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Divinus Creperum

By: BlaqkNightCrown

Chapter VII

Correcting my translation and use of French:

"Vous me manquez tellement" means I miss you so much, I mistakenly put Je vous manque tellement you miss me so much when Euphemia was speaking with Abvil.

Cela a été le peu de temps means nothing in French, what they would normally say would be, "Cela fait longtemps" qui l'ami élégant est votre, hm ? ne moi dites pas - Qui est votre élégant ami, hm ? Ne me dites pas…

Please thank Miss Nara for helping me with this! I truly appreciate it!!

It was a farcical idea that two, mortal enemies, now sat in front of one another with no intention to kill the other. Of course, Arawn did believe there was an ulterior motive to this meeting, however, that still did not stop him from expressing his shock of being here.

"Voldemort" was all he could say. Arawn's knees buckled as his body landed in a leather seat. Crimson eyes regarded his presences as if it were normal that Arawn be here.

"Potter, my you've grown." Said Voldemort rather calmly and strangely intrigued. Arawn snorted mentally, did this man really believe they were going to have a pleasant conversation. Something told the teen that curses would be flying soon if he didn't watch his mouth.

"You only saw me in June, what difference is it between now, and then?" Arawn asked, surprised by how calm and reserved he sounded.

"True" Voldemort agreed, "However, your dark magic's release has given you a change…" Arawn paled somewhat, 'How the hell does he know about my-'

"Your dear Aunt has so kindly filled me in on the information I needed." Voldemort answered his unasked question while cocking his head to the side. Arawn frowned he didn't want to know how the man got Narcissa to talk, but he was sure he wouldn't want to hear it.

"So I come to realize that you would be a most valuable asset to my cause." Arawn snorted at that, this time aloud.

"You really think I would join you?" Arawn asked incredulously, his eyebrows arching with surprise. Arawn couldn't believe his ears, here was man only known as one of the most deadly wizards alive talking to him in a casual manner, asking him to join his cause. Pfft!

"Yes, I am, and if you listened to what my cause is about, then you would understand." Voldemort propped his elbows on his desk and steepled his fingers as he gave a question look at Arawn. Arawn gave another skeptical look, "You're serious? Aren't you..." he trailed off as he glanced at the floor.

A pregnant of silence came between them, "and what if I do accept your offer?" Arawn hesitantly asked. A sly smirk spread across the handsome features of Tom Riddle. "Simple, Potter. You retrieve the dark mark, and become a Death Eater, however, you may do as you like…" Voldemort said leaving the last bit in the air for thought.

Arawn still was not sure if he wanted to be against Dumbledore, furthermore, he would rather prefer to be neutral. Not bothered by trust issues and betrayal, he had enough lies for once in his life. Other than that, Arawn didn't want to be a Death Eater, he consider the lifeless drones that followed their Dark Lord's every command were more like servants then followers.

"I don't want the dark mark, and I don't want to be a death eater…" Arawn paused thinking more thoroughly as he watched the amusement leave the crimson eyes, "but I would consider being a ally, and offer information of any need. Although… The dark mark is pretty cool." Arawn mentally slapped himself. He had let his childish side slip. Voldemort cocked an elegant eyebrow at that. A smirk smugly attached to his face, and a sly glint glittered in his eyes.

"Fine, you may remain as you are an ally and benefactor… However, you must wear-"Voldemort extended a hand revealing a sliver snake coiled around in a circle, with its head on top of its tail. The eyes of the snake were bright emerald jewels. "-This" he replied.

Arawn pursed his lips, he didn't trust Voldemort, but he rather not get into a heated battle with the Dark Lord, not when his wand hand was crumpled at the moment. Arawn used his uninjured hand and retrieved the ring, slipping it on to his left hand's ring finger.

"Excellent, I am glad we could come to a compromise." Voldemort said his smirk never fading. Arawn grimaced some what; he knew he was getting himself into some deep shit, but what would you do if someone, who had the power to end your existence with a flick of the wrist, asked you to join them?

