A/N: Okay, I decided to start a new story

A/N: Okay, I decided to start a new story. I got the inspiration from a couple of really good fics I read, so I hope you like it. Here it is!



By: Goth-VampireNinja

Chapter One: History


The gates to Konoha: so familiar. As the raven-haired ninja walked through them, memories rushed back and attacked his head. His head pounded and he reached up to rub his temples.

"Welcome back!" voices shouted. Startled, he tensed and stood rock-still. Realizing that there was no harm intended, he smiled ruefully and waved. He received many pats on the back and some hugs. He kept expecting to get tackled and kissed by a pink-haired girl, but that never happened. He couldn't help but look around looking for her.

"Uchiha Sasuke," a voice bellowed. He turned to look. It was Tsunade. "We are happy that you have returned, but you have some severe consequences in store for you. Do you accept those condition in order to be accepted back?" There was an expecting silence.

"I accept those consequences." The crowd cheered.

Tsunade smiled sadly at him. "Follow me."

They walked in silence all the way to the Hokage's office and he was greeted by a loud shout and a tackled hug. "Sasuke-teme! You're back!" Naruto shouted. Sasuke smiled at him. By the looks of Naruto, he seemed to be part of the ANBU.

"Hey, dobe." Naruto smiled sadly at him. Sasuke had seen lots of people doing that; he couldn't help but wonder why.

"I wish Sakura were here to see that you've come back."

"Where is she?" Sasuke blurted.

Tsunade cleared her throat. "Well, you see. That was going to be your first mission. An emergency one. You are to lead a squad out to one of Orochimaru's lairs and get Sakura back. Sasuke's eyes widened.

"You mean—"

"She was kidnapped a few years ago and we just recently got her possible whereabouts. If you succeed in bringing her back, you will be released from any punishment and you will be accepted back as if noting had happened. Okay?"

Sasuke processed all this shocking information for a few seconds, then agreed to the set conditions.

"You will set out today in one hour. There is no time to waste." Tsunade handed him a scroll. "This contains all the information for this S-ranked mission. Your squad will be composed of Naruto, Shikamaru, Ino, Kiba, Neji, and Hinata. They have been hand-picked for maximum success rate. Good luck. You are dismissed!"

"Yes," they both answered formally. They bowed and disappeared in a puff of smoke.


An hour later, the whole squad was ready to set out by the gates. Some of the villagers saw them off and wished them good luck.

As they headed out, Sasuke asked the whole story behind the mission.

"Well, Sakura had gotten stronger while you were gone. She seemed to powered by hatred though, and Orochimaru took an interest in that," Ino said.

"Hatred?" Sasuke asked. They all looked uncomfortable. "Hatred for what?"

There was a tense silence, then Hinata answered shyly, "For you, Sasuke-san." Sasuke looked stunned. "After you left, she was crushed. She kept on training, maybe in hopes of proving herself to you someday, who knows? We would often find her almost completely drained of chakra on the training grounds and on the verge of death. She overworked herself so much!"

"But we could never get her to stop…" Naruto said sadly. "She changed, Sasuke. She wasn't the cheerful girl we knew anymore. She was so…distant."

"Cold and lonely," Neji said.

"And a few years later, there was a raid on the village. And in between the chaos, Orochimaru took his chance and took her," Naruto spat hatefully.

"It was really sad. Just being round her, you could feel some of her pain," Kiba's voice broke in. Even he missed her.

"She was a really great ninja," Shikamaru said.

Almost as a dismissing statement, the conversation ended and Sasuke was left to ponder. Was it my fault? he wondered sadly.

They had been running for quite some time, and finally, they reached their destination. It was an underground lair, and there was only one entrance. Which meant that there was only once exit.

"Here's the plan. We have to bee quick and precise. We go in, Hinata and Neji will use their Byakuugan and search for her. Shikamaru, you will come up with instantaneous plans for emergency encounters. The rest of us will keep watch over them and fight anyone who gets in the way. Got it?"

"What if we meet Orochimaru?" Hinata asked.

"He won't be here. And our only goal now is to get Sakura back. Okay, here we go." Sasuke inched forward the entrance and stepped into the deep darkness.

The nervous ninja followed suit and tensed as they felt the humid dark and the stench of fear lingering in the air. Hinata and Neji activated their Byakuugan and searched. Their mission had started.