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By: PersephoneHale

X-Over: Harry Potter/Twilight

Summary: Teddy Lupin has been abused by his boyfriend for to long and runs away to the Olympic Peninsula. While there he meets the pack, including a newly returned Jacob, and tries to mend his broken heart. When Jake imprints on Teddy will they be able to work past the obstacles that stand in their way, or is happily ever after just a dream?

Disclaimer: No matter how much I may wish it I own neither Harry Potter nor Twilight…

-Chapter 1-

Teddy's POV

He's always told me that he loves me. Three years I believed him, three years I trusted him blindly. I listened to every word he said, he told me what a relationship should be, that what we had was made to last forever and I never questioned him. Not once. Not until today. But I'd never had a reason to doubt him before now; he'd never hurt me like this before. Never so deeply.


He told me to meet him in the prefect bathroom, I didn't know why he never let me into his bed but I'd honestly never cared, we had an entire castle full of dark corners and hidden rooms. I'd never enjoyed the bathroom though; he gave me enough bruises during sex without all the hard marble surfaces that this room provided. Silently I hoped he wasn't angry with me, I was supposed to meet him at lunch but my professor had held me back. If he was angry I would just have to handle the punishment. as soon as I got to the door I wanted to turn around. I didn't know why but deep down I knew this was going to hurt more than anything else ever had. But he had me well trained and I opened the door against my better judgment.

I knew it would hurt but this was torture.

I expected to be hit, I expected to be yelled at, and I more than expected to be taken roughly with a hard counter digging into my stomach…

But I also expected him to be alone…

I hadn't prepared myself for this, to see someone else in his arms being held and kissed far more gently than he had ever handled me.

I stood frozen for several minutes before he looked up at me and then, after everything he put me through and every beating I had ever made it through, in that moment it took one smile from him to break me.


It had been at least two hours since I ran from the room. Ran until I was outside. I kept replaying the scene in my head. My chest felt hollow and from somewhere outside of my own mind I realized that I was sobbing. I was already frozen through when the rain started. I'd always loved the rain, it helped me think, cleared my head, and as my shirt got soaked a new thought began to prick at my mind. I suddenly remembered what I had learned in class today. The charm I had been having trouble with and had been asked to miss lunch for extra work on. It seemed almost providential…

I placed the tip of my wand to the inside of my elbow and almost smiled, before whispering the cutting charm and dragging a line to my wrist. I allowed my self to fully enjoy the rain before the world went black…

Jacob's POV

It had been a year since the Cullen's had left forks. When I left I had no intentions of ever coming back but as I was running across the country I had more time to think than I knew what to do with. After a few months I realized that I didn't think of Bella much anymore. More surprising was the fact that I didn't mind. She had made her choice; there was no going back. Now it was up to me to live my own life, and after a year as a wolf I was over Bella. If she was happy why shouldn't I be happy too? I was ready to go home. I missed my dad and my pack brothers. I wanted to smell the sea and watch the waves. I ran faster the closer I go. I knew it couldn't be far now, just a few more hours and I'd be home!

Suddenly I wasn't alone as first one and then another wolf joined my thoughts.

"Welcome back Jake!" It was Embry!

"Man, I thought you were never coming back!" I'd recognize Quil's voice anywhere!

"How could I stay away when I missed you guys so much?"

I let out a happy bark when my friends were there to meet me fifty miles from home. By the time we hit the border the rest of the pack was waiting with happy thoughts and news from the time I had missed. This was where I belonged and I was ready to take on whatever life threw at me. I had a feeling in my gut that something big was coming my way and I was going to meet it head on.

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