Title: Teenage Wasteland

Summary: Ichigo transfers to an elite all-boys' school and gets acquainted with all sorts of teenagers, including one with whom he ultimately falls in love. For Grimmjow happens to be the most popular jock in school while Ichigo is just your typical teen. AU. GrimmIchi. On-going.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach; genius Kubo Tite does. Title is not mine either; it's from the song Baba O'Reilly's lyrics. I suppose the plot has a lot of parallelisms with Hana-Kimi. Sorry for the lack of originality.

Chapter 1: Where's My Roommate?

Cast introduction:


Kurosaki Ichigo: Main character. Freshman. Has quite a talent in Basketball. Practical person. Typical teen

Renji Abarai: Freshman. Ichigo's best friend. Loud-mouthed. Kinda war-freak and is very much lacking in modesty. Does really well in Soccer.

Kira Izuru: Freshman. Rich kid. Of a bordering-on-noble upbringing. Likes playing the piano and is amply good at it.

Uuryu Ishida: Freshman. Smartest in the batch. Ace of the archery team. Kind of an anti-social and is blatantly snobbish

Sado Yasutora: Freshman. Peace-loving. Ace of the judo club.

Toushiro Hitsugaya: Freshman. Lazy genius. Got accelerated by 2 grades and is younger than everyone in his batch by at least 2 years. No-nonsense. Has artistic potentials but chooses to keep them unexposed.

Yamada Hanatarou: Freshman. Extremely down-to-earth, shy and is friends with everyone.

Hisagi Shuuhei: Sophomore. President of the band club. Plays the guitar, bass and drums. Pretty popular.

Yumichika Ayasegawa: Sophomore. Prettiest boy in school. Very vain and self-centered. Is very much suspiciously attached to his best friend and roommate Ikakku Madarame. Likes pointing out imperfections.

Ikakku Madarame: Sophomore. President of the karate team. Very competitive. Leans more on the hyper-active type.

Ulquiorra Scheiffer: Senior. Head Member of the Council Four, the school's students' high officials. Doesn't talk a lot and likes to read and play his violin.

Szayel Apollo Grantz: Senior. Member of the Council Four. Wants to be a top biologist someday. Counts Ulquiorra as his sole rival.

Stark: Senior. Member of the Council Four. Vocalist of the band club. Cuts a lot of classes but still manages to get above-average marks. Likes to sleep an awful lot

Grimmjow Jaggerjack: Senior. Last member of the Council Four. Doesn't quite understand how a delinquent like him ended up an officer. President of the basketball club.


Will be revealed later.

From out here on the field, the world doesn't seem round. Well, the world never appears to be round if you're on it anyway. You'd have to be at least on a goddamn satellite to experience its roundness. Such thoughts swirl across his mind as he surveys his new school. Everything he observes up to the edges of his vision seems decent. Indeed, it's a whole new world where everyone vies for the top, where everyone cuts each other's throat to settle who's right. It's where he'll be spending the rest of his high school days.

"Well, freshmen, how do you like your new school?" The tour guide asks the cluster of new students following his wake.

"Not bad." Some long-haired, rebellious–looking redhead with a warm-colored bandana plucks up the audacity to answer.

"Not bad, of course." The tour guide agrees.

"Well, I do have one concern, sempai."

"Let's hear it, then."

"You've managed to drag us all around the 10+ hectares of the school grounds without hinting us your name."

The tour guide raises his eyebrows and slightly parts his lips asunder. In time he answers,

"I'm Szayel Apollo Grantz. You may call me Apple for short. I'm in the senior batch."

"More, please." The redhead freshman presses, and he might as well have flirted with the principal's secretary.

"Okay. I'm of Greek descent, hence my second name. I'm one of the 4 members of the Student Council, president of the debate club, and I'll be running for the valedictorian honors upon graduation. Is there anything more you'd like to ask?" Szayel Apollo finishes in a rather broadcasting manner. What a pompous dork, Ichigo thinks.

The group erupts to a thunder of applause. Come to think of it, he really does sound like an intelligent kid and is undeniably, rather, freakishly good-looking. Ichigo never would have thought pink hair would look good on anyone.

"Thanks."came the response, since he really loves being admired.

They are marshaled into the main building's hall, where they've earlier left their stuff. Just then, a pale, green-eyed student with mid-length black hair strides across the open floor and clears his throat, thereby gathering everyone's attention. Upon a closer look, his eyes are so startlingly large as to appear remarkably alert despite the obvious lack of enthusiasm in his movements.

"Everyone," He starts in a low and monotonous voice, "I will be posting your new room assignments here." He announces as he holds up a long piece of paper for everyone to see. "Room assignments change yearly, and the roster includes everyone in the school. As a result, it means you may be bunked in with one from any batch." He finishes. He probes in his pocket for a box of thumbtacks before securing the announced list on the bulletin board. Conjuring a faint nod, he heads somewhere else.

Everyone scuffles to get a glimpse of the paper.

"Man! Why don't they just clamp us freshmen together? I mean, doesn't it sound perverted being stuck with a senior if you're only a freshman?" someone says.

An unpleasant array of groans mingles with the echoes in the great hall.

"Man!" Ichigo hears the noisy redhead grumble. He is pointing at the posted paper as though he has just discovered an essential evidence in some heinous crime scene. "My roommate is that Mr. Pinky?! This ain't gonna be a good year for me!" he finishes without sounding altogether complaining. If anything he seems more pleased than anyone else.

