Heavy rain is rattling the windows, startling Kakuzu out of his sleep. He yawns and starts to stretch his limbs, but is restricted by another male, whose head is rested on the crook of Kakuzu's arm. His eyes are still closed, his mouth half-opened, his messy silver hair covering parts of his face. Hidan is dead to the world, as usual. Kakuzu smirks at his sleeping partner, who is snoring quietly, and plants a little kiss on his forehead. From time to time, he is jealous of Hidan's ability to stay sound asleep even if the world outside seems to be going down. How can he not hear that rumbling thunder and the rain drumming against the window? Maybe he just doesn't want to hear it.

Kakuzu likes to watch his partner sleeping, not least because he is silent and peaceful for once. He brushes some of the silver strands out of his face and strokes his cheek, his fingers gently wandering across the pale skin. He might appear like an emotionless killer to the others – well, he is – but when he is with Hidan, he feels the urge to be careful and gentle from time to time. He really cares about the little Jashinist, even if he doesn't exactly know why. There are a lot of things Kakuzu doesn't like about him, actually. His religious fanaticism, for example, his prayers and rituals that take ages, his need to mention the name of his deity all the time, even though he knows Kakuzu doesn't like it. Hidan is a blabbermouth, swearing way too much, talking his head off most of the time, and lamenting about everything when they are on a mission, which can be so annoying for someone as calm and silent as Kakuzu, but yet that is what he loves about Hidan, what makes him special.

Kakuzu bends his head to take a look at the watch, and all five of his hearts sink. He has to do a lot of work today, mostly research for some future missions. He has planned to be finished with that by noon, but now it is already ten o'clock, and he hasn't even had breakfast yet. If he wants to spend the evening with Hidan, he really has to get started now. Both of them came home from a mission late at night yesterday and went straight to bed without having dinner. Maybe this is the reason Kakuzu is overly hungry now.

He rolls onto his side and leans forward, bending down to his sleeping partner.

"Hidan", he whispers into his ear. As expected, the other male doesn't respond, but continues snoring. Kakuzu doesn't want to leave without saying a word. He did that once, and Hidan was mad at him all day. He hates waking up alone, just like Kakuzu himself. He really doesn't need a grumpy Hidan ranting and yelling at him today.

"Hidan", he repeats, a little louder this time. He grabs his partner's shoulders and starts to shake him slightly. He doesn't want to slap him yet. No doubt he will if he has to, though. It is not easy to wake him up. The silver haired male frowns but keeps his eyes shut, nestling his head more onto Kakuzu's arm, which has already started to fall asleep. Hidan must have been lying on it all night.

"Hey, Hidan", Kakuzu whispers, burying his face into the silver strands and deeply inhaling his scent, rich and damp and very seductive. "I have to get up."

His partner doesn't respond but feels around for Kakuzu's hand under the covers, his movements weak and slow, as if he was still asleep.

"Stop pretending", Kakuzu smirks and pokes his side, "I know you're awake."

Hidan sighs and gives in, finally opening his eyes, those crimson orbs Kakuzu likes so much. They are always sparkling, either with joy or anger or rage, beautiful in every single way.

"Mornin', Kuzu", the silver haired smiles at him and yawns.

"Would you mind to move over and let me get up?", Kakuzu asks, "I've got work to do."

"It's Sunday", Hidan whines, "we don't have to get up that fucking early."

"You don't have to, anyway", his black haired counterpart says, "you can wait here until I'm done."

The fact that a hot silver haired is waiting in his bed will certainly speed him up. He quickly lets his fingers wander across Hidan's cheek, then down his neck, gently stroking his pale skin. His partner moves closer, his face almost touching Kakuzu's. Of course the black haired can't resist and gives him a kiss, while running his hand through the younger man's hair.

"Hmm, yeah, I want a good-morning kiss like this every day", Hidan says after they break away from each other, his eyes closed again, a happy smile on his face.

"You can get a kiss whenever you want to", Kakuzu says, slightly pushing against his partner's chest, "but now let me get up already."

He finally succeeds to shove Hidan off and slips out from under the covers.

"Aren't you hungry?", he asks his partner while starting to get dressed, slightly shaking his left arm which is still feeling numb.

"I'm starving."

"Hungry…", Hidan drawls, as if he has to think about the meaning of the word, "yeah, kind of."

"Get up then. We can have breakfast together."

