Summary: Bella is going to visit her best friend Alice in Seattle for the weekend. She hopes to move there in a few months. What will happen when she does? She has a boyfriend back home, so what happens when a green eyed boy, that she thinks she hates, comes and sweeps her off her feet. Will she fall for it, or go for someone else? Read and find out. M just to be safe, canon couples, probably.

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"I don't know why Alice doesn't just come here this weekend, it'd be good for her to come home." Charlie, my dad, huffed as I started packing up my car for my weekend trip to Seattle.

"Because, Dad, she JUST moved, and I offered to help her, even though it will take us the entire weekend just to get through her clothes. Besides, she wants to me meet her new roommate, and you know I should be spending time in the city if I want to transfer to UW next year." I explained, out of patience. I had told him all of this at least three times.

"But Bells, her roommate could be a drug dealer, or a hooker! Or what if you just don't like her? I really think you should just stay here this weekend. Go another timeā€¦or never" He grumbled the last part under his breathe but I still heard him. I had to stop packing at this point. I knew the man was grasping at straws, but really?! A drug dealer or a hooker?

"First of all, you know Alice, she would never live with a drug dealer or a hooker, and even if they were doing it behind her back, she'd still know, she knows everything! Second of all, if I don't like her, it's just the weekend, I can put up with her for Alice's sake, and she already guaranteed that I'd like her. An Alice seal of approval on both parts, we really can't go wrong. And third, I know you don't want me to go at all, but you know I need to. Forks doesn't hold enough opportunity for me, besides I want the experience of an actual college, not just a community one." After I said all this, I saw the last glimmer of hope in his eyes disappear as his shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Fine," he sighed, "I'm just gonna miss you when you go, and I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible. Just promise you'll call when you get there, and don't speed!"

"Dad, I can't speed, you know that, I did live with the chief of police after all. And don't worry, I always call." I threw the last of my bags in the trunk of my new - well new to me anyways - Ford Focus. Me and Charlie had pooled some money together when my old red truck had died and my boyfriend, and mechanic, Jacob Black, had deemed it 'deader than dear'. "Bye, Dad! Love you!" I have him a small hug before jumping into my car.

I faintly heard him yell "Be careful!" as I drove off to the big city.

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