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My mom just picked me up from school and we were on our way home. We had the radio up loud and Rockstar by Nickelback was playing. It was our favorite song and we would always turn the music up and sing along.

She was looking at me when it happened. She wasn't speeding or moving the steering wheel. The truck was coming towards us going more than 100 mph. It hit the driver's side and the car spun out of control until it hit a tree. The man in the truck was fine and he got out to see if we were alright.

"Oh my god!" he said. "Are you alright?"

That's when I looked at my mom for the first time. Her entire body was covered in blood. She was barely breathing.

"Mom? Are you okay?" I asked.

She didn't respond. All she did was slouch forward and little bit of breath she was getting stopped altogether.

"Mom! Don't leave me mom. I'm sorry for treating so horrible and I take it all back. Please forgive me mom! Just don't leave me." Then I realized she was already gone.

"I'm calling an ambulance."

"Mom?" I touched her arm, but she didn't move. I felt the tears streaming down my face. My side of the car wasn't damaged, so I opened the door and got out. My ribs and right arm hurt really badly. When the man saw me trying to get out, he ran over to help.

"How many others are there?" he asked

"Just my mom, the driver." I sob broke through my chest. "I think she's dead."

"Oh no! I was so stupid for going that fast! I am so sorry. I got a call from my wife and she said the toilet broke and the water was coming out, so I rushed home. She called me and I dropped my phone. I lost control and then I hit you." he explained.

The ambulance took my mom away after they said she was already dead. I had to go in a separate ambulance. I had four broken ribs and my right arm was broken. My mom's funeral was a week later.

When I told my father, Charlie what happened, he blamed it on me. He said if it wasn't my dumb idea to turn up the music, then my mom wouldn't have looked away from the road and she would still be here. After my mother's death, Charlie drank his pain way. He was always drunk and he always enjoyed when I was hurt, so he started beating me for the fun of it.

My mom and I were like sisters. We went to the movies every other weekend and did everything together. We were inseparable; she even tried to come to school with me. I will never forget that day. She was my whole world beside Jake. We had so much in common. We liked the same music, colors, people...everything. She was only twenty when she had me, but she never regretted it. She loved me with all her heart. My life will never be the same without her.

That was one year ago. I am now eighteen and a junior in school .The first week, I thought about suicide, until I thought Charlie would do it for me. It was like the world was put on hold. I never did anything but go to school and the grocery store. I don't listen to music or watch TV, so when I have free time, I go for a walk through the forest or read. My mom loved the forest and we used to go for a walk every day. I can some times feel her presence telling me she loves me and everything will be okay. I only went to work three days a week.

Charlie still beats me and drinks. He only hurts me once or twice a week. I can't defend myself or tell anyone, that would only make it worse. Jake has begged me to go to the police, but Charlie is the police, the Chief policeman. He will never get over my mom. She was his world and he thinks if it wasn't for me, she would still be here. I miss a lot of school because my father gets bored and wants to watch me suffer. He has never raped me, only beats me. He rarely beats me until I'm unconscious.

I only stay with Charlie because of my mother. I know she would want me to take care of him no matter what he does to me. Some times I blame my mom for what he does to me. If only she were paying attention to the road instead of me, I wouldn't be broken and torn inside. She would still be here and Charlie would be happy. I would have my best friend again; my sister. I know I blame her because it was my fault. She was looking at me because I was distracting her.

A week before the accident, she showed up at my school with my clothes so I could go to Angela's house after school. She was so embarrassing and I tried to ignore her, but the more I ignored her, the more embarrassing she got. So I just told her to leave. She looked at me like I slapped her and left. I ignored her the rest of the week. On Thursday she had to pick me up because I hit my head during gym. That's when the accident happened. She turned on the radio and our song was on. She was so surprised that I was singing that she just stared at me and sang along.

Then that guy lost control and hit us. She died one minute and forty seven seconds after we got hit. It was my fault after all. If I knew what was going to happen, I would not have done that to her. She deserved better than that. She was just being a mom and embarrassing me like anyone's mom would have done. I've hurt myself by hurting her. If I could just see her one more time, I would hold her in my arms and take the pain away. I would thank her for what she's done for me and forgive all her mistakes. There's nothing I wouldn't do just to hear her voice again. You can't turn back time and I can't bring my mom back no matter how sorry or guilty I am. No matter how much I would be willing to give up, she's gone forever.

Sometimes I want to just walk inside and see her waiting for me in the kitchen like she always did after school. But I know that will never happen. Sometimes I miss her so much that my heart hurts and I can't move. I feel…broken. I just want to run away and try to find her because I miss her so much. I've actually tried to find her before. One week after the funeral, I went for a walk on our trail through the forest by our house. I ran around for hours trying to find her until Jacob Black, my best friend, found me. That was also the first night Charlie beat me.

