Chapter 14


I'm a renegade

its in my blood

I'm a renegade

I always was

Renegade- Paramore

Kelan sighed.

"I thought we went over this. There isn't much I can do to make it so you can't take the throne."

I grumbled. "I can not be a queen, Kelan. That just isn't me. If I became queen then I would have to live in the fey world. I can't do that. I can't be with out Paul and he needs to be in La Push with the pack." I shuddered to think of us being apart for anything longer than a day; my body nearly doubled over in pain.

Enough of those thoughts...

He sighed again and pinched the bridge of his nose. "You would have to remove yourself from the throne," He shook his head, against the very thought of it. He turned, his green eyes blazing. "The people have been waiting for years for their queen to return to them..."His gaze became thoughtful, distant. "For you to not come back to them, to abandon them again," Kelan looked sick. "You have to return to the throne. I...The people want their queen. They love and adore not be queen..." He didn't finish.

I sighed. What was I to do? Being queen again, though in my past life I couldn't imagine not leading the fey, not being there for them, something bigger has taken precedence over a race of magical beings; another magical being albeit, but still.

"I'm sorry Kelan, I can not be queen." I closed my eyes, taking in a deep breath, delving into my memories. My eyes snapped over. "I'll call the council," Kelan's face looked absolutely horrified. "Don't give me that look. You know that once I call a meeting and put my matters on the table that they will agree. They are terrified of my powers and would not contest anything I say."

"Cate...Aslin, do you not remember what they have done to the people?" Kelan never called me Aslin. Never.

The Council was the constructed of one member from each magical group. There was even a mermaid and a vampire on the group, who'd of thought. But Kelan was right, they had decided some horrible things in my absence and even acted without consenting Kelan at times though he was the head of the council. They had gotten too brave, too daring without me.

I put my hands on Kelan's worried face, cupping his cheeks. "I will make it this right before I let the people know," I smiled at him. "You are king. You shall lead the fey just as you have done since I've been gone. It's time for change, Kelan." I told him, my words having a double meaning. Yes, it was time for him to be the official king but it was also time for him to forget about Aslin, about me, and move on to another. Kelan was a handsome and kind faery, he deserve someone wonderful.

Kelan sighed and pulled my hands away. "I guess I have no choice," He relented.

I smirked. "None at all." I dropped my hands to the pillows next to me. We were in the tent, drinking tea as we discussed the future. Kelan had done a spit take when I told him that I was not going to be returning to the throne.

Kelan let himself fall over onto a aqua blanket and kelly green pillows. It was the most ungraceful thing I had ever seen him do. I just sat there, blinking at him as he pouted at a crimson body pillow.

"Uh," I started, shocked. "Are you alright,"

He snorted. "I'm fine."

"Sure," I drew out the word. I set my tea cup on the tray. "Well, I better be going. I have plans with my brother," I cringed a little. Our plan was to head over to the local diner and have some bonding time but some how Leah had invited herself and now it was going to be my brother, his girlfriend and me. I was tempted to bring Paul, but I knew how much he hated Leah.

"I'll contact you when the council meeting is set," He was still pouting at the pillow.

"Later then," I closed my eyes and relaxed my mind. I felt myself float for a brief second and when I opened my eyes a half second later, I was back in my room, laying on my bed. A quick glance at my phone let me know I was only out for fifteen minutes. I got up and stretched. It had been almost a month since I had auditioned for Heidi and started advance dance classes. It felt amazing to be dancing again even though the class I was in wasn't difficult for me at all, it still was a good feeling to dance, being surrounded by girls who also enjoyed it. I had also taken a quick liking to Heidi. She was very serious about dancing but was also kind-hearted and funny.

I went to my closet, pulling out a fresh shirt and tossing the one I had worn to school in my hamper.

Paul waltzed into my room just as I was pulling my purple shirt down, letting him get a glance at my lacy pink and black polka-dotted bra. He froze for a second, just staring at me before closing the door behind him and sweeping me into his arms all in the matter of two seconds. He pressed his soft, warm lips against mine and I smiled as I let my mouth open, enjoying the feeling as his tongue slipped in to my mouth. I groaned quietly and he only pulled me closer, and aligning every line of our bodies against one another. I groaned, fisting the sleeves of his t-shirt.

Paul pulled away slowly, letting his forehead rest against mine.