"Me too" Arawn stated firmly, he felt an uncomfortable silence fall between them. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, he could feel guilt of betraying Dumbledore already seeping in him, and the crimson gaze that burned his body didn't help it any better.

And for the matter of fact, Arawn had been ignoring it since he flopped onto the chair, but his body was reacting in a strange way to Voldemort's voice. One side of him wanted to burn the man to the floor for all the horrible things he had done, and the other side wanted the man to ravish him wildly…?




A blush graced Arawn's features as he seethed at himself. 'Ravish me wildly! What the bloody hell is wrong with me, Merlin's beard, I am going mad.' Arawn thought as he fought to prevent an impudent image of him and Voldemort doing things.

Unbeknownst to dear Arawn Voldemort had seen and heard ever word that ran through his head. Poor, poor Arawn had forgotten the strong connection he had with the Dark Lord.

"Quite the imagination you have, Arawn" Voldemort purred silkily barely audible, but Arawn heard every word of it, and paled considerably.

Arawn mentally scolded himself for forgetting the link, and took note to learn Occulemency and fast. "My mind is private, what thoughts that go through my head, are none of your business." Arawn hissed delicately not noticing his shift to parseltongue.

Voldemort slyly grinned, "True, but then I can't help to be curious." Both stared heatedly at one another, before Arawn abruptly stood up. "Well, is that all you want?" Arawn said he really wanted to get away; Voldemort's eerily calm composure frightened him to no end.

"Yes, we will meet again soon, till then, Potter." Voldemort waved his hand dismissively as he looked back at the papers on his desk. Arawn pulled out his wand, guessing that the ring was a port key, but before he activated it he gave a second glance at the handsome Dark Lord that sat casually at his desk. The image was quite absurd to Arawn, he would need to keep his guard up, and something wasn't right about this establishment.

"Good day, Tom." Arawn said, and then activated his port key just in time too; the look on Voldemort's face was priceless.

Arawn sighed as he found himself in front of the statue of Hades fountain. Already the talk with Voldemort seemed like a fairytale.

"Arawn" Someone called from behind him, the voice sounded familiar. Arawn turned around only to be engulfed by a spiky head of multi-colored hair. "Oh, Raimei" Arawn whispered through the deranged color of hair.

"You remembered my name, how sweet! We were worried, you ran off, and Edon felt bad. He wants to apologies to you." Arawn furrowed his brows until realization hit him; he looked down at his crumpled wand hand. What perplexed him was that he didn't feel the pain in his hand, which he found very odd.

"Arawn, thank Merlin!" Abvil said not far off, Arawn smiled at the homunculus before detaching himself from Raimei. The homunculus picked his way through the garden and then stopped a few feet away, his eyes piercing the shiny ring that adorned Arawn's left hand.

"Arawn" Abvil said as he gave a skeptical look at Arawn's sparkling hand. The younger hid his left hand from view; not liking the look the homunculus was giving his ring. For some odd reason he felt very protective of the object Voldemort had handed to him, it wasn't right.

"Well, let's go inside before everyone eats all the food up! I'm famished, and Abby quite with the creepy stalker look." Raimei said, oblivious to the obvious tension between the two. They both silently agreed, well mainly Arawn agreed, for his stomach grumbled his reply.

Raimei laughed, and Abvil shifted his a expression to a more mellow one. Arawn sighed somewhat and followed the hyper girl with Abvil at his heels.

"Where did you go?" the homunculus hissed into Arawn's left ear, his breath tickling Arawn's cartilage. "None of your business" Arawn replied just as heatedly, he didn't like Abvil's prying into his private affairs.

Abvil gripped the shoulder, which was attached to his injured hand, rather tightly. Arawn frowned and tried to yank his shoulder out of the homunculus's grip. Once the two entered the house after Raimei, Abvil dragged them to a different room. Not that Arawn cared where he was going; no he cared to sock the boy, which held his arm, in the face.

