; Not At A Human Ranch;

Summary: Colette and Kratos have a private conversation concerning Lloyd as they left Iselia.

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This is slightly from Colette's point of view.




A small smile spread across Colette's face, but the guilt it hid was almost unbearable, so Raine reeled back from the girl.

This left Kratos and Colette all alone.

Of course, neither initiated a conversation. Colette, being Colette, didn't mind the silence, no matter how much she disliked it. She wanted so bad to start a little idle chat with Kratos, but knew it would be in vain, as he didn't talk much.

However, he seemed just a bit more talkative today.

"You love him, don't you?"

Colette blinked, turning her head to the normally silent Kratos before glancing over her shoulder at her teacher. The half-elf hadn't heard or noticed a thing. Not that she could blame her. She was out of hearing distance.

She turned her head back to Kratos with a single answer, "Yes."

She wasn't expecting any of this.

"You should go right out and tell him, if you ever plan on telling him. He likes you, I can tell just by looking at him." Kratos offered, dealing a blow of shock to the blonde walking a few steps away from him.

"Oh. Okay!" She shouted cheerfully, pulling on yet another smile. She wouldn't let Kratos see that shock, but somehow, he did anyways.

"You don't have to hide your shock. I understand what your going through, to a point." Kratos said, an almost nonexistent smile on his face. He was definitely remembering a time from long ago. "I used to be married, after all."

"You were married?" Colette asked, not as shocked as most would be.

A lot of people were married. Her grandmother and her father had been married once, at a time. However, said spouse had both been murdered by Desians, not that she would hold a grudge or anything. She just wasn't that kind of person, and hopefully never would be.

Not that she minded Lloyd hating the Desians for the death of his mother.

"Yes, I was."

Colette smiled a goofy grin and asked, "What was her name? How did you meet? Do you have any kids? What do you mean by 'used to'?"

Kratos chuckled slightly, "Her name was Anna. We met in a not-to-romantic environment." When she gave him a look that said, 'Where?', he continued, "Human Ranch. I saved her. She was being treated as some sort of test subject or something. But, yes, we did have one child before she died, but she and our son died. Atleast, I'm pretty sure they both died. I… I could never find their bodies."

"Oh," Colette began, "I'm so sorry."

"No need to be sorry."

Colette nodded and smiled, thinking about how she would tell Lloyd she loved him, because she could only hope one thing.

'I hope it's not at a Human Ranch.'


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