"Wow," I said. Though I didn't mind the intense make-out session, Paul usually held himself back a bit more, trying to "protect me" and himself "from my brother". I told him that Luke did more "things" with Leah and not to worry about my brother. Paul had to remind me of that Luke could see his every thought, I cringed then.

"Sorry," he mumbled, not sounding apologetic at all.

I scoffed. "Please, that needs to happen more. I thoroughly enjoyed myself," I smiled at him, looking into his almost black eyes. His grin was wide and pleased. I pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

"You still going to dinner with your brother," he asked me as he carefully set me down so I didn't lose my balance on my heels. He shot me a look when I nodded and groaned.

"Leah's coming," I pouted. I rifled through my purse, pulling out my compact and touching up my makeup. "She found a way to invite herself and of course, love sick Luke couldn't say no," I snapped my compact shut and threw it back into my makeup bag.

"Do you want me to tag along," He offered as he went to sit on my bed.

"I would love that," I went to stand in between his legs, wrapping my arms around his neck, our eyes nearly level. "But that would be the most awkward double date. Ever. You hate Leah and she can't stand you. My brother wants to like you since I love you and your his pack brother, but you love me and I'm his baby sister so he can't just quite like you. And Leah, well she just tolerates my being here because I'm her boyfriend's little sister that he loves to death." I sighed.

Paul just looked at me in amazement. "When do you breath when you speak?"

I laughed. "It's a gift." I winked at him.

"Are you sure you don't want me there," His eyes were concerned, a frown setting onto his mouth. I shook my head quickly.
"I'll live." I shrugged and sighed dramatically. We shared a smile as I pecked him on the lips. He pulled me closer and our kiss lingered on.

"Cate," My door slammed into my wall causing me to jump and bump my head against Paul's.

"Ow," I cried and rubbed my head. Paul was quick to check me over for any other injuries and then glared at the intruder.

"Paul," Lucas greeted him evenly.

"Luke," He replied.

I rolled my eyes and turned towards my brother, feeling Paul standing up and wrapping his huge warm arms around my shoulders.

"You ready, Cate," My brother asked, eyeballing Paul's arms.

I nodded. "Yup," Paul walked with me as I picked up my purse and jacket, keeping his arms around me. He only let go once I nudge his arms so I could put my jacket on. He held onto my hand as we followed my brother out of my bedroom and down the stairs where Leah was already waiting by the door for us. She latched onto my brother and I refused to look, but heard as she gave him a kiss. When I did look back over at her she was giving me another one of her glares. If only she knew that I could burn all her hair off with a single movement of my finger.

"Chill," Paul whispered in my ear after he had pulled me into his toasty embrace. Sometimes I hated it when he could tell what I was thinking.

"I'm fine," I pressed a kiss to his soft cheek and gave him my best smile. Paul still looked a little unbelieving of me.

"Alright, I have patrol so I'll see you tomorrow morning," I nodded and sighed. Paul and I had been together long enough that I was already use to the routine of patrols. With only Sam, Paul, Jared and Lucas being able to shift, they were always busy running patrols. Sam did his best to try and keep Paul and Jared in school as much as possible but they still missed a lot of school. But there was only one more day left of school before Christmas vacation should they wouldn't have to worry about working around school for awhile.

"Alright. I love you," I tell him as he squeezes me tightly before letting me go.

"Love you too," I smile and watch as Paul goes through the kitchen and out the back door, running for the tree line.

I turned to Lucas. "Let's go," Leah and him lead the way out to my Lexus. It was a beautiful vehicle and I let Paul use it to drive us to school. I should start learning to drive soon, but with my brother and Paul able to drive for me, I didn't really see the point right now.

It was a quick drive to the only diner in La Push. Max's was a bit of a dive but no one really cared with it being the only restaurant in town. Luke parked the SUV and I walked slightly behind them as we entered the diner. Louise, the owner's wife, was quick to greet us with a big smile.

"Well, Luke and Leah, how are you two," She asked them as she grabbed two menus.
"We're good. My sister, Cate," He gestured to me. "is going to be eating with us too." I don't know if she overlooked me or what, but I felt a little offended.

Louise looked me over, taking in my black pea coat, my dark skinny jeans and tall heels. "Ah, yes, Cate. I've heard about you from my daughter." Louise had a slight southern accent that I didn't notice until now. She smiled at me, grabbed another menu and led us to a booth towards the back of the diner.

