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MCMG's are amazing, and it's so messed up there isn't more fanfic about them .


"So, on a scale of one to ten she would be-"

"A six. A low, low six."

Alex Shelley's jaw dropped to the floor, his big brown eyes growing in size from the shock of the few words. His best friend for years, Chris Sabin had just revealed what he really thought about the girl Alex had set him up with. Alex himself had been shacked up with the same girl for about 3 years now and after a night of drinking Sabin had admitted that he was just the smallest speck jealous and sometimes felt loneliness set in on the road, and then said that he had only told him that because he knew he wouldn't remember by the next night.

Alex remembered.

And ever since he had set Sabin up with every woman who had shown the smallest bit of interest in him, regardless of whether he liked them or not.

Last night was a night Alex was proud of setting up, he had bagged his best friend the girl backstage known as 'Christy Hemme if she had blonde hair.' That's right ladies and gentlemen; Alex Shelley had set up Chris Sabin with the hottest woman in the back stage area that was not on TV.

And what did Chris think of her?

A Low Six? Bullshit.

"How could she possibly be-?"

"Ladies-" Samoa Joe sat down at the table where Alex and Chris sat, with Kevin Nash and Austin Starr following his lead. "-What's going on?"

Shelley didn't remove his wide eyes from Chris's face, his mouth still hanging open.

"He said she was a six."

Chris felt as if the room went silent around him.

How could a catering room full of 60 wrestlers be so quiet?

Joe's jaw dropped open; he didn't need any more information. He knew what Shelley was saying.

"How could. Christy Hemme's long lost sister possibly... possibly be a six?" Joe yelled with his hands in the air.

The whole table starred at Chris, expecting some amazing or disgusting reason for this travesty.

Chris shrugged his shoulders and let out a small laugh, running a hand through his sandy blonde hair.

"She talks. A lot. And the whole time she was talking about herself, and all her problems and she wanted to know things about me and-" Chris paused as the rest of the table seemed so unconvinced, he scratched his arm, feeling a little bit violated with all those eyes on him. "by the end of the date, she was ready to give it up." He shrugged, leaning back on his seat.

"Give it up?" Austin chuckled.

Chris nodded slowly, pouting his lips out.

Kevin Nash leaned forward and spoke, low and cautious.

"Did you. Accept this gracious offer?"

Chris paused. A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell.

"Hell Yeah!"

The whole table erupted in yells and cheering and high fiving that way guys sometimes do.

It was no secret that Chris was somewhat of a player; he hadn't had a serious girlfriend in his entire career. Of course he was focused on his career but, he was also lazy, and 'could not be bothered' to go through the whole dating process. Finding a girl who could tolerate their man leaving every three months for weeks at a time, not bringing home steady pay checks and hanging out with the most beautiful women in the world, and not being home half the time because of a busy training schedule. But he was careful; he didn't sleep with the knockouts or their friends. That would be too messy. And with Alex now setting him up with chicks left and right, he didn't have to do anything anymore.

"You know what this calls for, don't you!?" Joe yelled, standing up, holding his arms above his head triumphantly as if he were the one that had 'scored.' He grinned at the group, right before an empty water bottle flew across the room and hit him directly in the back of the head.

Joe's eyes looked as if they were going to explode out of his head. He turned to face the rest of the catering room.

"Who the fuck, dares-" Joe stopped dead in his tracks.

"Leana!?" Joe yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Holy shit-" Joe said as the tiny girl standing in the doorway with the long brown hair and black rimmed glasses wearing the sublime shirt grinned a million watt smile back at him.

She ran over and jumped into the huge man's arms, as Kevin stood to greet the girl as well. She jumped into Kev's arms after Joe as he grinned like an idiot. "Guys this is Leana. She works in the tech department. She's been away a few month's right?" Joe smiled, slinging an arm over her shoulder happily.

She smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, that's right! I met you at the Christmas party last year, yeah?" Shelley smiled, standing to shake her hand as she smiled.

"Yeah, same here." Austin smiled, shaking her hand from his seat.

Chris stood up, looking at her. His eyes wide and his mouth hanging open, she was gorgeous.

He stuck out his hand like a man possessed.

"Chris. Chris Sabin." She laughed and took it in hers.

"Leana. Leana Phillips." She said with a smile and a small laugh.

"Sabin's the one who was blasting ska in the locker room the other day." Joe had leant over and talked to her softly.

"Ah-" She chuckled softly, "Chris Sa-bin." She smiled at him as she let go of his hand, much to his dismay.

"Jess was telling me about you just before-" Chris had to keep himself from cringing. Jess. Jess as in the Christy Hemme look alike. Jess as in the girl he pulled the hit-it-and-quit-it on last night. Yeah, that Jess.

"She said you were a great guy." Leana nodded

Shelley smiled at his friend and leant over, whispering to him. "Great in bed guy perhaps?"

"You coming to the club tonight, after the show?" Joe asked her, placing hand on her shoulder.

"Only if you're wearing something slutty, Seanoa." She grinned, punching him in the stomach.

"Alright, alright. I'll pick you up at ten?" He asked her.

"But of course." She said with a smiled.

"I'll see you guys later on?" She smiled at Shelley and Sabin and Austin.

"Sure." Shelley smiled at the girl as Sabin nodded as fast as he could without his white beanie falling off his head.

"Coolies, late." And she was gone.

Joe turned to Sabin and pointed his finger right at him, knowing exactly what he was thinking.

"Sabin, off limits." Joe laughed, shaking his head.

"Is that a challenge?" He laughed, scratching the small patch of hair below his bottom lip.

Joe became serious, leaning over the table. "She's like a sister to me. You're not gonna play her, I won't let you."

Sabin nodded, "I'm an alright guy, Joe."

He couldn't help but be the tiniest bit offended, that one of his closest friends in the world was pretty much calling his a sleaze bag and to stay away from a girl.

Joe laughed and shook his head, "I know you're an alright guy. I just don't trust you."