Majin Boo
a Spamfic by Dot
Goku and Vegita gaped in silent shock at the being before them.

"This is..." Goku swallowed nervously. "Boo's final form?"

Mr. Satan suddenly became uncharacteristically courageous and peeked out over the battlefield. He facefaulted. "Why...that's a giant chicken!"

Vegita snorted. "So the man has finally gone nuts."

Goku shook his head sadly. "He wasn't really that bad of a guy..."

Mr. Satan stomped his foot. "It's a giant chicken, I tell you! A giant chicken! Can't you see that?!?"

"Bwack," said Boo.

Goku shifted into a defensive stance. "Watch out! I think he's going to attack!"

Vegita gathered a ball of energy in his hands. "Leave it to me."

Boo calmly watched as Vegita summoned enough energy to destroy small asteroids.

"Buckawk," said Boo.

Vegita's eyebrow twitched. "You dare mock the Prince of Saiyajin? Take this! Final Flash!"

"WARK!" said Boo as he was turned into a giant roast.

Vegita sweatdropped. "Well, what do you know? He was a giant chicken after all!"

"I told you so!" Mr. Satan exclaimed triumphantly. "But you didn't believe me!" He began laughing uncontrollably.

Goku's stomach rumbled. "That smells great..." he licked his lips. "And I haven't eaten in hours!"

The starving Saiyajin warrior picked Boo's bones clean.
Aw, come on, don't tell me you didn't see that one coming.

Since my pen name is "Dot Warner", a Dragon Ball/Animaniacs crossover just had to be written eventually. I'm just surprised I didn't think of this earlier.

Next time, Dot mistakes Vegita for a giant Wish Troll Doll. "Helloooooooo, super buffed-up nurse!" :)