I had a brilliant idea. Well, I didn't come up with it someone else on this site did. I'll write a Twilight inspired poem everyday till Breaking Dawn comes out. Here are four I just came up with.

(These are all to Edward on this page)

Vampires are sexy

This is true

But I never thought I'd fall for a vampire

Until I met you

Your beautiful bronze hair

Your honey colored eyes

Forget about Bella

And I'll be your prize

Bella is sweet, but her mind was in a fog

Because she forgot about you

And kissed a dog

But don't worry Edward

I'll always be true

Jake is a loser

And I'll always love you

They may call you gorgeous

They may say your sweet

But if anyone calls you Eddie

Their butts will be beat

I know it is random but I love it. Review with a poem and maybe I'll post it!