The Great Disney Adventure II: The Book of Songs

A Disney story by talking2myself

DISCLAIMER: Aside from a few incredible original characters I own nothing from Disney

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hello world! In case you couldn't tell by the title this is the sequel to The Great Disney Adventure. So if you haven't read it yet please go do so now otherwise this story will be hopelessly confusing. As before I am taking suggestions for movies to be featured in this story. Please no Disney original TV shows. Movies only. Thanks for reading! Please review!

Chapter. 1 Darkness Brewing

"Your minions are intolerably slow," Jafar commented impatiently. He sat in a high back chair in a dark chamber. Hades's lair. He was one of thirteen figures surrounding a dark table. Thirteen of the greatest villains in Disney history sat around the table. All of them had been summoned by an unknown leader for a secret mission.

"Your minion is a parrot so I wouldn't be talking," Hades grumbled.

"A very speedy parrot!" Iago snapped angrily. He whispered to Jafar, "Why'd we pick this dump for a meeting place?!"

"I heard that, you yapping featherball!" Hades snapped.

"SILENCE!" All of the thirteen figures looked at the head of the table. Their leader sat there shrouded by shadows. "Hades!" he cried, "Where the hell is it?! We've been waiting for almost an hour."

"Look, boss," Hades sighed impatiently, "I'm trying to get it here..."

"Try harder!

"If you wanted it here you should have ordered it rush delivery," Hades grumbled.

"We're here!" Pain and Panic stumbled through the figures. Both of them were struggling to carry a large package.

"It's about time!" A tall green skinned witch sat next to Jafar fingering a glowing staff, "I was beginning to wonder."

"Pipe down, Meleficent!" their leader said. He bolted out of his chair and hurried over to Pain and Panic. Now that he stepped out of the shadows the rest of the figures could see his face.

"A boy!" an ancient looking woman cried out in a shrill voice, "Our fearless leader is a... TEENAGER!"

"Well, in his defense," A tall muscular man said, "Kuzco was just a teenager too but he managed to foil your evil plans..." SMACK!

"Shut up, Kronk!" the old woman snapped as she swatted him across the face, "What makes you think he can help us?!"

"Yzma does have a point," another woman who sat next to the bickering pair agreed, "He doesn't look very special."

The teenager in question glared at them. He was about nineteen years old. He had dark black hair that was constantly getting into his face. His eyes were dark brown, almost black. He wore simple blue jeans and a grungy gray T-shirt. When he walked towards them, he appeared to be taller than he was. "Give me the credit," he said, "I brought the thirteen of you here for a reason. And none of you have succeeded in defeating your heroes, so you can't say anything about me."

A dark maned lion let out a growl at the end of the table. He was the only animal present, but he was still quite dangerous. "He may be young," he agreed, "But I think the young one holds promise."

"First things first," Ursula the sea witch said, "Who are you?"

"My name is Aaron," the boy said, "And I've been secretly living in The Kingdom for sometime now. After reviewing many maps and books I managed to find that." He pointed dramatically at the large packet Pain and Panic were holding.

"What is it?" a slinky purple monster asked.

"I'll show you," Aaron said with a smug grin. He pulled the cover off the package and lifted a tattered book.

Meleficent let out a gasp of surprise, "It can't be!"

"Can't be what?!" A muscular man asked, "What is it?"

"Honestly, Gaston!" she cried, "Don't you recognize it?!"

"Pah!" Gaston grumbled, "It's a book. You know how I feel about books."

"It's not just any book!" a blue crystallized figure near the back of the room cried, "It's The Book of Songs!"

"You mean," a pirate in the back said. "It's the most powerful piece of magic in The Kingdom?!"

"That it is!" Aaron said triumphantly, "And I'm going to use it to lead us to victory."

"I'll believe it when I see it," A tentacled figure standing next to Hook said.

"Very well, then," Aaron said, "You shall see for yourself!" He picked up the heavy book. The Thirteen villains all leaned forwards eagerly in their chairs. Aaron opened it and flicked the pages. "Only The One Who Walks Between Two Worlds may harness the power locked inside these pages," Aaron read aloud. He smiled smugly at his audience of villains. "That would be me." he turned the page. There was a picture of a hand print there. Aaron placed his own hand over the picture and declared loudly. "I am The One Who Walks Between Two Worlds!"