Ichigo tromps closer to get a relatively clear view of the paper. This is what he manages to read:

Second Floor:

Room 202: Renji Abarai & Szayel Apollo Grantz (Council Four Member)

Every floor, apparently, has twenty rooms. Each room will be occupied by two students. The dormitory building has 4 floors; each floor contains one Council Member. For that very reason, the council members are also known as Dormitory Heads.

So the noisy git gets to be smoochy with a Council Member; good for him. That might tone his boisterousness down a fucking notch, Ichigo says to himself.

He tries to snatch another glimpse of the paper, but he can't quite get a decent view because all the goddamn freshmen are breaking their necks, trying to see which room everyone is in, as if excited to be bunked in with one another, which is quite stupid because they've just been together, with barely any introduction, for one hour.

Only one kid is not joining in the clamorous confusion. Said kid has his fists stuffed in his side pockets, his back leaning idly against a nearby column. In stature, he is notably shorter than everyone else present, and his silver hair further heightens his marked extraordinariness. Ichigo, not knowing why, decides to strike up a chat with this seemingly cool person.

"Got your room assignment already?" the orange-head asks.

"..." he simply nods.

"Know who your roommate is?"

"That bloke who just made the announcement."

"Oh. You know his name? I mean, he didn't introduce himself, did he?"

"At the bottom of the paper it reads 'Prepared by: Ulquiorra Scheiffer and Approved by: Principal Yamamoto.' It says there I'll be crashed in with a certain Ulquiorra Sheiffer. Since he's the one who presented the paper, it must follow that his name is Ulquiorra Scheiffer. I'm Hitsugaya Toushiro, by the way."

"Makes sense. Kurosaki Ichigo here. Nice to meet you."

"They've almost cleared out; you can check yours now." Toushiro nods at the almost deserted bulletin board area.

He catches his name at the bottom of the list.

Fourth Floor:

Room 408: Kurosaki Ichigo & Grimmjow Jaggerjack (Council Four Member)

Expressing his dismay openly wouldn't seem fair, because he has yet to meet this mysterious Council Four Member who has a name befitting a cartoon character villain. For all he knows, this mystery roommate may be a jerk or a saint. Personally, he vaguely wishes it's somewhere in-between.

He sighs and traipses away to gather his belongings from the depository and, upon doing so, spills half the contents of his bag. Just great. As such, Toushiro mechanically helps him pick up a few pairs of boxers.

"Don't worry, you're not the only one stuck with a Dorm Head." Toushiro tells him.

Of course, that bloke which he referred to Ichigo earlier is a Council Four Member. Little do they know that he's more than your regular figure of authority, for Ulquiorra Scheiffer, the Goth Prince as what everyone calls him behind his back, happens to be the Head of the council and the most intimidating body of expressive authority among the four.

From what he can gather, the room is rather pleasant and is fairly adequate in terms of amenities. He drops his baggage on the neat floor and explores the perimeter.

The first day of classes is entirely dedicated to the freshmen's orientation to the school's environment. On the other hand, the higher batches will have a free day, which translates to their being free to jerk around and pull fun on the freshmen. Ichigo's roommate, however, is nowhere to be seen, which wouldn't have made quite a striking difference if he were present because, right at this moment, the orange-head is getting quite a reliable sense of what this Grimmjow Jaggerjack is like. It appears that the senior has a habit of making a mess out of everything, judging from the dismantled nature of the bed where his things are lounging disorderly around. The poster of NBA superstar Kevin Garnett alone remains unmolested, for it is forlornly spread on a study table at the far corner of the room.

So there's something we can agree about after all, Ichigo thinks to himself.

That reminds him of something. He himself was a member of the basketball club in his junior high and was even given the honor of being vice-captain in his final year. Trying out for the club, among other things, is definitely something he has looked forward to upon entering the academy.

"Well, then, Mr. Jaggerjack, let's see what you've got." He mutters on the senior's empty bed.

What he doesn't know is, he shouldn't be uttering such meek levities in referring to one heck of a basketball player.

He is pursued by a childish excitement. He makes his way to the stadium, and, without knowing precisely what to expect, steps inside the building, only to be seized by a sudden amazement.

What a lavishly beautiful interior the stadium has. The light-colored maple floor panels are shining like they've never made contact with rubber sneakers before. The ceiling's height is remindful of gothic cathedrals, and it makes him wonder if the lights suspended upon it could do justice to its splendor. The interior walls are not neglected to plain concrete finish; they have acoustic panels, which in his honest opinion are more indulgent to aesthetics rather than necessity.

But fairer than everything he's seen so far is the vision that the team captain projects. He can't quite reconcile the thoughts of how he instantly figured out that this teal-haired, tall, vicious-looking lad is indeed the captain. Maybe it's his unfazed manner of commanding, on which all the other members of the team seem to be depending their actions, that's told him this boy is the leader of the pack, the engine that sets them all in motion. And when he makes for a dunk, that's when Kurosaki Ichigo becomes wholly convinced that angels do walk among the living, or there are people who keep their wings hidden beneath their t-shirts. There's something unnaturally fluid about his movements that renders his dribbling, his sprints, his shooting, his passes, his every action illustriously rich.

He watches the lad in a daze. And it doesn't cross his mind that he is in fact looking at Grimmjow Jaggerjack, his roommate.


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