Luke and Leah were busy discussing what they wanted, generally annoying the hell out of me as I picked out a simple chicken salad from the menu.

I had wanted this time with Luke to talk about our mom and dad. Ever since my dad's visit at Thanksgiving and all that went down, I had been thinking a lot about him and my mother who I hadn't spoken to since I had left New York. My father called me about once a week but I never answered although he left voice mails for me. He would catch me up on where he was going next for business and at the end he always said he was sorry and that he loved me. I knew he had been calling Lucas too.

My mother...she was a different story. She hadn't tried to contact me or Lucas since she had filed for divorce. After my anger had died down a bit, I realized this wasn't like my mother. She wouldn't just up and leave my brother and I. I knew that she loved us but something bigger was going on, something strange and I had a feeling it had to do with her faery ancestry. After reading up and talking with Kelan, a person with faery blood who didn't know they had faery blood in them was easily possessed by others who could control magic simply because they didn't know how to protect themselves from outside influences.

Could I tell any of this to my brother; of course not. Leah was really starting to get to me with how much time she took of my brother's. Between being a werewolf and sleeping, Lucas didn't have much time for anything else and when he did have a spare moment he spent it with Leah. I understood that they were in a relationship, that they were imprinted. I understood better than most people, but he was still my brother and I deserve some of his time.

By the time Louise had come to take our orders, I had worked my self up to near my boiling point. When she asked me for my order, I grabbed my purse and stood up out of the booth.

"Cate," My brother questioned me, confused. "Where are you going," He really had no idea.

Swinging my purse onto my shoulder, I glared at him and Leah. "You know Luke, I get that Leah is kinda your whole life now, but seriously, I'm your sister. Your only sister," I held back my tear, ignoring the burning in my nose. "Leah's a bitch," Several eavesdroppers gasped. "This was suppose to be just me and you today, but no, your damn precious Leah couldn't even give me a couple of hours with my brother," Lucas' face was caught between being pissed and hurt. I turned my gaze to Leah. "Grow the fuck up Leah. I'm not competition trying to steal your boyfriend," I smirked then. A feeling had welled up in me. I didn't know if it was my powers or if it was just months of bottled up emotions but the words slid out of my mouth before I had the chance to think about them. "But you know what's that like, don't you," The hurt and anger slid down her face.

"Cate," Lucas' voice was warning me, scolding me, all in one syllable. I felt the shame but still continued on.

"Whatever." I wrapped my scarf around my neck. "When you feeling like being a decent brother and not ignoring me, let me know," I almost turned to leave but as an afterthought, I grabbed the keys to the Lexus that my brother had left on the table. I raced out of the diner and got into the car and took off down the road. Admittedly, I had only driven once and that was with Paul almost three weeks ago, but I knew enough to get myself home...I hoped. The drive there was easy and simple with only a couple of turns and virtually no other cars on the road. I merely hopped out of the Lexus, leaving it running, ran inside and grabbed my dance bag. I got back into the SUV all within two minutes and I was back on the road and heading into Forks.

I need escape, I need freedom, I needed to dance.

I arrived at Heidi's and parked, almost hitting another car. Oops. I grabbed my bag and hurried inside. Heidi was currently busy teaching a class of four and five year-olds. She smiled at me as I entered and motioned me over to her.

"Hey Cate, what brings you here," She snapped her fingers the little girls looking at her. "Say 'hello' to Miss Cate everyone," We were rewarded with a chorus of hellos.

"Hi girls," I smiled at them and then turned to Heidi. "I was wondering if I could hang out with you," I was hoping she could read how much I wanted to escape in my eyes. She must have seen it because and nodded.

"Sure, why don't you get changed and then help me with the girls," She offered and I nodded, needing to lose myself for a bit. I changed quickly into my tights, leotard and shoes, pulling my hair back into a bun. When I went back out into the studio, Heidi had split the girls into two groups and I worked with one while she handled the other. The time flew swiftly and I found myself forgetting my troubles and enjoying myself as I helped the younger dancers. They were adorable and reminded me of myself when I had first started dancing.