"Now, tell me where did you go?" Arawn refused to look at Abvil, pouting at his unfair treatment. "Arawn" Abvil said warningly. Arawn turned to glare at the homunculus, his dark magic triggered by his anger that was boiling from Abvil's hostility. "I told you! It's. None. Of. Your. Damn. Business," Arawn snarled at Abvil, removing the homunculus's grip off his arm, and in turn grabbing the Abvil's shoulders. "I do not appreciate your prying! As you are my mother's servant, and I am her son… I command you to not bother me about what I do when I am not with you, is that clear?!"

Abvil flinched and looked away, the sound of Arawn's voice and his words stabbed into his very core, becoming apart of the many orders of his system. "Yes, my Lord." Abvil said in a dry tone. Arawn gaped as he did not expect that.

"My Lord?" he questioned backing away from the homunculus. Abvil smirked slightly and whispered huskily in Arawn's ear, "Yes, as you said your mother is my Lady, and you are her son. Making you my Lord, I am sure your wondering how, but all will be explained in due time." With that the older boy left leaving a rather frazzled Arawn to muse over his words.

"Due time…?" Arawn thought, but shook his head, this was all too confusing. He needed to go eat.


"There you are, I was waiting since Abvil said you were in the bathroom." Raimei said as she met up with Arawn, guiding him to the dinner hall. Once there Arawn's jaw slackened. The dinner hall was twice the size of the Great hall in Hogwarts, although, very similar in the style of the Hogwarts Great hall. Four rows of table were placed in the room. Above each row was a different color flag with different emblems.

The row farther left, let's call it row 1, had purple flags adorned with 'Diana the Huntress' in sliver as their symbol. Next row have tables had red flags, and the symbol on them was 'The Hindu Om'. Row 3 had green flags and on them was the 'G'bury Chalice Wells', and finally row 4 had dark blue flags with the 'Open Triad Knot' the Celtics' symbol of inspiration.

"Whoa, this place is amazing; it never ceases to surprise me." Arawn said as he walked further into the hall. Raimei giggled at his side. "Yeah, I can tell."

"Arawn" a voice called from row 2. The green eyed teen turned just in time to see the handsome vampire make his way towards them.

"Come join us, Arawn" Edon said once he was close enough. Raimei already was dancing her way towards the row 2.

"Err, sorry about early… It was wrong of me, and your-"

Edon looked pointedly at Arawn's injured hand. The boy wonder smiled and shook his head, "Quite alright, I forgive you, but you owe me." Arawn said as he smirked and reached out his hand to shake Edon. The vampire smiled crookedly at him, "anything you want mate." He said and then with such ease lifted Arawn up and carried Arawn towards row 2. Arawn was so shocked by the action he yelped in surprise causing stares to come his way.

Once close enough to the table Edon placed Arawn back on his own two feet. "Um," Arawn was short for words; Raimei laughed and patted an empty seat beside her. "Come, sit!" she offered warmly and Arawn complied, the smell of the food that was piled on the table was intoxicating.

Arawn sat next to the Nippon and looked at the table filled with delicious smelling things. "Smells good, huh?" she said smiling whole heartedly. "Yeah…" Arawn mumbled before he mimicked Raimei and began piling food on a plate.

"You guys are weird. How can you eat that stuff, it looks disgusting!" Edon exclaimed as he watched them dig into their food. Arawn cocked eyebrow at his statement while Raimei giggled. "Excuse us for not having a taste for blood, were not all vampires you know." She giggled once more before swallowing some water from her cup.

