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More time units, yay!: Alright, so when I was writing up the time measurement chart back in chapter 2 or whatever, I apparently had a brain fart and said a vorn was 20 stellar cycles. Now, it could be, but that would through my measurements of just how many Cybertronian days are in Cybertron's year off, because I was operating, for whatever reasons, on the thought that a vorn was 20 Earth years. No, I don't know either. Anyways, I am featured with a choice - keep the amount of days in a stellar cycle, and just do the math for the vorn, which puts a vorn at roughly 86 Cybertronian years...or lengthen the years so that it's not such a random number.

I decided to go with lengthening the year, as considering the size of Cybertron's sun, shorter years would mean it was as close if not closer to its sun as Earth is to its own, which would be...awkward, considering both Cybertron's size and the size of its primary.

So now, Cybertron has a year equal to 700 orns (equal to roughly 605 Earth days, or a year and two-thirds or something like that.) And their vorn is composed of 50 stellar cycles, equaling to 83 Earth years. Because of the retarded division, they have a Earth-like leap year every five stellar cycles and they get an extra orn.

So, shorter days, but longer years. Everybody up with that? On to the story!

Chapter Six

Glimpse Of The Future

It took the entire orn to refit everyone, and Cybertron's primary was already sinking below the horizon before Space stepped out of the refit room, flexing his new fingers experimentally.

Starfall had left sometime near the beginning, but had soon returned, looking even more harsh than usual. She had merely glared at them all, watching as sparkling stepped out with new armor and slightly increased size.

Still no colors, no official name. No identity until the adult refit. Half a vorn seemed like an eternity away.

Starfall had then taken them all to the barracks, showing them the rooms they would be sharing for the rest of their training until they were proper adults. Space was stuck with the same five sparklings now, and he hoped they were the more tolerable of the lot. They hadn't said much, yet.

After they'd been assigned rooms, Starfall had left. Enforced recharge time was in half a cycle, but Space felt full of energy, and had no desire to recharge just yet. He stepped up hesitantly to the door, looking behind him for a moment. His roommates seemed oblivious, so he palmed the sensor to the right of the door, and felt relief when it slid open noiselessly. He could wander around for a bit before they came to lock them in their quarters.

Space stepped out into the hall, ignoring the door sliding shut automatically behind him. After scanning the hallway with his young optics for a moment, he chose a direction and began wandering that way, making sure to keep track of where he was going.

His room was rather close to the start of the barracks, so soon he was past all the closed doors and abruptly the hallway just seemed to get a lot bigger. The barracks had been part of the old groundling base that had been renovated to become Niacon, and so they were small and closed-off. However, everything else was built towards fliers, and Space immediately felt better in this huge space.

He took small, light steps, trying to be as quiet as possible as he headed down the hall - if he was noisy, he would disturb someone, and he still wasn't quite sure if they were allowed to explore yet. Light spilled from an open doorway on the left, and he decided to take his chances. He poked his head inside.

Only one mech was inside - a youngling, who looked to be i his second refit. He was absorbed in a large vidscreen, which showed a holo of some sort of...entertainment vid, it looked like. Space craned his head backwards to look for the room's designation, and clicked when he found it. Recreation room. So even the sparklings got their own.

Deciding the one youngling wasn't much of a threat, Space hesitantly stepped into the room, walking around the chairs and reclining booths scattered over the room. He stepped up next to the other, just watching him for a moment, before turning his attention to the vid.

It seemed to involve a lot of stuff blowing up. Mindless entertainment. Space would rather read, but to each his own.

The youngling turned his head at that moment, and was obviously startled at the appearance of the sparkling, as he gave a startled cry and nearly fell off his chair. Space merely shuttered his optics up at him. After a klik, the other seemed to regain his composure, righting himself and looking down at Space critically and a little warily.

"You're a new one. What're doing outside your quarters? None of the little ones ever come out the first orn."

Nothing about being forbidden, just that no one was expected sparklings to be comfortable enough to roam around. Interesting. He tilted his head. "I was bored, so I left."

"Quarters are slagging boring, you've got that right." The youngling shrugged. "Well, we've still got a little time left...wanna watch the vid with me?"

"I was watching, you were the one who stopped."

The other blinked at that, before a smirk crossed his faceplates and he seemed to relax, tension and wariness fading away. "Bold little glitch. The instructors won't like that. Your designation number is fifty?"

"I was merely stating a fact." Space blinked at the number - he'd nearly forgotten it. He hesitated before replying. This youngling seemed nice enough, so maybe he wouldn't think Space was strange. "I don't like the number. My name is Space."

A browplate raised. "They don't give out names to younglings, you can't have a name yet."

Space held his ground, looking up at the slightly larger one - he glanced at one of his wings. Twenty-seven was written there. "I made it up myself. I don't like being a number."

"Made it up?" The other tilted his head, as if listening to something only he could hear. "That's...pretty good, actually. I don't like the numbers either, but I never bothered thinking about it..."

He shrugged. "I do a lot of thinking."

"You're a strange one." The youngling chuckled, taking the bite out of his words as he patted Space on the head. "Slag, maybe I'll think one up for myself, though I'm not very good at being creative like that. Anyways, it's almost time, and the instructors are gonna come around soon to throw us all back into our rooms, so let's go back, okay?"

Space nodded, having nothing better to do. He had a long time to explore this place fully, and there was always the next orn. "Okay."

"Off we go, then."

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