Snowboard Kids movie chapter 7:

As night time came at 6:00,the Snowboard Kids were at their own homes packing everything they need to travel around the world,and Slash was very worried about Nancy to the bone.

At the family Kamei's place,John was clearing out his photos of Linda from his corkboard on the wall and put them in a box.

John(talking to himself):(Sigh)I wonder to myself why I live here with a bunch of self-absorbed smart alecks.If I'm going to be heading off with Slash and his friends to find this "Bratty demon",I might as well make sure Slash doesn't get up to more trouble with anything else since Global Warming is becoming upon us.

John put the box to the basement upstairs,came back down to his bedroom and kept packing his bag.

Slash was packing his clothes,Playsnow magazines,and his photo of Nancy and himself at the Snow Town ice-skating park.

Slash(to himself):I miss Nancy.I wish Jam and I didn't fight,it made Nancy run away!Damn Linda!Well,I'm going to New York with the others so I hope Nancy will be there so I can give her a big warm hug and get a present for her for Christmas.

Slash kept packing his stuff.

Max was jumping around running around the rooms in the house in excitement of the trip without finishing packing his stuff.

Max(running around):What's happening??Where the hell are we going??Why are we going to New York??Why?Why?Why??

Slash,John,and parents:SHUT UP!!

Max went silent and went to get his stuff packed to put near the door.

Mum:Slash?John?are you ready yet?

Slash and John:Yes!

Max:I am too!

Mum:Yes,we all know,sweetie,but try to behave when you go with Slash and John to the Snow Town hall to get ready for the trip around the world to get even with that silly Damien.

Slash(carried his bags down):Yeah,tell me about it,Damien is so stupid,he doesn't even have any friends.

mum:Well,that's his problem.In the end,he'll learn.


mum:Anyway,let's get going.

Slash,John and Max went to their dad to say goodbye.

Slash:See ya.Remember the time when I was 10,we both went fishing in Canada,got a huge Salmon fish,and won 50 dollars from it?Well if I head to Canada on the trip,I'll get us another giant fish and win dollars!

dad:Oh yeah.That's super cool!

Good luck,my boy,Or shall I say big growing man?(started crying in happiness).

Slash:It's okay,dad.I'll be okay,we've had a great dad-son relationship since I was a kid.

dad(began to choke):Yeah,I know.I remember when you first started your very first day of school.Your mom was driving you to school on the day,then she encountered a teenage girl in grubby clothes with 'Super Ludercrous Ugly Tinseltown freak.Or S.L.U.T' written on her shirt,you said,"Why is that girl's shirt so loose and ugly?",and your mom said "Well that's because you had that nightmare about being a famous rock star and all the girl fans were running after you!".Ha,ha!That was good actually!

Slash:Oh,I remember that!That was sooo cool!

dad:Good luck,son.Now go off to the real world!

Slash:Yes sir!

The Kamei kids got their bags and headed outside the door.

The dad was waving to the kids in the mum's car and the kids were screaming "Bye dad!".

John:See you,dad!



John:Ow!Do you have to yell so loud?It hurts my ears!

mum:Calm down,John.He's just excited about the world trip.Hey,where's our dog Speedy anyway?

John:Uh...Slash took it to an animal paradise home for Speedy to have a vacation while we're away.(looked serious at Slash)is that right,Slash?

Slash(looked angry and annoyed):Oooooh yes,we loooove our little doggy to be safe in his little wittle pawadise houwse,right,John?

John(pulled Slash's shirt to him):You just keep your mouth shut and don't mention about Speedy.

Slash:Bite me.

As the Kameis arrived at the Snow Town airport,the rest of the snowboard kids were there all with their bags excited and jittery.

Linda:Oh My GOD!OH MY GOOOD!We're heading off to battle Damien!

How exquisite!I want to see a musical and buy rare jewery in New York!

Slash:Oh yeah?Well I want to see what crazy weirdos and illegal video games are like there in NY city!

Nancy:I want to see the beautiful animals at a zoo in New York so that Slash and I can hang out there!

Slash started to blush.

Tommy:I wanna eat Mexican food in Mexico like Tacos,Burritos,nachos,and

most of all,chilli soup!!Yum!You all can watch me drink it in a soup-drinking contest there!

Wendy:I'd also like to see this Dr.Freek in New York.We saw him at assembly at school,I'm fascinated about him and his interests about science and global warming.

Slash:Yeah,I heard you say that when I was sitting behind you at school in assembly.

Then a plane captain who was a dolphan came and told the snowboard kids to settle down as he was going to talk.

Captain:Good evening,everyone.My name is Donald Dolphan Aggs-


Slash slapped Max on the cheek.

Slash:He said AGGS,not EGGS!What are you,deaf?

Max:Gee,So-rry,you didn't have to hit me on my face!

Jam:Shut up and listen to the big boss!

Captain Donald:Which is me,thanks for pointing out,um..what's your name?

Jam:Jam Kuehnemund,that's my name,dude.

Captain Donald:That's an unusual name,"Jam".Is it made up or did it come from somewhere?

Jam:Oh...I don't know actually.No,I think that's just the way my name is.

Cap.D:That's alright.Anyways,everyone, before we get things ready,introduce yourselves.

Slash(happily):My name is Slash Kamei,I've been living in Snow Town since I was born and never got sick of snowboarding!

Nancy:Me neither!I think all of us of Snow Town have grew up snowboarding,and the first time Wendy came here she said she loved snowboarding like us.Oh yeah,my name is Nancy Neil.How do you do?Welcome to our precious rocky mountains!

Linda:I'm Linda Maltinie,I'm rich,my dad owns his own company,and here's my phone number for if you want to be a member of my daddy's company for making money by selling expensive chocolate and giving support to the starving children of Africa!

Slash(being doubtful):(cough).

Linda:(Looked at Slash in annoyance):Yes,and welcome to this boring--uh,I mean brilliant place of winter wonderland!

Cpt.D:Well,that's very good.Anyone else I haven't known their names?

John:Oh,um yes,my name is John Kamei,I'm Slash and Max's older brother.How are you?

Cpt.D:Hey,you and your brothers look exactly like each other!How unusual!

Slash:Nah,it's just how we got it from our parents.Actually,my mom told me I got my mischief behaviour from my great grandfather.How weird is that?

Cpt.D:Oh,okay.Well now,anyone else I don't know?Anyone?

Okay,let's get going.

Max:WAAAIIT!!You forgot me!I'm Max,the youngest brother of Slash and John!

Cpt.D:Oh sorry about that.How are you?

Max:One time when John and I went on a plane to Canada,I was going to the bathroom,I had explosive Diorrehea,so my big brother John knocked on the door and said "Hurry up,I have to go.",I was about to warn him about the toilet until he pushed in a hurry to go and saw Diorrehea flowing everywhere!

John covered Max's mouth with his hand.

John:Max!Please!We keep certain and personally foul situations we experience in our heads.


John:If you don't quit being such a clown,I'll sit with the other kids on the plane and you can sit near the toilet and be tortured with the foulest smell of someone's dirty business!


Cap.D:Alright then,let's get everyone ready and sorted for the worldwide hunt for this "Evil demon".

Slash:This will be so awesome!

Wendy(smiling and patting Slash's shoulder):And rightfully so.




Jam:Pump it up!

The sequel to Snowboard Kids movie will be here soon.