"Naaah", the silver haired yawns, "I'm too fucking tired to move."

"You mean you're too lazy to move", Kakuzu chuckles. Hidan may be active and talkative during missions, but he loves to sleep in at the weekend. If he has nothing to do, he stays in bed all day. As long as he is warm, he is fine. He only gets up to go for a pee, or if his urge to talk to somebody becomes too strong.

Kakuzu has finally put on his coat and mask and gets up in order to head for his study.

"Hey, Kuzu", a soft voice keeps him from leaving the room.

"What?", the black haired asks and turns around, his hands already on the handle. His partner has pulled the blankets up to his nose again and gives him a faint smile.

"You're the one who brings me a cup of coffee", he smirks at him.

"Oh no, Hidan", Kakuzu sighs, "not again."

It is a game they play from time to time. One of them asks the other a favor by simply producing a sentence starting with "you're the one who", mostly out of the blue. If the one who has been asked does as he is told, it is his turn, but if he isn't able to oblige his counterpart, the other is allowed to ask again.

Kakuzu has no idea who laid down the rules for this silly game or when and why they started to play it, but if he is honest, he doesn't mind it. It can be fun sometimes, and it has to do with control. It is different from simply asking, it is more like an order, and Kakuzu likes orders. Furthermore, he loves to fulfill Hidan's desires, even though he would never admit that. The silver haired isn't shy, but it is much easier for him to tell his desires by playing that game than by simply pointing it out. Maybe that is the reason he is so keen on playing it.

"You're the one who gets up", the black haired smirks, finally giving in.

"I don't see any coffee, Kuzu", Hidan chuckles, "it's still my turn. You're the one who brings me some dango for breakfast."

"Dango?", Kakuzu frowns, "I don't think we have any."

"You're the one who gets some, then."

"It's pouring, in case you haven't noticed, Hidan."

"You're the one who takes an umbrella with him, then", the silver haired yawns.

Kakuzu snorts. "You're the one who pays for it", he snaps.

"Aww, not fair, Kakuzu. You know I'm almost broke."

The black haired just shrugs. "You wanted to play this game, Hidan. So, do you want me to go? Or come up with something else instead?"

Hidan is pouting. "You're the one who brings me anything that is in the fucking fridge, then. I just wanna have breakfast in bed, for Jashin's sake."

Kakuzu chuckles to himself. It is so easy to make the little zealot angry.

His idea isn't that bad, after all. Kakuzu really has to eat something, and he is late, anyway, so it can't hurt to have breakfast together with his partner.

When he comes back from the kitchen a few minutes later, Hidan has fallen asleep again. His body is all relaxed and limp under the covers, his head rested on his own arm now. He may be immortal, but after all, he is a human being that gets exhausted easily by wandering around and fighting battles. More easily than Kakuzu himself, actually, who seems to have a lot more stamina than his partner.

The black haired puts down the serving plate with the food and the steaming coffee he has prepared and makes a few steps towards Hidan, who is twitching under the covers. Dreaming? Kakuzu smirks. He just can't resist. A squeal escapes the little Jashinist's throat and his crimson eyes are opened wide as his partner yanks at the blankets and uncovers his body, shirtless as usual.

"What the fuck, Kakuzu", Hidan whines, quickly curling up in the center of the bed.

"You're the one who sits up already, so that we can eat", the black haired smirks and his counterpart obeys at once, reaching out for his hand.

"Fine, but you're the one who gives me back my fucking blankets."

Their game has just begun. They are not trying to tease each other yet, it is just an alternative way of plain conversation.

"You're the one who moves over", Kakuzu huffs as he hands back the blankets to Hidan, who is quickly wrapping them around his trembling body. He suddenly becomes aware of the serving plate his partner has put onto the bedside table and eyes it curiously. The black haired crawls onto the bed again and sits down next to him, placing the serving plate on his lap and pulling off his mask again.

They start to fool around while eating, shooting "you're the one who"-sentences at each other. Kakuzu doesn't know why it is so much fun to play with Hidan. He usually doesn't like silly games like that.

"You're the one who gives me that plate."

"You're the one who pours some coffee for me."

"You're the one who passes me that bowl."

"You're the one who puts some sugar in my coffee."

"You're the one who tells me how much sugar he wants."

"You're the one who should know that by now."

"You're the one who gets twenty spoons if he doesn't tell me."

"You're the one who'll drink it if he puts in twenty spoons."