"Maine, aren't you going to introduce me?" A humble thick Irish accented voice asked. The voice belonged to a boy dark red hair and blistery green eyes. Edon blinked out of habit a couple of times before registering what the boy next to him said. "Oh, yeah, Arawn Black, this is Anderson McKenzie, my best mate." The other boy laughed, but glared venomously at Edon's bronze head.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Arawn said using his uninjured hand to shake with Anderson's. "Same to you too, so are you new to the academy?" Anderson asked as he to a small bite from his bread. "Yes" was Arawn's quick reply before resuming to his meal.

"Cool, did you pass the test yet?" he asked, and Arawn shook his head 'no'. "Ah, well it's easy, you have four tasks, one from each house, and you need to accomplish at list two out of four. Reason you say, because some may not have necromantic abilities and others may not be able to see the future." McKenzie nicked another piece of bread.

Arawn took this all in slowly, "Oh, there is a fifth task, which every one has to do, and must pass." McKenzie continued. Arawn looked up to stare into the boys eyes; he wondered what this fifth task must be. "Potions"

Arawn inwardly groaned it's not that he didn't like Potions, but when you've been taught by a man who has only been out to get you; it's kind of hard to appreciate the art. "Don't do well in Potions? I know how you feel mate." Edon said nodding his head in agreement with Arawn unsaid statement.

The sea green eyed teen blushed at the understatement. "What are the other four tasks, well two since one is dealt with necromancy and the other with seer abilities I'm guessing?" Arawn said, Anderson looked at him thoughtfully a moment. "The other two tasks are dueling in dark arts, and remedy." Arawn blinked a bit, "remedy?" Anderson nodded. This time, though, Raimei answered his question.

"Remedy is the task to see if you can heal people and yourself. You don't have to do any fancy healing spells, but you do have to be quick your feet and know what to do when your injured, and when your comrade is down for the count." Raimei paused and looked at Arawn expectantly, "I'm guessing Remedy and Dueling at one task together making it the first task, then comes necromancy, seer, and potions?" Arawn stated. Raimei nodded with him. "Yep, but don't worry no one really fails the test for one. It's just to see were you are at, and what kind of style of teaching you need for you to progress. Besides your already accepted before you come."

Arawn furrowed his brows at that, "How so?" He asked. Raimei glanced at all the kids in the dinner hall, there were around a hundred students or more, but not as much as the thousand of students that occupied Hogwarts.

"Your referenced, every must come hear through a reference or transfer. And the reference must be from the headmaster of your school or someone you teaches at this school. Once the transfer or reference is in they evaluate it and then accept you if they think you have the potential." Arawn nodded again slowly. "I see" murmured as he took a bite from his chicken leg.

"Well you must be Abvil's charge." A cold and deadly voice hissed in Arawn's ear causing him to jerk up from his seat.

"Free what do you want?" Edon hissed standing up as well his shoulders shuddering slightly, either from anger or fear.

Arawn turned to see who was behind and met cold, icy pale blue eyes, and by pale almost white. "I think I have every right to be introduced to the new kid." The pale eyed boy sneered, he turned his attention back to Arawn. Green clashed with icy blue.

"Cute isn't he, Illarion?" another boy, Arawn remembered from earlier snort at the comment. The icy boy looked at the blonde with a twisted affection glinting from his eyes.

"Arawn, is my name." Arawn finally stated before moving his left hand to shake with the placid boy. The owner of the icy blue eyes looked at his hand briefly before grasping it in his own. Arawn gasped slightly, expecting cold, but felt instead warmth radiate from the boy in front of him.

"Logan, Logan Free." The boy had a strange accent; it was clear as if he had no accent at all. "Pleasure to meet you Logan…" Arawn trailed off as he slowly pried his hand away from the boy. Logan smirked and held tighter onto Arawn's hand. "Beautiful ring you have on." Logan gestured as he moved his hand and held Arawn by the palm, revealing his twinkling finger. Arawn pursed his lips feeling that his hand was vulnerable to being assaulted.