Soon practice was over and parents were picking up their daughters. I felt a slight twinge of emotion in me as I watch the mothers and a couple of fathers, grab onto their daughters hands, asking them about class. I sighed and felt Heidi come up next to me after she had finished speaking with one of the parents.

"So what's up kid," She asked me as she lead back into her office.

I smiled. "What makes you think somethings up?" Heidi scoffed at me as I took a seat on the love seat she had in her office as she took the chair at her desk.

"Sweetie, I've been a long time and I've spent a lot of time around teenage girls," She leaned forward onto her elbows. "Now, what's up,"

I sighed, falling back into the couch. "Well, I had a lunch date planned with my older brother. Luke, I've told you about him," She nodded. "His girlfriend, Leah, decided to tag along. Leah and I haven't gotten along ever since we met but I try to be nice for my brother's sake, but he works a lot and he doesn't have much time. I'm busy with dance, school and Paul, so we don't get much time to see each other. And with my parents being in New York, Luke is kinda all I have out here. I just wanted to talk to him about some stuff that's important to me and she just invited herself. She didn't even ask if it was okay to join us," I took a breath, sighing. "So we get to the diner and Leah is just completely taking up my brother's attention. I couldn't get a word in and I just got so angry and all the built up emotions just came rushing out of me," I looked down at my hands, a little embarrassed remembering my outburst.

"And," Heidi asked, looking completely enthralled with my story.

"And," I sighed. "I blew up. I told both of them how I felt..." I trailed off.

"You said something hurtful," She guessed and I nodded.

"Really hurtful. Leah didn't deserve that, though I meant the rest of what I said." I admitted. My head fell back against the sofa and I stared up at the ceiling.

"What are you gonna do?" Heidi asked me, leaning back into her chair, loosely crossing her arms.

I lifted my arms, bringing them back down next to me. "I know I should say I'm sorry but I don't want too because I really don't regret most of what I said."

She sighed, looking thoughtful. "You should still apologize even though your not sorry for your words. You need to tell them that you're sorry you handle it in the wrong way and apologize for hurting Leah's feelings, which I'm sure you did. You'll just have to sit down and try and discuss it without fighting."

"I guess," I sighed. "It's just not fair. I love my brother and sometimes I just want to spend time together, like how we use to." I confessed, missing my brother even more than I had when he was at college.

Heidi nodded. "Its hard. He's getting older, moving towards being a real adult and you're going through a lot of changes too." You have no idea, Heidi.

"Yeah," I took a look at my cell phone. It was almost eight o'clock. Sue was probably worrying where I was. "I better get going. I'm sure my aunt's going crazy," Heidi and I stood up and she gave me a quick hug. "Thanks for everything Heidi,"

"Any time dear. You can come here anytime. You know, you did a great job with the younger girls today and it was nice being to work with a smaller group. If you want, you can be my teacher's assistant, help me out with the younger girls." I felt my mouth drop at Heidi's offer.

"Really," I asked, disbelieving.

She smiled down at me, the corner of her eyes crinkling. "You're a good teacher, and it will help me out a lot. Plus, it would probably be nice to have a little extra cash in your pocket."

"I would love to Heidi!" I gave her another hug. "Thanks so much!" I had already changed and grabbed my bag off of the chair. "I'll see you next class!"

"Bye Cate," I heard her call out, laughing.

I jumped into the Lexus and started my drive home. I was so giddy and happy. My bad day had turned into something wonderful. I blasted my CD and continued my drive home to La Push. Just as I was going through the center of Forks, suddenly had blue and red flashing lights in my rear view mirror.

Oh no.

I started freaking out. I knew I had to pull over though. I pulled over, putting the Lexus into park. I tried to breathe normal, trying to play this off. After a few minutes, a officer came up and was looking in at me. I took another breath and rolled down the window.
"Do you know why I pulled you over, miss," The officer was young looking, dressed in the traditional all black uniform.

"Hm, no, I don't," I answered him.

"Well you went through a stop sign back there, I need to see your license, registration and proof of insurance."

"Okay," I had no clue what to do. I knew the registration was in the glove box so I went to reach for that. I found it and handed it to the officer whose badge read O'Connor. The rain had picked up a bit and the wind was blowing harder now.

"License and proof of insurance," He demanded and wasn't sure what to do. I was so terrified. Sue and Harry were going to be so pissed and Lucas would be disappointed but I didn't have another choice.

