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Chapter Eight

Alice was standing by the door waiting.

"You're late."

"Alice, it was two minutes!"

"Every second counts, Bella! Unfortunately, I don't have time to argue with you. Go take a shower. And be quick about it!"

I showered quickly, using my favorite strawberry shampoo. While I was in the shower my thoughts drifted to Edward. I don't know why he was on my mind so much, I barely even knew him. But there was something about him, I just felt connected to him. I wondered if he felt the same way. Of course not, he's a great guy, funny, gorgeous, charming, everything a girl could want. He could have any girl he wanted, and out of that he would not choose me, a plain Jane. I turned off the shower, sighing.

When I walked into my room I saw clothes laid out everywhere, hair products that did god knows what, and millions of different makeup products. It looked like torture devices to me.

"What the hell is all that."

"This is what were going to use to make you even more beautiful!" Alice beamed at me. I'm sure the look on my face portrayed just how terrified I was.

"Bella, you look like we're about to kill you!" Rose laughed.

"Oh, Alice tries." I mumbled. "Let's just get this over with.

Three hours, 10 outfits, a million different hair and makeup products and one apology phone call from Jake later and we were all ready and waiting for the guys. Alice had listened to my input and kept it light on the makeup, and let my hair wave naturally down my back, only making it a little more curly then it usually is.

It was going to be a warm night out tonight, so Alice had us dress for the weather. Rose was wearing a shirt that ended right below her boobs saying "Punk Rock" and had a skull with crossbones on it, with ¾ sleeves that had one shoulder missing, with white shorts and black stilettos. It would have looked slutty on anyone else, but Rose pulled it off. She wore her hair down and curly. Alice wore a cute, but short, halter yellow dress, with black pumps. Her short, black hair was expertly styled. I was forced into a blue halter top, that had a silver buckle on the left side, where the strap connected to the shirt. The back was very low, starting just a couple inches above my butt. I was also wearing black skinny jeans and silver flats (I had to argue Alice down from heels). When I looked in the mirror, it didn't even look like me, I was pretty. Not as pretty as Alice and Rose, but definitely not plain anymore.

The guys were a little late, but the sight of Jasper was enough so that Alice didn't flip out at them. I don't know why they just didn't admit to each other that they liked each other, it was so obvious. As always, Edward looked gorgeous. He was wearing dark blue jeans and a dark green silk shirt that hinted at a very muscular chest and brought our his eyes. It was casual, but of course he made it look anything but.

"So where are we off to tonight, Alice?" Jasper asked, staring at nothing but her.

"I thought we'd go to Vinyl, they play the best music!" She beamed. "But first, we are going to play some games." I groaned. Alice's idea of games always ended up with me embarrassing myself. "Why don't we start with I've Never. (A/N: I know, totally cliché, but this game is so fun) But lets take little drinks at a time, we don't want to get too drunk, too fast."

We all sat around in a circle with a beer in front of us. Edward was to my right and Alice to my left. Jasper was on her other side, then Rose and Emmett.

"Who's starting?" Rose looked at us all quizzically.

"ME! I want to start!" Emmett seemed as excited as Alice when she shopped. Rose rolled her eyes at him. "I've never had boobs." He smiled.

"Hey! Those kind of things are against the rules, Em!"

"Well, Alice, you didn't specify the rules until now, so it wouldn't be against the rules, would it."

"Fine, whatever." Her, Rose and I all took a drink of our beers.

It was Rose's turn next. "I've never broken a bone." Emmett, Jasper and I drank.

Jasper had to think about his. He looked right at Emmett and said "I've never been arrested."

"That was a total misunderstanding!"

"Drink up, Em."

The game went on in this fashion until we were all more than just a little tipsy. We had moved onto shots and it was Alice's turn. "I've never spent a major holiday in the ER." I blushed and took a shot. Of course I was the only one.

"I've never had sex." I blurted out without thinking. I blushed madly and everyone but me and Edward took a shot. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, seeing that he was looking at me the same way. How could he not have had sex? It just seemed wrong.

"I've never been in love." He said, while still looking at me. It was almost like he was staring just to see if I would take a shot. Rose and Emmett did then, staring at each other. If you blinked, you would have missed Alice and Jasper both glance at each other and take a quick one. I didn't take one.

"Oh no, we're almost out of alcohol." Emmett whined.

"It's okay. We should play truth or dare now. It's only 8." I think this was Alice's plan. Get us all drunk enough that we would blurt out the truth and be more accepting to dares.

"Okay, Edward, truth or dare." Jasper asked.


Alice leaned over and whispered quickly in his ear, and giggled. "Okay, I dare you to sit only in your boxers until we leave for the club."

He blushed a little bit, before saying okay and standing up. He took off his shirt, exposing his very muscular chest, six pack and v lines that disappeared into his jeans. He then undid his jeans and pushed then down. He was wearing silky black boxers and his leg muscles were to die for. My mouth dropped open at the sight of him like this. I had seen Jake in just boxers before, but Edward was something else.

"Catching flies, Bella?" Alice asked. Edward looked down to see me staring at him, mouth open. I quickly shut my mouth, and turned to glare at Alice. It was obvious now why she wanted Jasper to dare Edward this. She was so convinced that I liked Edward that she wanted to see if my reaction would show it. But I didn't like him, he was just sexy, I couldn't deny that.

"No, I ummm, I just didn't think he would actually do it." I stammered. I'm sure I was bright red by now, but I really didn't care. The things alcohol would do to you.

Edward leaned over to whisper to me. "Don't worry, if I saw you like this, I would definitely be 'catching flies'." My eyes shot open at this. I couldn't even look at him, let alone say anything. He couldn't mean that, it had to be because he's drunk. "Emmett, truth or dare."