Suddenly, the pages began to glow bright white. Aaron threw back his head and laughed triumphantly. Then, just as suddenly, the glowing started, it stopped. "What?!" Aaron cried. The book immediately snapped shut and flew from his grip. It landed on the floor, a short distance away.

Yzma laughed smugly, "My! That was impressive. Wasn't it Kronk?"

"Not really," Kronk said, "I don't think it worked." Yzma rolled her eyes and brought a hand to her forehead.

"WHAT?!" Aaron yelled, "Why didn't it work?! I'm the Chosen One or whatever! It should've worked!"

Jafar picked up the book and examined the cover, "Perhaps not..."

"What?!" Aaron cried, "What do you mean? I'm the only from the Real world!"

"Not quite," Jafar said. He passed the book over to Hades, "Does this symbol look familiar to you?"

Hades examined the cover. On it was a circle within a circle with a horizontal line running across it. "You can't be serious!"

"Tell me!" Aaron yelled, "What does that mean?!"

"It means that there was one other person who came into The Kingdom from the real world," Jafar said, "And while she was in Atlantis she received a tattoo. It looked just like that symbol."

"Kelsey?!" Ursula cried, "Kelsey can control the power?! That isn't even fair!"

"Who is this, Kelsey?" Aaron demanded, "Why didn't you say anything?!"

"Hades doesn't like bragging about how he got his butt kicked by a kid!" Iago piped.

"I'm going to turn you into a parrot pie!" Hades yelled.

"Only one person can control the Book of Songs," Jafar commented, "It seems as though you don't have a choice."

Aaron sat down in his chair bitterly, "Where is she?!"

None of the villains knew for sure. "If she didn't make it home already," Hook said, "She's probably with that worm, Jack Sparrow!"

"Or William Turner," Rourke pointed out, "She seemed to fancy him as well."

"Where are they?" Aaron asked.

"No one's seen Jack in ages," Davy Jones said, "But I intend to find him! And soon!"

"What about Mr. Turner?" Aaron asked.

"Port Royal," Hook said, "All set to marry his fiancé Elizabeth Swann."

"Then, I believe we have a wedding to crash," Aaron said.

"But sir..." Meleficent interrupted.

"You say that we need her to control the book?" Aaron asked Jafar. Jafar nodded. "Then, find her!"


"It's your turn, darling."

Princess Jacqueline of Hearts let out a heavy sigh and crossed the croquet court to her ball (which was really a hedgehog.) She lifted her mallet (which was really a flamingo) and swung. The ball rolled maybe two feet before coming to a halt at the base of a rose covered tree.

"Well, good try, darling," her father a short little man, The King of Hearts, said.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Jacqueline, or Jackie as she was usually called, cringed as her mother stormed over to her side. Jackie looked decidedly odd standing next to her mother. While her mother was huge, strong and powerful. Jackie was tall and scrawny. Her feet and hands were far too big and her dark hair was forced into two stiff pigtails which were smooshed beneath her crown. She looked up nervously at her mother through diamond shaped spectacles. "WHAT WAS THAT?!" the Queen bellowed.

"M-m-my shot," Jackie said. The poor girl had an awful stuttering problem. One that she could never get rid of especially when her mother was around.

"THAT WAS TERRIBLE!" The Queen cried.

"Now dear," The King said attempting to calm his agitated wife.

"IT WAS HORRIBLE!" The Queen wailed dramatically, "Honestly! It's a simple game and the cards help you cheat! How could you be that awful?!"

"P-p-perhaps it's an acq-q-quired talent?" Jackie mumbled staring at the ground.

"ACQUIRED?!" The Queen bellowed, "You're a princess! I thought you could do something right! Just pick up the equipment and return to your chambers! It's not worth it!" With that the Queen stomped off.

Jackie did as she was told. Then, she scurried up the stairs to her room so no one would see her crying. She flung herself onto her bed and began to sob. "W-w-why?! Why can't I d-d-do anything right?!"

POOF! Suddenly, her bedroom was filled with bright pink smoke. Jackie let out a cry and hid under her bed. Gradually, the pink smoke began to fade away. She could hear someone cough and grumble. "Honestly! They couldn't have found a neater way for me to make an entrance. That Glinda girl has a bubble!" Jackie peered out from under her bed. Standing there was a small girl in a delicate white dress and holding a sparkling wand. Her red hair was in an updo with a shiny tiara. She adjusted her octagon shaped glasses and attempted to wipe the pink dust off her shoes. "Ah there you are!" the figure cried happily.

