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5 years.

It took them five years - a year of hiding feelings, a couple of convincing her ridiculously protective brother, and another two to ask her hand. Many things had happened as time passed. Most of them approved of their love but some tried to break them apart…through war. But it was all over. Six months ago, the Earl was finally defeated together with the Noah. It was a bloody and long battle, yet they managed to pull through. All thanks to him, the Destroyer of time.

And as the stars shone brightly from the black night sky, Allen can't help but smile, a smile so true and contented, a gesture that showed how happy he was. The smile grew more when he felt slender arms slip around his waist and the scent of blooming flowers that flooded his nostrils.

"Why aren't you sleeping Allen-kun?"

Her voice was laced with slight worry as she leaned her chin on his shoulder to look at him while she tiptoed. She frowned a bit. Why did he have to grow so tall anyway? Allen noticed her frown and faced sideways, leaning his face to her and briefly kiss her forehead.

"I'm just thinking. How about you? You need something Lenalee?"

The girl sighed then pulled away. She leaned on the railing of the balcony beside him and stared up at the stars.

"I had a dream."

A streak of worry flashed on his face. "Are you having nightmares again?"

Lenalee shook her head as she smiled at Allen to assure him that there's nothing wrong. She momentarily remembered the nights in the past. Those nights that haunted her for a very long time, the dreams of his death. But it was all gone since 6 months ago when the Earl had vanished.

She reached out and grasped his left hand, still blackish red because of his innocence. She stared at him still with the smile as she began caressing his hand with her fingers.

"You're here Allen-kun." She whispered. "You're alive and here with me. Those nightmares are long over."

Allen nodded and let himself enjoy her soothing caresses on his hand. He thought over what she had said and can't help but smile a bit bitterly. He knew about her dreams before, her dreams where she's alone and the corpses of her friends lay around her. He had a sight of it himself when he was in China years ago. He himself had found it terrifying. He had wanted to protect her from those nightmares but he was preoccupied at that time. He knew he love her then, but his mind is set on the Earl and he can't afford to lose track in his mission. So the least he did in those times was to only give her assurances of a bright future.

'That was the past.' He inwardly reminded himself when he was again aware of her fingers still caressing his hand. He had tried to hide his deep feelings for her then. But alas, he grew tired of just watching in a distance and had confessed to her during a mission. Part of him scolded himself for giving in when the war was still ongoing and another cheered him for finally telling her. He had agreed with the latter when she had cried and admitted she's been feeling the same way for a long time too. And now, the fight was over. There's no one who can harm her anymore and although someone might try to, he will be there to continuously protect her.

His smile faltered a bit when he remembered the latest, and perhaps, last mission given to him by Komui as an exorcist.

"Want to know what I dreamed about?"

Lenalee's voice temporarily took him off his thoughts as he heard her question. She was looking at him with an expectant look so he smiled again then nodded.

"Tell me."

"Well…" Lenalee looked away as a slight blush appeared on her cheeks.

"I dreamed of green fields, where a white medium sized house stood. It was a two-storey house with blue curtains hanging from the windows. Then around it were apple trees with flower patches at both sides of the house."

She grinned at Allen. "It's so beautiful."

The young man chuckled and nodded as relief washed over him. At least she's now having calm and peaceful dreams. He can at least breath and go with the mission without worry.

"Then," he started as an idea came to him. "Let's build that house at a place where there are green fields and apple trees, once we get married."

Lenalee enthusiastically nodded with pink on her cheeks. "Yes. Then there will be kind neighbors around us."

Allen chuckled again. "Then I'll go to town to work as an odd-jobs man."

"I'll be staying at the house." Lenalee continued with a laugh. "While I bake apple pies to sell to a few willing customers."

"And when work's done…" Allen took her chin and lightly pecked her on the lips.

"I'll come home to see you waiting for me with heaps of food on the table."