It's so hard to say goodbye, and that's why I'm still with Charlie. I put up with the abuse because of my mom. I just can't leave our house. I tried to live with Jake, but I missed my house too much. When I'm in my house, I can feel her with me. I talk to her, and sometimes she talks back, but only in my mind. I need to hear her real voice, but that will never happen. She's gone, and it's all my fault.

No one knows what Charlie does to me besides Jacob. He is a werewolf. I know how that sounds, but a lot of the natives down in LaPush morph into giant wolves. It's a legend for the teenagers in the Indian tribe to turn into werewolves when there are vampires around. Vampires are the werewolves' only enemy. The wolves protect humans from them. There are a few nomad vampires that pass through every once in a while, but there are no permanent vampire covens here anymore. They moved away seventy years ago. I have only met one vampire before. He tried to kill me, but Jake's pack stopped him. There are some covens that don't drink human blood, but I've never met any. I'm in a world filled with magical creatures.

I wear a lot of makeup to school so no one notices it. I always jump at the tiniest sound; a pencil dropping, someone sneezing, or even the shuffling of a piece of paper. One day, about six months ago around my birthday, I screamed out loud when the teacher put a paper on my desk. When the bell rang I got up to leave.

"Isabella Swan, can you come see me for a moment?" he asked. I walked up to his desk. "Are feeling alright? You look pale and you have been acting weird for the past few months."

"I'm fine, sir. Sorry I screamed I was daydreaming." I said and walked away. He

never questioned me after that.

Jacob promised he would never tell anyone about my dad. I don't want anyone to know. I always called him after Charlie would be finished with me. He would come in from my window and help me with my injuries. He wants to kill Charlie for what he does to me. I sleep at his house on the weekends. He's just a year younger than me, but he looks like he's twenty.

I heard a car door slam. I went to the window and saw Charlie's car in the driveway next to my truck. Then the front door slammed and I heard him set his keys down on the table by the door. I could also hear that he was not alone. There was someone else talking to him.

"Bella! Get down here." He yelled. I walked to my door and paused to look at my mom's picture by my bed. Then I opened the door and walked downstairs. The other man was tall and had red hair. Before I could even make it down the steps, Charlie smacked me across my face which made me fall. I hit my head and rolled down the steps. The man was laughing along with Charlie. Then Charlie kicked me in the ribs and then my back. I could fell the blood coming from my head. He was just about to kick my head, but stopped when the man's phone rang.

"Hello?...We'll be there in a minute." He said then he hung up and looked at Charlie. "They're ready."

Then they left and I didn't move until I heard them drive down the street and turn onto the highway. I could feel the blood pooling up under me. I tried to get to the phone. My back and ribs hurt worse then anything he's ever done. Normally he just pushes me or throws things at me. He punches me too, but he's never kicked me. Then it hit me that it hurts so bad because he wears steel toe boots. When I got to the phone I dialed Jacob's number.

"Hello?" he said after the third ring.

"Jake." I said with a shaky voice.

"Bella? What's wrong? Did he do it again?" he asked.

"Please come over. I'll tell you when you get here." He was about to argue, but I stopped him. "Just please hurry."

"I'll be there in ten." He said and hung up. I put the phone down and tried to move so I could lean against the way, but every time I would move my head would spin and my back would protest. So I just laid there until Jacob showed up.

He walked in through the back door and looked around the kitchen. "Bella? Where are you?" he asked.

"Jake. I'm by the stairs." He came running out of the kitchen and looked down at me. He closed his eyes and shook his head.

"What happened this time?" he asked as he crouched down next to me.

"Charlie came home and he told me to come downstairs. There was someone else with him. He slapped me across the face and I fell. Then he kicked me in the ribs and my back. It's not as bad as usual, it just feels that way." I explained.

"Bella, this has to stop! I can't stand to see you like this. What if he decides he has had enough of you and pulls out his gun and shoots you? I don't think he's going to stop until your dead Bella. I won't let him go that far. This is stopping now!" he picked me up off the ground and brought me upstairs to my room.

He put me on the bed and got the first aid kit out from under my bed and fixed the back of my head. Once he was done with that he got me another shirt and left the room for me to change. I put on the loose fitting t-shirt and told him to come back in. He checked my back and ribs.

"Do you want some ice for your back?" he asked.

"Yes. What about my ribs?"

"I can't do anything about that Bella. You need to go to a doctor for that, but you've already been there four times in the past three weeks. Did you notice he's been beating more and more? Your back is covered in bruises. Good thing he didn't do anything to your face again. You had to miss a week of school because makeup couldn't cover it up. Want some Tylenol?"

"Yes, please." He kissed my forehead and went downstairs to get some ice. He came back up a minute later and put it under me. Then he went to the bathroom to get some Tylenol. After I took the medicine he sat on my bed next to me.

"I'm going to stay here with you tonight. I'll stay every night if you want. I don't want to leave you alone. I'll go outside when he gets home and come back in after he goes to sleep. Okay?"

"'Kay." I said. Then I was suddenly very exhausted and drifted to sleep.

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