"Who are y-y-you?!" Jackie cried.

"My name is Sophia," the girl said merrily, "Hello, I'm your fairy godmother."


"What is THAT on your neck?!"

"Shit!" Kelsey swore. She desperately tried to cover it, but it was too late. Her younger brother stood there in the doorway of her room staring at the back of her neck in amazement.

"Is that a tattoo?!" he cried.

"No!" Kelsey cried far too quickly to be believable, "No, it's not!"

"Yeah, it is!" Rob cried. Her brother was about thirteen years old. The two looked slightly similar. Both of them had blue eyes and blonde hair. The main differences were that Kelsey had square glass and his hair was short, but shaggy and his long bangs always hung in his face. He glared at Kelsey accusingly.

"It's not real," Kelsey said, "I got it at a party. It will wash off in a few days." Rob looked at her skeptically. "Don't tell mom!" Kelsey added.

"We'll see," Rob grumbled. He looked around Kelsey's room and let out a sigh. "Do you have to hang those posters up?"

Kelsey looked around. Her room was covered posters for Broadway musicals. The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Wicked, Spamalot. "What's wrong with them?" Kelsey asked.

"They're weird!" Rob said, "No one has that much of an obsession with Broadway!"

"They're good shows!" Kelsey insisted.

"Couldn't you be obsessed with a band or something?!" Rob asked.

"The day I hang posters of Britney Spears and N Sync on my wall is the day I burn in hell!" Kelsey snapped.

Rob groaned, "Those bands aren't even popular any more! Do you even pay attention to pop culture?! Most girls are obssessed about some movie star or something..."

"And since when are you the leading authority on what girls like?" Kelsey snapped, "What are you doing in here anyway?"

"Looking for my gameboy," Rob said, "I think mom threw it in your closet."

"NO!" Kelsey cried. She bounded across the room and threw herself in front of her closet door.

"What are you doing?!" Rob cried.

"Nothing," Kelsey said, "It's just not in there. Check your room."

"Why are you so intent on keeping me out of your closet?!" Rob cried.

Kelsey laughed nervously, "You're breaking one of the ten girl commandments."

"Girl Commandments?" Rob asked skeptically.

"Yeah," Kelsey said, "Thou shalt not enter thy sister's closet unpermitted!"

A faint ringing noise echoed down the hallway. "Oh look!" Kelsey cried, "That must be Aunt Missy with Emma. Go answer the door."

Rob rolled his eyes and walked down the hallway. Kelsey let out a huge sigh, "That was a close one!" Kelsey opened the door of her closet. Hanging inside it was the yellow jacket and green top hat that she had received from The Mad Hatter. She really didn't want to explain to Rob how she had gotten them. She took the hat and looked it over. One year ago. It seemed like a lifetime since she had last entered the mystical Kingdom.

"Kelsey!" Emma hurried into the room and hugged Kelsey around her leg. Kelsey looked down and smiled at her cousin. She was seven years old now, but still cute and precocious. Of course, she had picked up a little too much of Kelsey's sarcasm. Kelsey had heard her aunt complaining to her mother about certain words that were creeping into Emma's vocabulary.

"Hello Emma," Kelsey smiled putting the hat back on the shelf.

Emma's eyes got wide at the sight of it, "What are you doing?!" she cried.

"Relax kid," Kelsey said, "I'm just looking at it. Sometimes I have to convince myself it happened."

"Are we gonna watch more movies today?!" Emma asked excitedly.

"Actually, Rob is going to watch movies with you this time," Kelsey said.

"Rob?!" Emma groaned. "Why?!"

"Because I'm going to the mall," Kelsey said, "It's Rob's turn."

"But Rob's boring!" Emma groaned.

"I'll bring you back a lollipop," Kelsey said. Emma continued to pout. "A big one!" Kelsey said. She took Emma's hand and walked back to the living room with her. "What's wrong with Rob?"

"Lately, he won't play or do anything," Emma groaned, "He said it's not cool to play little kid games. Why is he so grumpy lately?"

"I think it's the hormones racing through his system," Kelsey said. The two of them found Rob sitting on the couch completely enthralled with his video game. "Don't worry, Emma," she said loudly, "I'm sure Rob has tons of fun filled activities planned for you. Right Rob?" Rob grunted something in response.

Emma turned and looked at her cousin angrily, "Better be a cherry lollipop!"