Next on the agenda: A Chris Sabin story where I actually write about them dating
For serious, I realized that pretty much alll my stories the peeps get together at the end. lame.

"Leana, please! Wait!" Chris grabbed her arm to turn her around. He didn't care who was watching, or listening. She was all that mattered, and he couldn't let her go. "That wasn't what it sounded li-" "Oh please!-" She yelled, pushing his arm off of her.

"You know, I really should have listened. God, how many times did you go back there and make fun of me Chris? Your just like every other guy I've dated. Everyone was right about you Chris, you don't care about anyone but yourself, your a player, and your an asshole, and I don't want to see you. Ever again." What on earth could he say to that? he watched her as she got in her car and drove off. He let his body lead him to the nearest thing he could sit on. He took a deep breath and let it out slow, "But I love you..."

Two months ago, that all happened two months ago. Leanna had moved back to the California TNA department, working on the TNA Game site. She hadn't returned an E-mail, text or phonecall yet. Sabin wasn't holding his breath. "Hey, there's that Mandy chick. I would hit that but aparently she's pretty sweet on you-" Sonjay said, pointing to the red head walking past catering. Chris didn't lift his head as Sonjay followed him toward the ring area.

"Oh come on man, how could you not want at that?" The indian laughed, still looking behind them. Chris sighed. Two months and he still wasn't over the one that got away...

"Yo Chris, over here man." Alex was standing, talking to James Storm about the match they had later that night. "So, we were thinking that you get the straps underneath-" James started, but Chris wasn't paying attention. he could have sworn-

"Chris. Isn't that-" Alex slapped the man on the shoulder. He looked to where Alex was pointing and his suspicions were confirmed. There she was, sitting in the second row with her feet up on the chair in front of her. Eric was in his 'Super Hero' get up and was prancing around in front of her, making her laugh that gorgeous laugh. He hair fell over her shoulders carlessly, but perfectly.

He walked closer to her, placing a hand on Erics shoulder as he got close enough, catching both of their attention. "Hey, um. I'll go." Eric always knew how to make an exit.

"Hey." Chris said, not knowing if she was gonna stand up and slap him in the face or not. He didn't mind, just knowing she still knew he existed was enough for him. He slipped his hands into his pockets. She chewed on her bottom lip and took her feet off the chair. "Hi." She said softly.

There was a moments silence before Chris decided to speak up. "I'm Chris." He smiled, holding his hand out to her. She raised an eyebrow, and a smile crept it's way onto her face before she shook his hand. "Leana." He smiled, expecting her to slap him in the face or something.

He stepped over the guard rail, and then over the seats in front of her to be sitting next to her. She smiled, and knew exactly what he was doing. She sat back in her seat, taking her feet down from the seat in front of her. "I used to work here." She smiled. "Oh yeah? I swore I knew you from somewhere." He said, sitting back, just as she was.

"Mhm, dated- well, not exactly dated this guy; you look alot like him actually-" "Oh really?" Chris smiled, paying perfect attention. She smiled and continued. "Yeah, we didn't end on the best of terms but as it turns out, he was a lot better than I thought he was." Chris raised an eyebrow. "Oh yeah?" He asked. She laughed and turned to face him.

"He wrote me a letter, and I only found it after the shit hit the fan..." She said. He looked away from her and smiled to himself, remembering the little post it note he left on her carebears t-shirt he folded up before leaving that morning. You are the most important person in the world to me, and you deserve more than this, so today let's start fresh. Pretend that nothing ever hapenned. Just a hint; I'm totally gonna ask you out in front of everyone.

"Kind of made me feel silly for leaving, ya know?" She smiled. He grinned back and scratched his head. "You didn't have to feel silly, This guy sounds like an asshole, and you did the right thing." He sighed. She laughed out loud and he had to smile. "No, no I didn't. And it's pretty much why I'm back here." "Oh, really?" "Yeah, I tried to find him, but apparently he's not around anymore." "Ain't that the way?" Chris smiled. She began chewing her lip again and he sighed.

"He sounds alot like me, actually. I used to be with this girl who used to work 'round here. Looked a little like you, real cute, right? But I messed up pretty bad, talked shit. She's gone now, and I miss her alot." Leana felt her heart melt as she listened to him talk. "Ah well, good talkin' to you." he stood up, stepped over the guard rail and began walking away, much to her suprise. He stopped and turned to look at her shocked face as she sat there in second row.

"You know, you could always just come to dinner with me tonight instead, I mean if you can't find your guy!" He yelled over to her. She stood up and pushed her hands into her pockets, shrugging her shoulders. "You know what. I think I'd like that. Chris, wasn't it?" He laughed and nodded, "Yeah. and your Leana, right?" She smiled and nodded. "Alright, I'll pick you up. Outside Exit B, 7 o'clock?" He asked. She nodded and smiled, realizing every wrestler in the room was staring at them like they were crazy. That didn't matter. "Sounds perfect."