When Darkness Falls

AN: So this my seem like it's AU, but it's not really. So, please enjoy.

Disclaimer: Blanket disclaimer (if i can do that ??) i don't own these wonderful people. At all. It makes me sad. ;'(

Chapter one: (Awaken)

My alarms beeping incessantly in my ear. Damn, I hate that thing. I open my eyes and swat at it. I miss the first time but I make it the second. So annoying.

I change out of my pajamas and go make myself a bowl of cereal. Pietro's in the shower, taking forever as usual. It's the reason I've given up on having the bathroom in the morning. I brush my teeth in the sink.

Pietro finally makes an appearance, he's in his track stuff, as usual. My twin loves to run and takes it upon himself to run to and from school everyday.

"See ya." He says on his way out. I ignore him. I have a minute or two before John rolls up. I watch for him, wishing again that my car wasn't in the shop. Stupid gas leak.

I see orange and get my bag. "Sheila." He waves. I feel a wave of annoyance. I hate being called Sheila, yet no matter how many times I try to drill this into his thick skull, he always forgets. I glare at him as I thread my arms through my backpack. "Come on." He says.

I get on behind him and wrap my arms around his waist so I don't fly off. As usually happens when I touch him, my heart skips a beat. I hate that, it's so annoying. He's so annoying. Yet my body is continually reminding me of his looks. John is cute, in that crazy, always amused way. The way I would find attractive if he wasn't such a dolt.

We get to the school and I hop away as quick as possible. We have the same classes, so he walks with me. We enter biology and I spot Rogue. Kurt's by her, his blue hair swishing around as he recounts something he probably saw on tv and found fascinating.

"Kurt." I say, drawing his attention away from Rogue. She throws me a grateful look. Kurt gets on her nerves sometimes, brothers tend to do that. "Amanda's here." I say. Kurt looks, finds the blond, and gravitates to her. They're officially friends, but a monkey could see they're in love.

"Morning." Rogue greets as I sit. Storm, our teacher, is standing at the board, writing, her white hair making the board seem dirty. She waits for the bell to speak, but she still manages to catch everyone's attention before it.

"Morning class." She says with a smile. The door opens and Toad walks in. It's not his real name, he's just overly fond of toads, even the teachers call him that. I'm pretty sure his real name's Mortimer or something like that. "Late again, Toad." Storm eyes him.

He just nods and heads towards me, luckily for me he can't get to close. The tables seat only two people and I sit in the back corner of the room. In the beginning of the year I made John sit in front of me. Naturally that made Remy sit there too, not like he wouldn't have been there anyway.

Storm makes us get microscopes and slides. It's gonna be another normal, menial day, I can just feel it. History, English, Gym, Lunch, Math, Business, Art. They all go by in a flash I can't remember. Images come to me, a volley ball flying at me, Rogue throwing salad at Remy, Kitty chattering nonstop in Business. They leave as quickly and easily as they come.

John takes me home. He's warm against the rushing wind. It's nearly November, the snow will start soon. My heart flutters and dances at his every move but I ignore it. I've been ignoring it so long I barely have to think about it.

I don't bother with my homework, I've never been one to do it anyway. I sit on the couch, images flicking across the television screen. I'm not really watching, its all unimportant.

I'm completely unaware of time passing, of the complete emptiness of my mind. Not a single thought runs through my head, just blankness. 'Why am I so lethargic today?' I wonder finally. It's dark, so dark that even the light from the television is barely making a difference on the shadows.

I'm in my room with no clear idea just how I got here. I lay on my bed. Time passes again. I hear a knock at my window. I know who it is instantly. I roll off my bed and open the window. John climbs in. Distantly I hear the sound of raised voices. His parents are fighting again.

So often, it happens so often he doesn't even bother to ask if he can stay, he just lays his long body down on my bed. So often it happens I don't even think to question his movements, he's sleeping here. My bed is the only place he'll fit in my small room. I lay myself beside him, pull the blanket over us. When we were younger I got him his own blanket and pillow, now we just share.

We always kept such a careful distance when we were younger, we were always so awkward. I had a boy in my bed. We never touched, never even looked at each other. Despite it all, we would wake in a tangled heap. Now, so many years later, it seems nothing that John's arms circle my waist, that I rest my head on his chest.

I remember the first time. He'd already made a habit of staying over when his parents fought. He would sleep sitting, leaned against the wall beneath my window. It was so impractical, I offered him a spot on my bed. It was a double sized bed, big enough for two people. I knew from experience, Rogue had slept over before.

The thoughts run from my mind, leaving it blank once more. Darkness takes hold of me, I fall asleep in his arms.