Lenalee didn't say anything for a moment. She just stared at him – at his handsome face, his silvery white hair, bluish-gray eyes and the scar on his left eye. She forgot to mention the most important part of her dream, the one that kept her heading for the future more than anything.

But before she could say anything, Allen suddenly grabbed her by the waist and wrapped his arms around her. He leaned to her ear and with a concerned voice,

"Lenalee, I'm leaving for a classified mission."

Her eyes widen at his whisper. 'Classified?' She gripped the cloth of his coat on his chest. Classified…then that meant it may take long to accomplish it, maybe months or even years. But what could possibly be the mission? The Earl was gone and the exorcists still exist only for precautions. She can understand that Allen is a general, a very important general at that. But why did he have to be the one to do the mission?

As if he can guess her thoughts through the silence, Allen continued to speak after pulling her closer.

"Komui-san said I'm the only one who can do it. It may take some time to complete but it's not something too dangerous. I'm doing it to ensure that everything is really over and it is safe to resume normal lives."

 'Brother!' Lenalee can't help but frown. Although her older brother finally agreed to let her marry Allen in the near future, he still made some unnecessary actions to keep him away from her. She sighed. But she do know that her brother will not risk the Order's importance for his ridiculous plans that often fails. Allen was the Destroyer of Time and had an akuma-sensing eye with a sword of exorcism to add. If anyone should do a classified mission, it would be automatically Allen.

"Do you know the most important part of my dream?"

Allen glanced at her hair. He pulled away from their embrace and stared at her with question. Lenalee smiled as she took his hand.

"You…me…" she placed his hand on her stomach, her hands pressing his hand on her midsection. She looked up to him with a red blush as she continued.

"…and our child."

Allen's eyes widened slightly but he remained confused. He wanted to know the meaning behind the third person she mentioned. Lenalee felt his wonder and she pressed his hand further on her womb.

"Allen-kun," tears fell from her eyes as she smiled more. "I'm with child now."


It took a few seconds before Allen can finally digest her words and stare at her in shock. He glanced at his hand on her stomach then to her beautiful face and eyes that expects an answer. He gulped and blushed too, as if unsure what to say.

"H-How…what…how many months?"

"2 months."

He blushed yet again when he remembered the events two months before. It was one of his treasured moments, the night when she and him finally…He mentally shook his head at his thoughts and forced himself to return to reality. 2 months…2 months since a life was formed inside of her, a life that will soon take form into a baby, their baby…their very first child.

At that thought, his emotions finally burst as he possessively embraced her again. He realized it was joy, excitement, anxiousness and a lot more feelings joined together. Lenalee giggled and embraced him back after gently patting her still flat womb. She inhaled his scent.

"You're not angry?"

"Angry?" Allen laughed. "Of course not! The woman I love bears my child! Our very first child…"

He let his sentence slide off when a new resolve formed within him. He narrowed his eyes and pulled away slightly to face her.

"I'll come back." He stated with seriousness. "I'll definitely come back. We'll get married as soon as I return and build your home at a place where our child can grow safely."

He leaned to her and briefly kissed her lips. "Until then please wait for me."

Lenalee's eyes flowed again as she nodded with another smile. Allen brushed the liquid away from her eyes with his thumb. He smiled back at her.

"I love you."

 With that, they both leaned and captured each other's lips in a passionate lip-lock. She dug her fingers through his soft white locks while his hands crawled teasingly on her waist and back. She broke away to have some hair and muttered an "I love you too." before taking his lips again. She's slowly moving to his jaw when she remembered something and sweatdropped.

"Before we continue Allen-kun…" Allen stopped kissing her neck and faced her.


"Help me with nii-san first."

Allen froze and groaned a bit. He was chased around with a chainsaw by the supervisor when he asked his permission to marry Lenalee in the future and suffered a day's worth of torture in the operation room. And now that Komui's beloved sister is pregnant by him…what will her brother do this time?

"Don't worry Allen-kun, brother will not let our child grow fatherless."

He chuckled at Lenalee's remark after a moment then nodded.

"I hope so."

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