I cleared my throat. "I don't exactly have those,"

He looked at and then uttered the words that made me want to die.

"I need to turn off the vehicle and step outside." He ordered. I did as he said and took a deep breath as I opened the door and stepped out into the rain and wind. "How old are you,"

"Whose vehicle is this,"



"Yeah my dad gave it to me about a month ago but my brother has been driving it until I get my permit..." I trailed off. This was horrible. My heart was beating out of my chest and I felt like my head was going to explode.

"So you decided to take it for a joy ride,"

I shrugged, not meeting the officer's gaze. I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I knew it wasn't going to be good.

"I'll alright, I need you to turn around and put your hands on the vehicle," He commanded. Wait, what?

"Are you arresting me?" I nearly shrieked.

"Turn around," He put his hand on my shoulder and forced me to turn around, my hands flying up and meeting the side of the Lexus. He pulled one hand down and I felt the metal embrace my wrist and tighten and he did the same with my other hand.

I was trying so hard not to cry and to keep my cool, but I was going to go to jail.

"What's going to happen," I asked him, my voice shaky. He didn't answer me, but he pulled me back and lead me to his cruiser, opening the back door and almost roughly putting in the backseat.

This sucked so bad. I can't believe I was going to go to jail. I didn't even try to think about how much trouble I would be in once Sue and Harry found out. My whole turning over a new leaf thing had been going pretty good. It seems this day was just going to ruin me.

Once we arrived at the station, the officer helped me out of the car and lead me inside, escaping from the rain and entering another prison.

I kept my head down and tried to not be noticed until he told me to sit down. I took a seat on a hard chair that had been white but had yellowed with age. I looked up to see the officer talking to another cop, but this cop looked familiar. Where had I seen him...

"Chief Swan?" I asked and his eyes shot over to me and he took quick steps to me.

"You're Harry's niece, Cate, right?" He asked me.

I nodded. "Yeah, that's me. Are you going to call him so I can go home? I'm really sorry for driving without my license but I just needed to get away for a minute and the car is mine and and and and..." I stuttered and trailed off, the tears finally coming. The stress of the day had finally worn on me and I couldn't hold it in anymore. I let out little sobs here and there, keeping my head down.

"It's alright," Chief Swan said, sounding uncomfortable. "I'll give Harry and Sue a call and I'm sure they'll be right down to get you," He patted my shoulder and then left quickly to call my aunt and uncle.

I tried to calm down, but I was having those hiccup sobs and I was just so upset. I needed Paul. I just needed to be with him. Even though we had only been apart for about ten hours, I was really starting to miss him. He always knew how to make me feel better.

A few minutes later Chief Swan came back to me. "Your brother will be here soon to get you," He took a seat next to me. "You know what you did was wrong." He stated. "Now if you would have been in a bigger city, then you could have had some fines to deal with and your car would have been impounded," He told me and looked down at my knees. "But luckily here in Forks, we know the people and from what Harry's told me, you're a good kid going through a rough patch so I'll give you leeway but next time, you're going to have to deal with the consequences. Alright?" he end his lecture there.

I nodded. "Yes sir."

"Good." He grunted and I heard squeaky, wet shoes on the old tile floor. Lucas appeared around the corner, looking pissed.

Oh. Shit.

"Catherine," He greets me coldly. Guess I deserve that.

Chief Swan stands up, pulling me up with him and unlocks the cuffs. I rub my wrists and look to my brother. He's looking everywhere but me but he definitely looks like he wants to rip me apart.

"I'm sorry about this Chief. This won't happen again," He tells Chief Swan as they shake hands.

"It's alright. No harm done. Here are the keys to the car," He drops them into Lucas' hand. "Take care of yourself Cate," He tells me with a pat on the shoulder and then turns away from us.

That just leaves me and my pissed off werewolf of a big brother.


After we're in the car and driving back to La Push, I can feel Luke's anger coming off him in waves.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled as I looked out into the dark trees. He seems to deflate a little.

"What were you thinking, running off like that and what you said," He let out a huff of air. "Cate what you did today was not okay,"

"I know, I know," A tear escaped down my face.

"I don't want you becoming a rebel or acting out-" He started but I cut him off.

"I'm not a rebel Luke and I'm not acting out. I just needed to get away so I went to the studio and I helped Heidi out with the younger girls. She even offered to let me become her teacher assistant." I defended.

