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Pairing: SasuFemNaru

"Naru, I have a favour to ask of you"

"Why would I help you?"

"I'll get the girls to leave you alone"

"Alright! What's this favour?"

"I'm going to give Sasuke I cake for his birthday and have him make a wish when I leave. I want you to eavesdrop on his wish, got it?"

"yeah, yeah whatever. All right I will be waiting for you outside of Sasuke's house in an hour".


Sakura watched Naru walk away, blonde hair swaying in the breeze.

"You owe me big time Sasuke-kun".

An hour later, Naru was stationed underneath the kitchen window sill, while Sakura was talking to Sasuke.

Sakura winked and mouthed "under the kitchen window"

Sasuke smirked and walked inside the house into the kitchen. He lit the candles and said,

"I wish that Naru would agree to be my girlfriend.

And he blew out the candles.

Naru gasped and stood up causing herself to hit her head on the window still.


"Hello Naru"

Naru looked with watering eyes to see Sasuke looking down at her with concern..

"Join me for some cake"

"Yeah okay".

She leapt through the window, landing gracefully on the kitchen floor an inch away from Sasuke.

"Maybe cake could wait Sasuke-teme"

Sasuke's eyes widened and Naru latched her lips to his, leaning into his chest. His hands began wandering up her shirt where he began to fondle her breasts. Naru gasped when she felt Sasuke caress her through her bra. Sasuke slid her shirt over her head and unclasped her bra allowing them to drop to the floor. Sasuke burrowed his head in the hollow of her neck where he kissed and nipped at the hollow of her neck. Naru ripped off his shirt and tossed it aside, removing her pants and underwear is pressed herself up against his chest, running her fingers through his hair. Sasuke slipped off his pants and crushed Naru to him, kissing her with all the passion he had in his body.



"Hurry up!"

Sasuke smirked, swept her off her feet and carried her upstairs, where he laid her on the bed. He kissed her tenderly before moving down where he began caressing and fondling her breasts, causing her to whimper and writhe restlessly underneath him. Sasuke began nipping along her stomach until he got down to her inner thighs, where he kissed and caressed them.


Sasuke groaned her breathless moans were driving him crazy. Sasuke inserted a finger and began moving within her tight heat, and then he inserted another finger slowly driving her into a pleasure filled abandon.

"Sasuke I want you now"

Sasuke placed his hard cock at her entrance and pushed halfway inside.

"Sasuke just do it"

"Hush my love this will only hurt for a little bit".

And he thrust forward ripping through her barrier causing her to scream in pain.

"I'm sorry my love, my love we can stop, we don't need to go any further".


Naru traced his face with her fingertips, a seductive smile on her face. Naru began to wiggle and push upwards.

"Gods Naru"

"Sasuke move"

Sasuke began to slowly thrusting and grinding against her.

"Sasuke…mmm…I am not going to brea…!"

Naru wrapped her legs around him, allowing him to be able to drive deeper in her. Sasuke lost all self-control and began pounding into her. Naru arched her back, her nails digging into Sasuke's shoulders. Sasuke drove his cock into her, slamming into her g-spot bringing her to a climax. Her head was thrown back as she screamed with pleasure, her inner wells tightening around him causing him to explode within with a moan.

Sasuke rolled off her and pulled her to him, Naru wrapped her arm around his stomach, her head on his chest. Sasuke curled his arm around her, holding her close.



"If this is what happened on your birthday, I can't wait to see what's going to happen on mine".