"Thank you" Arawn said unsurely trying to pull his hand yet again, but miserably failing. Logan eyed him once more before letting go. "Strange, Abvil says you are on scholarship to come here. One wouldn't expect such an expensive item on the like's of your hand. I may just have to report you." Logan said.

Arawn frowned while feeling as if someone was glaring holes into his body. Arawn glance askance of Logan to see Illarion sneering at him. 'That boy has issues, seriously!' Arawn thought as he remembered his encounter with Halifax.

"It's Arawn's engagement ring, his fiancé is very rich. I met him, once." Raimei said, already bringing out an excuse Arawn would have never thought of. He tried not to let his mind linger on the reaction Voldemort would have to that, if he heard.

Arawn opened his mouth to protest to Raimei's outrageous statement, but her small foot hit his shin causing him to shut up and let her handle the situation. "Really his in engaged, and to a man for the matter of fact?" Logan asked incredulously. Arawn paled somewhat as he realized what Raimei had implied. Although, it made sense, what woman on earth would give him something so shiny and sparkly when he was supposedly 'poor'? And for the matter he knew it was given to him by a man, a very scary man, but they didn't need to know that.

"Y-yes, it's true. He is a very political man and highly dangerous." Arawn replied, everything he said was actually true, of course, he wasn't really engage. But he may have to put up with the escapade until he was finish with school.

"Alright, but I still will report this matter to Rikard. It's important to that he knows about these things, funny Abvil never mentioned it." Logan began to walk of with his single entourage gliding at his heels.

"That's Master Abvil to you Logan!" Raimei corrected before she turned to Arawn and then smiled. "I didn't know you were engaged!" she exclaimed happily. Arawn looked wide eyed and felt very faint. 'She made the excuse and now she believes, oh Merlin!'

"Arawn" The green eyed teen shook his head before darkness engulfed him completely. Was he really surrounded by idiots?

"Professor, what happened back there, the sword…?"

An old man smiled his face wrinkling with age, "My boy, only a true Gryffindor could have pulled that sword out of the hat. It takes great courage to face ones enemies."

Harry James Potter, the Boy Who Lived, smiled happily at the old man. "But what I don't understand was… who was that, I mean the diary, and Tom Riddle? Is Tom Riddle Lord Voldemort?" Harry's smile faltered as he gazed into the sad eyes of his mentor.

"I am afraid so Harry. But he is gone now, and there is nothing to worry about." The smiled on Dumbledore's face returned once more along with the annoying twinkle in his eye.

"You better be off, I am sure Hermione will be waking up soon, you should see Madame Pomfrey as well. Your wounds are bleeding still." A wrinkly hand gestured to the cuts and scrapes that littered the young boy's face and arms.

"No worries Professor, I'll be fine." And fine he was, his head was spinning with possibilities, and unbeknownst or known by the headmaster was that the boy had skillfully hidden within his robes Tom Riddle's diary.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" Dumbledore said eying the young wizard. "No sir, thank you though, for everything." Dumbledore chuckled at the admiration in Harry's voice. "Off you go now." Harry smiled once more before running out of the office. He ran as fast as his short legs would take him, making his way up to Gryffindor common room, and into his dorm.

Harry sighed he flung himself on to his bed, no one was in his dorm at the moment and he was glad. He felt a bit guilty though as he pulled out the diary. However, he did not feel as guilty as he did with Tom's diary. For some reason when stabbed the diary he felt as if he was stabbing himself, and he could tell you it wasn't a pleasant feeling as well.

Harry rubbed the hole in the diary, he didn't know what would happen if he did it, but he had too. It was like he was missing a piece of himself, and he desired so desperately to bring it back.

With a struck of good luck, Harry had preserved one of Fawkes's tears, and then slowly dropped the salty essence on to the diary, nothing happened at first and for a moment Harry thought it would never work. But suddenly the pages began to flip and unknown wind force itself in the room. Harry watched in awe as the book healed itself and then closed back abruptly.

