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Chapter Eleven: Companion

By: Goth-Vampire Ninja

It was a beautiful clear morning. There was a slight bustle about the city as morning started all its busy beholders on their day. Gaara walked down the market street ruefully. It had been a year since Sakura's death, but to this day he could not get her out of his mind. He had spent countless days searching for her and thinking about her. Wondering about her feelings. Overanalyzing every syllable much like a teenage girl would.

Gaara sighed, catching himself yet again thinking about her. He just felt so…empty without her around. Without her hand in his hand. He really missed her. After all, he had finally arrived at the conclusion that he had feelings for her. Too late though, for she had…

"Gaara!" He was snapped out of his reverie as Naruto's voice abruptly shattered his thoughts. He turned to glare at him as he saw the blonde running towards him with a small bundle in his arms. "Look at what I found!" Naruto panted, stopping right in front of Gaara and extending the bundle carefully.

Gaara looked down at the bundle and almost jumped when it twitched. "What the…?" He parted the cloth slightly and was met by the brightest emerald eyes he had seen since…Sakura. His heart thumped painfully in his throat as he kept on looking. The holder of the eyes kept staring unmoving back at him.

"Isn't she adorable? I found her hanging around my house this morning. I'd seen her before and figured she had an owner but I guess not. So I gave her some food this morning and she hasn't stopped following me around since so I figured I'd keep her. But then I found out my apartment manager doesn't allow pets so…" Naruto finally stopped babbling long enough to notice the suspicious glare the redhead was giving him. "I was um…wondering if you could…keep her for me…?"

"No." Gaara's answer was clear and simple, not at all hesitant.

"Whaaaa! Please Gaara! She's sooo adorable! Just look at her! How could you NOT want to keep her? Pleeeease?" Naruto begged. Gaara looked down at the soft, fluffy cat being held up in front of his face. It had soft pinkish fur and a pink nose with whiskers so long they tickled his face. Unexpectedly, it leaned forward and licked his nose cutely as it meowed. He had an immediate change of heart for some reason.

"Fine…but you're paying for her food and—"

"Thank you Gaara! You rock!" Naruto said, jumping up with excitement. He handed the cat to Gaara and it meowed up at him. She hadn't stopped looking at him since she saw him. What a strange cat. "I'll stop by later to bring you her stuff. I have to go to a meeting right now but thanks again Gaara! See ya!" And with that, Naruto ran off.

Gaara sighed. "What have I gotten myself into…Now I'm stuck with you." He felt crazy talking to a cat as he walked home. The cat just meowed in response. She made him smile for some reason. Something he rarely did and hadn't happened much since…Sakura. He shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts of her. Almost as if in protest, the cat meowed. Gaara couldn't help but think how strange she was.

As Gaara arrived at his apartment, he let the cat down on the floor and went about his business, fully aware of the cat following his every move. Again, he thought of how strange that was. It wasn't a puppy, it was a cat for crying out loud. Maybe she had spent too much time with a dog mommy when she was little and was just confused? Anyways…

Knock knock. Gaara and the cat turned to stare at the door, then at each other, then back at the door. Was Naruto back so soon? Gaara hadn't been expecting him for at least another hour…

He walked to the door with the cat close at his heals and opened the door to a very excited looking girl. "Gaara-kun!" The girl threw herself excitedly into his arms with so much force that Gaara almost moved a little backwards. Too strong for that though.

"What do you want…" he sighed in annoyance.

"My long awaited date of course. Come on Gaara-kun! You have you go out with me at least once," she said before he could even begin to protest. She fearlessly walked into the apartment closing the door behind her and noticed the bristling cat growling at her feet. "Oh…aww how cute! I didn't know you hat a pet Gaara-kun. What's her name?" She kneeled down to level with the small creature, taking care to show just about too much of her cleavage to Gaara or anyone who happened to be watching…or happened to be standing within a mile or so.

Before anyone, even Gaara, knew what was going on, the girl was being mercilessly attacked. Between the hissing, screaming, growling and crashing, Gaara didn't know what was going on. "Call her off! Cal her off!" the girl screamed.

Gaara didn't stop to think before the words were out of his mouth. "Sakura, stop. Come here." He was left to wonder why that name had come out of his lips, but hesitantly the cat stopped and jumped carefully on to Gaara's chest and nuzzled her cheek against his chin affectionately. "I think you should leave."

The girl glared hatefully at the cat and tried to gather herself. "Fine…I'll leave. But this isn't over Gaara. I promise you, that stupid cat will get you in more trouble than she's worth…" And she stomped out of the apartment.

There was a moment of silence before Gaara reached up ad started petting Sakura. "Well…Sakura…looks like we're gonna get along just fine afterwards. I think you just might be a better companion than a dog." She licked his cheek as if in agreement.

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