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Summary: Post ITWSH. Our favourite detectives deal with the aftermath of the letter...

Author's Note: Finally saw ITWSH today - was blown away and I had to do a post ep for it, just had too. Besides wouldn't want to break the Ten Commandments of CI by not writing a ITWSH fic and all...

"Would you ever leave me?"

She stared at him for a moment, watching him. His frame was cramped up against the bar, hands stroking his beer bottle, eyes low, voice lower. She sighed and sat down beside him, and reached her hand out, clutching his. He turned his head and looked at her.

"All my other partners have..."

He let it hang there for a moment, and finally she spoke firmly, "No."

"You've thought of it though...and that letter just made me think..." he mused.

She gritted her teeth and remembering their first case. He had shocked her, she'd heard the rumours naturally but she hadn't thought...

"Yes...but I know better,"

"Really?" he questioned, his eyes scanning her face for a hint of dishonesty. She felt slightly unnerved by it - trapped like a fly in ointment.

"Yeah, I wouldn't leave you,"

He nodded and looked away, taking a long sip of his beer. Holding the amber liquid up, and shaking the bottle slightly, he said, "Good, cause I'll never leave you,"

She nodded, and as he brought the bottle down again, she gently rubbed his arm.

Then he smiled slightly, and cocked his eyebrow, turning back to her. Keeping his voice low he said, "So why were you lonely when you were a Fed?"

She chuckled, "Wouldn't you like to know..."

Author's Note: Did I say which favourite detectives? /grins/