Harry hesitantly touched the place were the whole once was. He wasn't sure if he should open and see if Tom was still there, or through it somewhere.

"Tom" Harry murmured as he caressed the book every so slightly. He opened the diary to the first page and just like before it was blank. He was about to grab for ink when itched out on to the page was the words;

It'll be our little secret, Harry Potter.

Harry shuddered inwardly as he shut the book, never in his life had he felt so much fear. And he knew that what he had just down could never be reverse. Something, what the diary was, was a part of Voldemort, and he had a hand in reviving it.

"Harry! Mate, are you in there?" Ron's obnoxious voice called from the stairs. Harry pursed his lips, but quickly hid the diary under his mattress.

"Coming, Ron!"

Arawn opened his eyes, recalling the memoir vividly. How could he have forgotten about Tom? Oh well, he had a reasonable excuse, and Tom was also hidden in under a plank of wood in his room at Number Four, Privet Drive too. So he normally forgot about the soul until the end of school year. But it wasn't until now that Arawn put two and two together, realizing the both Tom and Lord Voldemort were one in the same. He admitted, he didn't believe Dumbledore then.

After reviving Tom and spending his summers talking to him, he didn't really see a relation, maybe it was because he yearned for company and understanding, or maybe because he just found Tom Riddle so nice, and kind to him.

Arawn swung his legs over the bed as he looked about the room he was sleeping in. It was his alright, the one he was given till he passed the test for admission to the academy, although, after speaking with Anderson, and Raimei on the subject he was more relieved about it.

"I should probably head back to Little Whinging so I can get Tom… But I must apparated to do so…" Arawn trailed off as he got to his feet, popping his neck as he walked about the room. Planning on retrieving Tom, and surprisingly he had many questions now for the teen.

Abruptly, Arawn stopped in his tracks, he remembered around in his third year when he missed the chance to go to Hogsmead he and Tom went looking for the Lost Diadem. They had found it in the room of requirements hidden amongst a load of trashy old things.

"What if Tom spoke with Voldemort, and told him about me." Arawn thought aloud, but then quickly threw that thought out the window. No possible way could Tom make contact with Voldemort, but then again what was Tom…? An illusion of the Dark Lord's younger self, or a piece of his soul trapped inside the diary? Arawn recalled once that when he and Tom retrieved the Diadem, Tom had gone little wacky for moment, clutching the object as if it were a life line. He made note that Tom called it a Horcrux, of course he didn't bother about it, he had a Godfather being chased by dementors to take care of.

Arawn chuckled inwardly at that, it was the one time he and Hermione actually did something without Ron in the way… Hermione

The thought of her burned his throat, and made his inside twist. He had left on bad terms with her and was meaning to make it up, but never got around to it. For now though, that was the most important thing to take care of, right now he needed to find away to go and get Tom along with his prized Diadem. But first he would research on what a Horcrux was, he was beyond curious to know.

"Arawn" a soft voice murmured and the green eyed teen turned to meet soft blue eyes. "Oh, hello Mrs. Benezet" Arawn replied in the same soft manner, she smiled warmly at him. " Good Morning, I came to see if you alright, Raimei has been worried about you none stop, she really has a liking to you." Euphemia smiled brightly in his direction making Arawn blush with uncertainty.

"Is it morning already?"

"Yes, you slept the whole night through, is there anything you need?" the woman asked again, but Arawn shook his head. She smiled once more then left.

Arawn sighed as he sat on the edge of his bed. "I need to get Tom!" he moaned as he carded his hand through his black locks.

After a few more hours of fidgeting and make plans, Arawn left his room and marched his way to the library. He didn't get lost, thankfully, and found the library in no time with out any interruption (probably thanks to the signs that guided people to where the library was).

"Arawn" again the boy wonder found himself responding to the name, even though it has only been a day since he changed his name. He actually found himself getting attach to it quite well too. The sound of someone mumbling Harry Potter was now long gone.

