waved, they too waved back and smiled at her.

"We heard that you were in the hospital. It is true?" Morgan asked, her red ponytail swinging back and forth.

I nodded and stood up "yeah, but I'm back. No worries." I replied. They all looked nervous and I could sense what they were thinking. "Look, don't worry about me. Every thing is fine." I said.

Cory smiled and draped his arm playfully over Morgan's shoulder "so when ya starting school?" he asked. Morgan rolled her eyes but loved the attention, I laughed "in a few days, the doc wants me to heal up before I start."

"Cool, so how are you feeling?" the other boy asked. I turned to him but Morgan said "sorry Xan, this is Shawn. He goes to school with us."

I smiled shyly and he did likewise. Shawn had dark brown straight hair that ended at his neck, he wore at black long sleeved shirt and blue jeans, with black VANS. He had a little facial hair and wore around his neck some silver flame charm with purple in it. I thought he was cute.

"I'm feeling fine, thanks." I said shaking his hand.

"We wanted to see how you were doing, and if you wanted to come see a movie with us?" Cory asked.

"Sure. It sounds like fun." I replied. "Xan! I finished my drawing." Molly called. She ran up to me and handed me the picture.

It was one of two figures, the taller one wore a cape and on the front it said SX. The smaller figure was hugging the taller figure. I knew at once what it was and smiled, then ruffled her hair "thanks Mol, your a real artist." I said.

"Is that your sister?" Morgan asked.

"Yep, this is Molly." I said nodding to her.

They all told her hi and agreed with me that she was a good artist. Nice people. I said to myself.

"Xan is my sister, but she also acts like a superhero." Molly said. Morgan raised her eyebrows "well that is a very good thing...you know I wish my sister acted like that when I was younger." She said nicely.

Molly smiled and then returned to her drawings. Shawn smiled at me "she's a cute kid." he said. "We whacth out for each other." I said.

"So how about you meet us at Brown Street later at seven?" Cory asked. "Alright, I'll meet you guys there." I said smiling.

"Cool, Annie's not comming with us...so why don't we make it a...double date?" Cory suggested playfully.

"You are such a sly dog." Morgan said rolling her eyes. They turned to leave, Shawn turned around and said "see you tonight."

When they were far enough away I flopped down on the ground and had the biggest smile on my face ever since we moved here.

Sorry for this chapter being so short! Shawn was modeled after a guy I know from school who I thought was cute. Next chapt soon!!