"That's great, Catie, but still, what you said to Leah," His anger returned a little bit. "That really hurt her and you know that its a sore spot. Why did you say it?"

"I was pissed." I told him, sighing. "I meant everything I said in the diner. I get that Leah is your imprint. I think sometimes you forget that I'm an imprint too," he went to open his mouth but shut it quickly. "But like today, I wanted for just me and you to go to lunch together, talk about mom and dad, just spend some time together. I hardly get to see you, Lukey and I miss you,"

Lucas sighed. "I miss you, too," he paused and then started, hesitant. "What about mom and dad," I sighed. I would have to tell him about me being a faery before I could tell him about my thoughts on our mother.

Luckily, due to the fact that Lucas and Paul don't really like each other, they never got put on patrol together. It was usually Sam and Lucas during the day and Paul with Jared at night. So he never really got a glimpse into Paul's mind.

We had reached the red house and Luke turned off the car. We sat there for a moment, me trying to decided how to tell him.

"Luke, I'm a faery," Just be out with it, I had decided.

"What," He laughed. Lucas turned to look at me. His smile faded. "Are you serious,"

I nodded. "Like a heart attack,"

He turned to stare out the window. "Why didn't you tell me before," He sounded...angry.

"I didn't tell anyone. It doesn't exactly sound sane to go around saying, 'Oh hey, I'm a faery.'" I told him.

"Tell me everything," He ordered. We sat in the car for awhile as I told him everything that had happened since I had moved to La Push. He listened, never talking but taking it all in as I told him about the dreams and Kelan. He kept his poker face as I told him about my powers and how all the light blubs exploding were my fault.

After laying out all the details, we both sat there for a moment. Lucas soaking it all the information and me watching his face for a reaction.

Lucas nodded. "Well, I'm guessing this has something to do with mom and dad, then,"

"Yeah," I nodded. "I think that mom's being controlled by someone with powers. That's the only way any of her actions make sense. I mean, she wasn't the greatest mom but she wasn't horrible like this either."

"Maybe she's just gotten selfish Cate," He sighed. Something was playing behind his eyes. He was keeping a secret from me.

"What is it," He shook his head. "No, tell me Lucas. I need to know what it is,"

He sighed, staring at the keys he was playing with. "When I was three, Mom left."

"What," I let out in a strained whisper.

"She packed up, left a note for dad and disappeared for about two months. We probably would have never seen her again, but she came back because she was pregnant," He looked over at me, sadness filling his big brown eyes.

I had never known this and it shook me to my very core. She left? She had left Dad and Lucas? How could she?

"Why did no one tell me this," I demanded, tears filling my eyes.

"You didn't need to know, Cate. It was just a really bleak time that everyone wanted to forget about. A dark mark on the Rostov family," He snorted.

I sat back against the car seat. My mother had left my brother and my dad. I could never imagine just leaving my family-and for what? Someone else? To run away from your problems?

I swallowed my tears. "You said she came back because she was pregnant, with me. Am I-I mean-is Dad-" Lucas cut me off.

"Yes, Dad is your real father," He placed his hand on my shoulder. "There's no doubt there Cate," I nodded and felt my brother embrace me, his warm arms comforting me. I pulled away from him. "Let's get you off to bed, you have school," He winked at me.

I groaned but smiled, hopping out of the car and making my way into the red house. Waiting for me was Sue and Harry.

I had completely forgotten about them. Even though Lucas and I were good, Sue and Harry were probably pissed at me.

I stood in front of them, taking off my heels. I held them in my hands, looking down at them.

"I'm sorry, Sue, Harry," I turned to him. His face was impassive. "I know I messed up tonight and I completely understand if I'm in trouble or whatever but this won't happen again, I promise," I told them, being completely sincere.

Sue sighed and shared a look with Harry. He nodded at her. Really? No words? Man, I think he's going for a record.

"We accept your apology, Cate." Sue told me. "But as a punishment, you're on dish duty for a week." I nearly sighed with relief. I could deal with that.

"Okay," I acceded.

"Go to bed," Harry told me. I nodded at him and headed up to my bedroom. I closed my door and placed my shoes into their proper place. I rubbed my face and grabbed my towel, heading for the shower.