Arawn looked up from his book to see the grinning Nippon looking at him with a mischievous glee. "About time you woke up, I was worried!" she exclaimed, above a whisper though. Arawn smiled softly, "sorry I'll try not to do it next time." He said rather softly. She nodded in understanding.

"So… How long have you've been engaged?" she asked, honest curiosity buzzing from her every pore, she really was hyper active. Arawn thought it through, he might as well tag along with the idea that he was 'engage' to some 'rich' and 'powerful' man.

"Two year and four months" Arawn decided he would got with the amount of time he spent with Tom. "Wow, that long!" she said surprised. Arawn cheekily grinned, "Actually that how long we've been together, during the summer he asked for my hand." Raimei smiled brightly and looked in awe at Arawn, and then at his supposed 'engagement' ring. "He sure has taste…" she trailed off, eyeing the snake ring.

Arawn laughed at that, "yes… yes he does." He smiled as he thought of Voldemort, every thing the man did centered around snakes, snake pet, snake face (before he retained his good looks), snake curses, parselmouth… etc. "Yes, my fiancé has always been so very fond of snakes." Raimei laughed at that as well.

"So what you looking for?" she asked as they continued along the row of book shelves, Arawn already having put up the book he was reading, for it did not contain anything about Horcruxes.

"I am looking for a book about Horcruxes." He said as he scanned yet another shelve of books, sighing in defeat as nothing seemed to hint at what he desired so desperately to know.

"Ooh! I did a report on those once, in my third year, those things are pretty nasty… Why do you want to know?" she eyed Arawn skeptically closing the space between them.

Arawn sweat dripped at bit as he try to back away, "I was just curious" he stated defensively. She pulled back and shrugged her shoulders, "oh well, not my problem if you want tear your soul apart." A tone of indifference sound sharp through her voice. It made Arawn think that she would even through him a party if he said he was actually engaged to a horse.

Suddenly Arawn had an epiphany that in some alternate universe he was molesting a horse, he shuddered at the sheer thought of it. Not something he wanted see or feel.

"Come on, follow me, I know the way!" She giggled as she brushed past him.




"Wait, what?! Tear my soul!" Arawn exclaimed as he caught up with the hyperactive ball of fun. She smiled at him and eyed him curiously. "Yes, you heard right, in order to make a Horcrux, you must tear your soul apart." The last part she emphasized a wicked old witch's voice. Arawn shook his head; pieces of the puzzle were starting to come together. Why would Tom be so overjoyed to have an old Diadem back… was it because a piece of his soul was in it? And that right now Dumbledore, many miles away, was uncovering his sin?

"Arawn, come on!" she said tugging his arm as he froze in front of the spiraling stairs that lead up to the second floor. He sighed irritably, he wonders if Dumbledore knew about Tom…

Arawn followed the bouncing ball of spiky hair as they waked to the furthest part of the second floor. At the back were double doors loamed to intimidate students. This was where the forbidden section lay hidden, well at least that was what Arawn read on the sign above the doors.

"It says forbidden section, are you sure we're allowed in here?" Arawn asked so use to being at Hogwarts were if you neared the forbidden/restricted section got glares that could kill sent in your direction.

"Of course we're allowed, how else would we learn the most forbidden of the Dark Arts?" she looked at Arawn incredulously, "this is an academy for Dark wizards you know…" Arawn blushed some what, "you are a Dark wizard, aren't you?" she inquired standing on her tippy toes and leering pointedly at Arawn.

"Of course, you forget, I am a Black." He said defiantly, she smiled. "True, but sometimes Black, can turn White." Arawn paled a bit, but then Raimei broke into a fit of laughter.

Arawn shook his head, her random moments of being serious and then carefree, was something he wouldn't get use to.

Raimei opened the doors and waltz in, followed by a very timid 15 year old. She quickly disappeared into a row of dusty old books, leaving the frazzled Black to his thoughts.