"Dare." He rolled his eyes at Edward.

"I dare you to take a body shot…"

"Easy." He said looking at Rose.

"Off of Jasper." This is gonna be good.

"Ew, Edward you have got to be kidding me. I'm not letting him anywhere near me with his mouth."

"Nope, a dares a dare Jasper, he had to do it."

"Fine." They both said, glaring at Edward.

"I can put the salt anywhere, right."

"I guess so," Edward started, "but you still have to take the lime out of his mouth."

They shuddered. "Lets just do this really fast. Give me your hand Jasper." He then licked, Jaspers hand, sprinkled salt on it, and poured a shot of tequila. Jasper put a lime slice between his lips. Emmett licked Jaspers hand, downed the shot and grabbed the lime from his mouth with his own. It was probably the fastest, and most awkward body shot I had every seen before.

"That was gross. Anyways, Alice, truth or dare."

"Dare, of course."

He thought for a moment. "I dare you to go two weeks without shopping."

Her eyes bugged open. "That's impossible, Emmett, you know that."

"Hey, look what I just had to do, if I can take a lime from Jaspers mouth, you can easily do this."

"Please! That wasn't even hard. Please, Em, I'll do anything else, I'm begging you!"

"It's either that, or I get to pick an outfit for you to wear, and you have to wear it, standing on the busiest street during rush hour, holding a sign that says 'Emmett Cullen is the greatest person to ever walk this planet'."

"Deal." She sighed. Alice really would have gone through withdrawl without shopping for two weeks. Emmett was smirking, I could see the wheels in his head turning at the outfit he would make Alice wear. "Bella, truth or dare." She was smiling innocently.

I wasn't gonna fall for this. If I said truth, she was gonna ask what I felt for Edward. To be honest, I didn't know what I felt for him, but I couldn't lie. I was the worst liar on the earth. Anything she had to dare me had to be better than embarrassing myself like that. "Dare."

"I dare you to dance to at least 10 songs tonight." Except that.

"Alice, I can't dance, I can't even walk without falling on my face, how do you expect me to dance. Especially after drinking!"

"Don't worry you won't be dancing alone. Edward wouldn't let you fall." Oh god this was even worse.

"I wouldn't dream of it." He was grinning stupidly. I looked over at him again, this was my second time looking at him since he had taken his clothes off. I didn't want to look at him, because I was afraid I would never be able to take my eyes away and do something I would regret. At least I think I would regret it. My eyes raked his body over, going down his chest, to his abs, and then a little more south, where it looked like he was having a little problem. Okay it was a big problem. He wasn't trying to hide it either, he was just staring at me.

"Oh it looks like little Eddies excited to dance with Bella!" Emmett teased as everyone else in the room became aware of what I just noticed. I think I had now invented a new shade of red as I looked away at the floor.

It didn't even phase him that everyone was laughing at this. "Hell yeah I am." Okay, NOW I had invented a new shade of red.

"Okay, my turn!" I was trying to turn the topic away from Edward apparent excitement to dance with me. "Rose, truth or dare."

"I'm feeling honest tonight, so we'll go with truth."

I needed something that would embarrass her, maybe that way I wouldn't feel like such an idiot. "Where is the weirdest place you and Emmett have had sex?"

She blushed a little at this and I knew I had found gold. She mumbled something incoherent and glanced at Emmett, who was looking at the floor.

"What, Rose I couldn't hear you." Alice said. She always enjoyed other peoples embarrassment.

"I said, Edward piano at their parents house!" She yelled.

Edward had still been staring at me until now. "WHAT! What the hell, you guys, the one place in the entire world I asked you never to do that on and you did it!"

"Sorry, bro it just happened one day and Rose was looking so sexy and - "

"I don't want to hear details, please." He glared at them. "You are so polishing every inch of it."

"'Kay, I'm actually really sorry man."


"Back to the game! It's my turn now, and I guess Jaspers. Truth or dare, big brother."

"Well since Emmett's dare pretty much counted as my own, I pick truth."

Rose smiled, looked at me and winked. "What do you really feel for Alice?"

"I love her." He blurted out. His hand flew to his mouth as he realized what he said and Alice's eyes flew open again.


"Shit, I didn't mean to say that. I mean….oh God." He thought for a minute and then looked determined. "Fuck it, I guess it's out now, might as well come clean. I'm in love with you Alice, from the minute I saw you, I just knew."

I knew it! Alice looked shocked, which, believe me, was hard to do. She had to tell him how she really felt now. She may not have ever admitted it, but I knew she loved him too.

Finally she came out of her stupor, and smiled. "You've kept me waiting a long time."

"I'm sorry ma'am."

They just stared at each other, the moment seemed to private to watch, and I think that everyone else realized that too as Emmett announced the game to be over and everyone but Alice and Jasper got up to do anything else, so they could have their moment.

"There's still some tequila left. Anyone want some?" Emmett asked. Edward poured the rest of it into shot glasses and passed me two.

"Edward Cullen, are you trying to get me drunk?" I smirked at him.

He shrugged and leaned down to whisper in my ear. "Maybe." He then nipped my earlobe. I'm pretty sure my heart stopped at that moment. Either that or the only place it was pumping blood to was my cheeks.

I downed the two tequila shots, grimaced as they burned my throat and decided we needed to leave. Now. I walked over to where Alice and Jasper still were, kissing softly. "Okay lovebirds, lets get this party started!"

Once Edward had - unfortunately - put his clothes back on, we hit the bar. Let the fun begin.

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