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It was dark when I woke up. My clock read 3:38 am, so I had been asleep for several hours. I was shocked to still be at Harry's house, having expected my Grandmother to demand I go home with her whether I was asleep or not.

The house was quiet, as would be expected this early in the morning, but outside a storm had rolled in. I couldn't see any lightning out my rain streaked window, but I could hear the low rumble of thunder a few miles off. I had a sudden urge to be out in the rain, so grabbing my shoes I prepared to head downstairs. I almost missed the piece of paper that had been slid under my door but I slipped on it as I was heading out my door. It was a note from Harry.

Teddy- Your Grandmother was here last night. I'm not sure how much you heard but she was rather loud so I'm sure you know she was angry. Most of that anger was directed at me for taking you from the hospital so don't worry about it too much. Once she got done yelling at me she had calmed down enough that she agreed it was probably best to let you sleep. She'll be back after breakfast to collect you. I thought it only fair to give you a warning. While most of her anger was at me she is still quite cross with you, but she's more angry about you needing to be in the hospital in the first place rather then the fact that you left without telling her. I wish I had a way to keep you here instead of sending you home to be punished for a crime that doesn't exist but blood-relative trumps godparent so I'm stuck. Just know that I don't blame you. You were hurting, still are hurting and pain makes people irrational. I'm telling you this now because I don't figure you'll want it brought up at breakfast. We'll figure out someway to get you away from her for awhile, I promise. For now just try to relax and I'll see you down stairs. –Harry

I read the letter through twice before I folded it and shoved it into my back pocket. I went down the stairs as quietly as I could, pausing every few steps to make sure I couldn't hear anyone moving about. I tugged my shoes on as I reached the backdoor and stepped outside into the downpour, heading straight for the tire-swing in the backyard.

I swung lazily back and forth as the rain fell. I let my shoes get covered in mud while my clothes got soaked through. I hummed tunelessly to myself for awhile and not so tunelessly for even longer. I mentally recited favorite lines from books and movies that I had memorized. I did a very good job of losing track of time. But a rather loud clap of thunder brought my distraction to an end. Opening my eyes (I couldn't even remember closing them) I noticed that the storm had grown around me. Lightning was flashing on the horizon now and I knew I would have to go inside soon.

Determined to make the best of the little time I had left in the rain I began planning out my escape. I knew I had to escape, that was the only clear thought I had left after reading Harry's note. My grandmother wasn't going to change and I would be miserable until she decided that I had learned my lesson. And who knew how long that would take? I couldn't do it, I refused to be subjected to that and as Harry had said I couldn't stay here if she demanded that I go home. All the times I had 'ran-away' I had always come to Harry's house and she had let me, if she had wanted me home all she would have had to do was demand it. The understanding that I had run-away on her terms upset me quite a bit and I felt a strong surge of rebellion coming on.

My mind took off on a new tangent for several moments, bouncing wildly around trying to find a suitably rebellious way to get back at her for this new found dominance. I considered getting a piercing or another tattoo even though my first, the phases of the moon on the back of my neck, had hurt quite a bit. I could get a motorcycle, but that would require a lot of money and I couldn't get into most of the money in my vault until I was 17. Unwilling to wait for a few months to rebel my mind thought furiously for some other option, any other option so long as I could act on it now.

I almost laughed out loud when inspiration struck at the exact moment as the next bolt of lightening. It was so simple; I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of it immediately. I would run-away. Really run-away, not to Harry's like she was used to; like she allowed. It was the best solution I could have asked for, a rebellion and an escape all in one. And maybe I could escape more than just my grandmother; if I did this properly perhaps I could escape my past with Andrew and attempted suicide as well. If I ran to a place where nobody knew me or had any expectations of me what-so-ever what was to stop me from creating a false past? I could rewrite it all and no one would be any the wiser.

I had to think this over quickly though, that much I knew. If I was going to run it had to be from Harry's, no one would expect me to run-away from here. This place had always been the destination not the launching pad. I had enough clothes here to last me at least two weeks before they would need washed, and I had a duffle bag in the bottom of my closet. Without my wand I couldn't catch the Knight Bus but if I caught a Muggle bus to downtown London I shouldn't have any problem getting to The Leaky Cauldron, and I was sure Tom would help me through into Diagon Alley if I asked. If I was at Gringotts right when they opened at 5 then I should still have an hour before anyone realized I was gone.

I would pull everything I could out of my vault and get it exchanged for Muggle money. My best chance at anonymity would be in the Muggle world. My Godfather is Harry Potter after all, and I think every Wizard in England would be able to identify me because of that. Inspiration struck again as I repeated my last thought back to myself, 'every Wizard in England', I'd already decided to hide myself with Muggles, why stop there? I may not have enough money for a motorcycle but I was pretty sure I had enough for a plane ticket, now the only question was where to go.

The next bolt of lightening saw me in motion. I managed to make it to the house without slipping and saw it as a sign that I was doing the right thing; if the universe didn't want me to run it should have slammed my face into the mud. I left my shoes on the porch and made my way upstairs stopping only to check for movement in the house. Hearing nothing but a few soft snores I went to my room and began packing.

The inside of my duffle bag was magically enlarged and the whole thing felt lightweight no matter how much I put into it. I was very grateful for both of these facts as I realized that I was unable to leave many of my things behind. After I shoved all of my clothes, a spare pair of shoes, the blankets and pillows off my bed (not knowing where I would be sleeping for awhile), a couple towels and my bathroom necessities into my bag I found myself gathering together all of my books.

The books were the first unnecessary things to be packed, but certainly not the last. My laptop soon followed along with my CD and DVD collections. I folded up my telescope and put it in, grabbed my sketch book and journal off of my desk and threw in some of my favorite random items from my room on top of that. But the last thing that went in was far from unnecessary, at least I thought it was. I pulled the seemingly small lock box out from under my bed and placed it gently inside the rampant chaos that was to be my get away bag; upon closer inspection of the contents of said bag I decided that 'roughing it' would never be one of my strong points.

The last thing I needed to do before I left was write a short letter to Harry. I was actually quite sad to be running away from him to but it was the only way. I just needed him to know that I wasn't mad at him, that this had nothing to do with him.

Harry- I'm really sorry about this I swear, but I have to get away. I don't know if you'll understand or if you'll be mad at me but I need to do this. I'll let you know I'm safe wherever I end up, okay? I'll send a letter every week, or maybe I'll just call if I can get to a phone. Thanks for everything. I don't say it much but I do love you and I promise I'll come back, at least for a visit, someday. Tell everyone I said bye, okay? But please don't look for me, I need this, I just need to disappear for awhile. I really am sorry. –Teddy

I left the note flat on my desk so that it wasn't immediately visible and shut the door behind me. I was careful on the stairs, the last thing I needed was to fall down them. I felt bad as I took some Muggle money out of the drawer in the kitchen, it was the emergency pizza money the James insisted they have around. I closed the backdoor behind me and slipped my muddy shoes back on. I made it to the bus stop at the end of the road without trouble and fidgeted nervously while I waited for the bus. What if Harry woke up and decided to check on me? I was pretty sure he hadn't done that since I was 7, but with the recent disturbances in the force would that change? I wasn't sure but before I could get properly worked up about it my ride showed up. I paid the fare and sat in the very back row next to the window. I felt calmer the farther we got from the Potter's house, and I was almost able to relax as we drove deeper into London.


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