Their game is interrupted, but it doesn't matter.

"We don't have breakfast together very often, do we?"

Kakuzu looks at his partner, who is sipping his coffee.

"We really should do that more often", he says.

"What?", Hidan asks, "Having breakfast in bed? Yeah, I could get used to that."

"I meant having breakfast together in general", Kakuzu says, "but never mind. It's nice to have it in bed, too."

They eat up in silence, which is strange. Hidan usually even talks with his mouth full.

"Is it my turn?", Kakuzu asks as he puts the serving plate away.

"Nah, mine", the silver haired shakes his head and smirks at him.

"Well? Still thinking about it or what?"

Hidan lies down again and snuggles up to Kakuzu, pulling him under the covers and wrapping his arms around him.

"You're the one who stays in bed with me all day", he smiles.

"I can't", Kakuzu says, "I told you I've got work to do. Leader will be pissed if I don't finish the research in time."

Hidan snorts. "Damn that leader", he huffs and tightens his grip, "c'mon, just for a little while. You can do that fucking research later."

The more he hugs him, the less Kakuzu wants to get up. He really wants to do what he has been told by their leader, but no paperwork in the world is more addictive than Hidan's red lips, which are pressed onto his own once again. Kakuzu returns the kiss, gently biting down on the soft flesh, tongues not yet battling, but playing with each other. He can't resist him, he simply can't. He wants to get out of bed, but he just can't. He simply can't refuse to stay with him, to kiss him, to touch him. Just for a little while.

With their lips still glued together, Kakuzu rolls onto his back, grabbing Hidan's shoulders and pulling him on top of him. The silver haired squeals at the unexpected movement and breaks away from the kiss, reaching out for the sheets which have slid down. Knowing how much he hates to be cold, Kakuzu helps him to pull the blankets up, covering both of their bodies. Hidan lifts his head, some silver strands falling into his face, and smirks at him.

"He he, I'm on top", he chuckles.

"Not for long, believe me."

Although he doesn't let him take control, Kakuzu likes when Hidan is lying on him. His body is warm and light and feels oddly frail in situations like these, making Kakuzu feel like he has to protect the little Jashinist, and so he wraps his arms around his waist. Hidan might appear strong, tough, robust to the others, but to Kakuzu, he is the young one, the little one, the submissive one. Hidan smiles and nestles his head onto his shoulder. Does he enjoy being held?

"It's your turn", he whispers into Kakuzu's ear. The black haired has almost forgotten they are still playing their game, distracted by his partner's heart beat close to his own chest, his hot breath hitting his own skin, his vivid crimson eyes looking into his own.

"You're the one who gives me another kiss before I get up", Kakuzu says. He can't think of something else right now, he just wants to kiss him once again before he finally goes to work. His partner gladly obeys, his soft hair tickling Kakuzu's face when he bends his head and puts his lips onto his.

When Kakuzu opens his eyes again, Hidan frowns at him.

"Did you say 'before I get up', Kuzu?"


Hidan grunts and nestles his head back onto Kakuzu's shoulder.

"You're not fucking getting up", he whines, "you're the one who stays here and keeps his fucking hands on my fucking body, damnit."

The black haired smirks. He does enjoy being held.

He loosens his grip around the Jashinist's waist and starts to stroke him, hands crawling up and down his sides. He can feel the small frame squirm under his touch, causing him to smirk.

"Don't", Hidan snarls, "that fucking tickles."

Kakuzu chuckles to himself. His partner can't stand being touched like this, and of course he knows it. He himself likes it rough, and Hidan likes it even rougher. He loves pain, he loves to be hurt, but he can't stand the light motions of Kakuzu's fingers, which are sliding up and down his sensitive sides, barely making contact with his skin. The silver haired arches his back and grabs Kakuzu's hands, giving him an angry look.

"Fuck, Kuzu", he whines, "don't tease me that early in the morning. Fucking stop tickling me already."

The black haired laughs and frees his hands, wrapping them around his partner's neck. It is fun to tease him, but he doesn't want to annoy him.

"You're the one who isn't mad at me", he smiles, starting to play with Hidan's hair.

"You shouldn't fucking waste your turns like that."

Their way of playing it is totally different. Hidan uses the game to tell what he wants, what he needs, to make his counterpart act in a way he enjoys, to make him please him. Kakuzu, in contrast, likes to tease his partner, to make him submissive, not to tell his own needs but to get to know Hidan's, and then decide if he wants to fulfill them or torture him. It is all about control.