Horcrux, Horcrux, Horcrux, nothing but Horcrux…. Alright now Arawn was creeping himself out. 'Tearing one's soul apart, who could ever think of doing that?' Arawn shook his head as he gazed at all the dusty old books. Somewhere deep in the recess of his mind a little voice was telling him he wouldn't like the results of his discovery. But of course, like any normal person, he ignored it.

"Alright, here we are Salazar Slytherin's book on Horcruxes! How to make one right on the first try, don't try this at home kids…" Raimei trailed off repeating the muggle phrase that normally appeared on muggle Television. Arawn remembered Dudley huffing at the T.V. complaining how stupid adults could be. The words gave him a sharp reminding that he need to get Tom and the Diadem before it was too late.

Raimei poked him in the shoulder and handed him a dusty black volume. He surprised himself as he reached for the book with his right hand, it was probably tended to while he was asleep. On the book words worn from many years spelled out in an unknown language. Of course this didn't bother Arawn one bit,

The Darkest of Dark Arts; Inconcessusars quod Mortiferritus

"Wow, you knew what it said. Even headmaster Rikard couldn't decipher it; he said it was in parseltongue…. Are you Salazar Slytherin's heir?" Arawn pursed his lips, his ability for parseltongue came from his fiancé, but now how would he lie about this. "Uh, not really… More like distant descendant… "Arawn prayed she would not question him any further on the subject.

His heart skipped a bit when she shrugged her shoulders, "wicked, mate" she laughed as she patted his back. "Your always so tense, relax once in a while." With that she walked out, Arawn in tow.

"Black" a voice hissed as Arawn and Raimei made it to the stairs. Arawn leaned on the railing and looked down below at the person who called his name. Abvil came into view, and Arawn smiled softly at the homunculus. "Hey" he whispered softly, Abvil expression was harsh, but relaxed somewhat at the delicate way Arawn spoke to him.

"Come down here, I need a word with you."

Arawn complied running down the steps a flurry of feet. He jumped the rest of the way down, since only four steps had remained. "Yeah, what is it?" he asked once he reached the homunculus.

"Your training will begin 10:00 sharp, so look alive and be out side at that time." Abvil said. Arawn leered at the homunculus the boy looked like he hadn't slept in ages, but then again do homunculi even sleep?

"Sure" Arawn replied he expected something else, maybe an explanation for the ring, but then he remembered the 'order' he gave Abvil and shrugged his shoulders.

"Good day then." Abvil stiffly said before walking off, Arawn furrowed his brows. Did he say something to hurt the blonde?

Did he do something to hurt him?

"Whoa, he is in a bad mood." Raimei said as she gripped Arawn's shoulder, the wonder teen sighed as he carded his hand through his hair again, however, he abruptly stopped. The ring finger of his left hand began to burn and char at his flesh. He hissed in pain as he clutches his hand, he looked helplessly at Raimei whose attention was somewhere else.

"Hey, Rai, take this and put it in my room. I look at it later; I have somewhere I need to be. Talk to you later!" Arawn said shoving the book at Raimei and sprinting off before the Nippon native had time to complain. Arawn ran off to where he remembered seeing a sign that said boys' bathroom. He hurriedly rushed in to the restroom and literally threw himself into one of the stalls. He was about to reach for his wand in his back pocket when a bronze head popped up out of no where. His other hand had pulled slightly on his ring to remove it from the burned spot.

"Hey Arawn!" Edon shouted startling the poor boy causing him to jerk and his ring to fly from his hand and into the toilet, ironically. Arawn paled and so did Edon, although, if that was even possible for the vampire.

"Arawn don't-"to late Arawn had moved to retrieve and because of his hand movement, the heat sensitive detector flushed the toilet automatically. Arawn now took on a gray color, "…move" was the last words that tumbled from Edon's mouth.

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Inconcessusars quod Mortiferritus- forbidden techniques and deadly rituals

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