Okay, for all you Transformer purists, be warned - this does not take place in any of the current continuities. That's right, I'm branching out and creating my own universe! It will resemble most a mix between G1 and the 2007-movieverse, but it is its own separate little world. So things will happen here that might not necessarily happen in canon universes.

A rundown of several things and terms specific to my verse:

Sparklings - Yes, the Transformers "grow up" in a slightly organic way. This is not a natural occurrence - the robots developed it and did it themselves, they weren't created with sparklings in mind. The reasons for this are explained in the first chapter, but just to say it here - they exist. They are usually raised in group facilities specific to their intended design, no matter how they were created. Sparklings have a limited protoform-type body, with minimal to no armor and slight hints at what they were designed for, but nothing more than that - ie. Seeker sparklings have wings, but cannot fly or assume an alt mode or anything with them. It's just a way to show what the sparkling was programmed to be. This is, of course, not always set in stone - any mech can choose to reformat themselves if they feel their spark isn't suited to their original programming, but most do not. Seekers are the only exception to this, as they are created specially. Most sparklings grow through several protoform refits before they fully mature, at which they are then refitted with their full adult form.

Mechs vs. Femmes - There isn't much of a difference between the two. In fact, the only difference is that most femmes have a spark that is preset towards emotion, whereas mech sparks are more logical, in a general sense. Otherwise the sparks are essentially identical - a mech can sparkbond and create with another mech just like a femme, and a femme with a femme, and a femme with a mech. A spark is a spark is a spark, etc. However, since femmes are more emotional in general, they tend to care more and have a greater drive for creating than mechs, so mech/femme is still the most common pairing. Femmes have curvier body shapes and are smaller in general, to appear less threatening in their general as their primary jobs are caregivers, medics, and teachers. There are always exceptions to this rule - the gender separation is not as severe as most organic races, and most femmes are content with their roles. No nasty gender wars like humans. :p Femmes are slightly more common - at least during the beginning of the story - but are still the minority - it's about a 60/40 ratio.

Factions - The Autobot/Decepticon split will occur, but will take a bit to get there. As of now, a mech's worth is generally determined by their function and status. This has led to the split between the rich and the poor, which will eventually cause the uprising into the war. Right now, most Cybertronians fit into three sections - the rich elite, the poor and other ordinary civilians, and the military models. The elite consider the working class beneath their notice, the working class thinks the elite as tyrants feeding off them, and both groups look down on the military models, who are considered as little more than drones by the elite and are envied by the poor for not having to work for their credits and rations. Any military model such as a Seeker trying to pursue a normal life is usually met with disdain and prejudice.

Seekers - The first purely military and pure flying mechs that the Cybertronians created. All Seekers are created for warfare, though little of them are actively in the military during times of peace. While they can live their lives like other mechs during peacetime, all are given military training and are forced to fight, should Cybertron be invaded. Since loyalty and defense of Cybertron is programmed into them, most do not mind this, though there have a been a few peace-orientated Seekers over the years. Since fighting is so ingrained into them, most have very confrontational personalities and can be hard to get along with, since arguing is their most popular form of letting off steam, though they will rarely actually ever physically fight in disagreement. Since their basic programming to make them fliers had to be programmed from the base up from mechs who did not fly, they took many years to become fully functional, and to this day many of them still have glitches and personality conflicts arising from the less than perfect coding. The flying part worked, however, and they are unmatched in flight. Due to their unstable personalities, Seekers are the only mechs who are not allowed to reformat themselves, since flight is so ingrained into them, and trying to erase that and turn them into a different mech usually causes their minds to collapse fully, so dependent are they on their flying mindset. They are also not allowed to create by themselves, and are only ever produced in the facility that makes them. Lately, these restrictions have been causing some unrest among them.

Creation - There are two ways a Cybertronian can be born - produced in a facility with the Allspark or by combining two spark's energies with the intention to create a new one. The most famous production facility is Vector Sigma in Iacon, which houses the actual Allspark and channels its energies across the planet to any other production facilities that are active. There is a set amount of Allspark-created each year, and no more are made unless under special circumstances. However, sparkbonding can create as many sparks as needed, as long as the two participating have the credits to pay for the protoform to be built. Because of this and the energy drained during such a process, creating is usually reserved for those who have the free time and credits to spare. Though creating and raising a sparkling on its own is forbidden by the government, it is common practice in places where the government is weak or easily bribed, such as slums. In Iacon and other upper echelon cities, however, it is unheard of.

Other fliers - Since the flying programming has been perfected, any mech can be upgraded into a flying form if they so choose, and if they have the credits to do so. They are not as good of fliers as the Seekers, so most reformatted fliers choose to be explorers or transporters, and other such jobs where fancy flying is not required. Sparklings can also be created be with this programming, and usually adapt to it better, so the difference in flying skill between a reformatted flier and a sparked flier is usually quite obvious. Some sparked fliers can even match Seeker skill, though they lack the military programming and the special reflexes Seeker are built with.

Quintessions - Yes, they created the Transformers in this universe, and were chased away when their creations gained sentience and rebelled. This happened quite a long time ago, and is long since forgotten by all of Cybertron. Some old religious texts mention how the Cybtertronians "grasped their freedom from the gods and so gained the knowledge of creation" as a metaphor, but most just figure it to be a metaphor for learning how to create between two sparks instead of the Allspark. The Quintessions created the Allspark, but even they have little idea of most of its mysteries. Long forgotten, the mythology of Primus developed in their stead.

There we go, that should be enough for right now, the rest should come to light during the story. Especially since I'm pulling most of this out of my ass, haha. The base universe is not too different from most of the canon universes, though the story may be drastically different in places. Also, some characters might have slight changes in order to adapt with their new world, but they will not be blatantly out of character.

Thanks, and happy reading!