I finished up in the bathroom and was back in my room, slipping into clean pajamas and when there was a knock at my window. I smiled and went to fling the window open. I was greeted with Paul's smiling face.

"Hi sweetie," I greeted him with a quick kiss to his warm lips. He wrapped me up in his scorching embrace. He was shirtless and I pressed myself close to his naked chest, running my hand over his hard bicep.

"Babe," he said as he pressed another kiss to my lips this one lasting longer than the last one. He pulled away, resting his forehead against mine. "How was your day,"

I groaned, "Bad. Real bad. I got arrested," I told him, waiting for is reaction.

His eye nearly bugged out of his head. "What? How?" He asked, disbelief coloring his voice.

I started at the beginning of the story at the diner with Luke and Leah. Paul shook his head when I finished my story.

"O'Connor is a douche. Can't believe he arrested you," He shook his head. During my story, Paul had pull me onto the bed with him, securing us under the blankets and turning off the lights. I curled up next to my space heater.

"I also told Lucas about my" I wriggled my fingers at Paul, "powers. And he didn't freak out,"

"That's great babe," He told me. Even in the dark I could make out his features. I traced a finger down his nose and across his lips. On my third journey across his bottom lip, he opened his mouth and sucked my finger in. He lightly sucked on it, making something stir within me. I bit my lip as I watched him.

I pulled my hand away and replaced it with my mouth. I attacked Paul, pouncing on top of him, straddling his waist as I kissed him, letting my tongue mingle with his. His warm hands came to rest on my hips, traveling over my ass and up my back into my hair.

I groaned lightly as Paul pulled my head back and trailed his lips down my neck. His hands left my hair and went down to the thin straps of my top, sliding them down my shoulders. He kissed along my collarbone, his lips moving down.

I was nervous but the feeling in me was speaking louder and needed something.

Paul pulled down the front of my top, exposing my boobs to him. He kissed all around them, teasing me before placing a kiss on one of my hard nipple and finally taking it into his mouth. It took everything I had not to moan out loud as he licked and sucked. His other hand was busy rubbing and pulling on my other breast.

I need something, I needed friction.

That's all I thought of as I started rubbing my aching center against the hardness that had appeared between Paul's legs.

I must have taken him by surprise because he suddenly jerked up, grinding his hardness into me in the best way.

I moaned that time. Loudly.

Paul pulled my mouth to his to smother the moan. "Shit Cate," He swore as he rolled us over. He hovered over me, most of his weight off of me. He looked down at me, his hand brushing my nearly dry hair out of my face.

"Is it okay if I touch you, Cate," He asked me seeming almost shy.

I nodded, smiling. "Of course." Paul was happy as leaned down to kiss me. His hand traveled down, over my still exposed breast, giving it a squeeze, before moving further down until his reached the waist band of my shorts. I stuck his hand in and moved his fingers against my damp panties. I focused on not moaning as he pressed his fingers against my aching core and rubbed. I gripped on to Paul's arm.

"More," I squirmed when he stopped. He looked at me and then his hand was on the move again, going up and sliding down into my underwear. I rubbed a single warm finger on the outside of my wet lips, collecting the moisture that was there before finding my little nub and rubbing it. I nearly came undone as he started doing that and I didn't think that it could get any better until I felt one of his fingers at my entrance. He made a quick circle, before pushing his finger inside me. I squirmed, moving my hips trying to get more from his unmoving finger.

"Please Paul," I moan quietly.

Then he started moving his finger. It slid in and out of me and he continued to rub my clit at the same time.

I was so close to falling over the edge but I needed just a little bit more and I could tell Paul was being gentle.

"Harder, Paul," I told him in a breathy whisper. He did as I asked and pushed a little hard. That was it. A couple more pumps and a few more rubs and I was falling over the cliff. My back arched, my breath got caught in my throat and pleasure racked my whole body.

I finally came down from my high and found Paul staring at me, smiling. I pulled him towards me, pressing a rough kiss to his lips.

I fell back onto my pillows, my eyes dropping and my body sated.

"I have to get back to patrol, Cate," He told me and I nodded, holding him to me. He laughed and pulled my top up, covering me. He kissed my lips and tucked me a little better.

"Stay till I sleep," I mumbled to him and I felt him nod.

I had fallen asleep moments later and barely felt the kiss he left on my cheek as he went out the window and back into the trees.

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