"You're the one who…"

Before Hidan can finish his sentence, the black haired starts to touch his neck, one of his most sensitive spots, causing him to gasp.

"Read your mind, huh?", Kakuzu smirks.

"Kinda", the silver haired replies and buries his face to his partner's shoulder again, "but you're fucking wasting your turn again, dumbass. It's still mine if you don't let me finish."

Kakuzu lets his hands creep down Hidan's spine, gently stroking his bare skin, and he can feel the small frame shiver under his touch. He doesn't care about the game at the moment.

"You're the…", the silver haired starts again, "you… uhh…"

A silent moan escapes the little Jashinist's throat, rather a sigh than a moan, causing Kakuzu to smile. He loves him being vocal. He keeps moving, hands quickly feathering across Hidan's back, keeping him from talking.

The black haired can feel the small body on top of him heat up, slightly trembling but still relaxed under his touch. Hidan sighs, silent words mumbled into Kakuzu's ear, too quiet to be understood clearly, making him curious, impatient, excited.


More… more…

Kakuzu can't control himself. He wants him to speak up, he wants to hear him moan. He lets his hands slide down Hidan's hot body, causing him to gasp when he reaches his pants. His fingers slip into them only for a few inches, not yet reaching their goal, not even aiming for it yet, just stroking his hips, motions light, teasing. Hidan is trembling under his touch, barely able to hide his excitement.

"Fucking stop", he whispers, but it is too late.

"My, my", Kakuzu chuckles, "you're hard that early in the morning?"

He gives the pants a tug, slowly starting to fumble around between Hidan's legs, earning a breathy moan from his silver haired partner.

"It's still your turn", Kakuzu smirks, "what am I supposed to do, Hidan, hmm?"

"Y… you…"

His counterpart is unable to reply, panting heavily into his ear.

"You're the one who…?", Kakuzu whispers, "Why don't you say it, huh?"

"Damn you, Kuzu…"

Hidan slides off and kneels beside him so that he can reach more easily, his face still buried to his shoulder, as if ashamed of his eagerness. Kakuzu chuckles but finally grips him, hands slowly starting to move up and down. The silver haired arches his back and moans, loud enough for him to understand this time.


What else.

Hidan lifts his head, looking at his partner with hazy eyes.

"You're the one who gives me another kiss", he pants, and Kakuzu wonders how he can still think about their silly game. He uses his free hand to pull the silver haired close, quickly forcing his tongue into his mouth again. He gently pushes against his partner's chest while they are kissing and moves away, slowly slipping out from under the covers.

Hidan whines when Kakuzu finally lets go of him.

"What the fuck, Kuzu", he asks, "don't fucking stop."

"I told you I've got work to do", his counterpart says, sitting up and putting his mask back on.

"You're the one who moves his ass back here, quickly", Hidan whines, reaching out for the black haired, but Kakuzu gets up and stretches his back.

"It isn't your turn", he says, "You're the one who has to wait."

He turns around and smirks at Hidan, who is lying in the middle of the bed, his body shivering under the covers.

"You can't leave me like that", he almost yells, his eyes flickering with anger and desire. Kakuzu just shrugs and walks over to the door.

"We're still playing your game, aren't we?"

"You could at least stay here in this room", Hidan pouts, "if I have to fucking wait."

"Is that your turn?", the black haired asks and pushes down the door handle, "Didn't sound like it."

"Oh, for Jashin's sake", Hidan growls, "you're the one who does his fucking work in this fucking room. Happy?"

Kakuzu sighs and closes the door again. There is a desk in his bedroom, too, where he can do his work. He just prefers his study because he can't concentrate when Hidan is around.

"Fine", the black haired says, "but you're the one who shuts up until I'm done."

"How are we supposed to play, then?", Hidan asks, "I can't ask you anything if I have to shut up."

"That's kind of the point", Kakuzu says and sits down at the desk with his back to the bed, turning on his computer. He can feel his partner is staring at him, burning a hole into his back with his angry crimson eyes.

"You're an ass", he snorts when the black haired doesn't turn around and rolls onto his side.

Kakuzu chuckles to himself. Hidan could simply ignore him and get up himself, but he is so keen on playing his silly game that he even tries to hold his tongue when he actually feels like yelling. Cute. Stubborn and pretty childish, but yet – cute. In a very special way.