Kakuzu likes when Hidan is like this. Quiet for once, sulking. He can't see it right now, but he knows that he is, lips formed into a pout, just like a little kid. Those juicy, addictive red lips… Kakuzu could just walk over and kiss them, feel their damp warmth on his own cool mouth once again. But he doesn't.

He hits a button on his computer and a window pops up, telling him that he has to wait a few seconds to be connected to the internet. He never thought he would be using one of those things one day. They are not reliable, noisy, and expensive. If Leader hadn't bought them, Kakuzu would still refuse to use computers instead of good, old books. He starts typing, looking for the information he needs. It is time-saving, after all, asking an online search engine for a particular piece of text instead of wandering through a library all day – and time, in the end, is money.

He can hear Hidan move under the sheets, causing him to smirk. Eating, sleeping and having sex seems to be what is most important to him, apart from his creepy rituals. It is funny how quickly he can switch between those three things.

Silent words reach Kakuzu's ears, distracting him from his work. From time to time, he really wants to know what they mean. Hidan keeps mumbling them when he is bored, or pissed, sometimes even in his dreams. Kakuzu has no idea where they come from. He has never heard anything like them from anyone else, so he supposes they belong to Jashin. They don't sound like some kind of dialect, but rather like an ancient language. Latin, maybe.

"Are you praying?", Kakuzu asks, cursing himself for his curiosity. He doesn't need to know. He doesn't want to get in touch with that creepy cult, but yet it fascinates him. He doesn't believe in anything, though, apart from money. And love, maybe. No, not love. It is just physical attraction that makes him attached to the little zealot in his bed. Not love.

He hopes that Hidan hasn't heard him, that he is asleep, but of course he isn't.

"Ha, n-no…"

Kakuzu frowns. The words are spoken between gasps, voice husky and choking. The black haired turns around to have a look at his partner. He is still lying on his left side, facing the wall, his body trembling under the covers, breath coming quick. If he didn't know him that well, Kakuzu would suppose he is crying, but of course he knows better. Hidan never, never cries, not even when he is shattered to bits. He only smirks, just like now, when Kakuzu jumps to his feet and yanks the blankets off his body.

"You naughty little boy", he huffs, smacking the Jashinist's hand which has wandered down his naked body in order to finish what Kakuzu has started. Hidan rolls onto his back, not saying one single word about being cold now. His face is flushed, his eyes hazy, his body still heated up and sparkling with sweat.

"Wanna watch?", he asks and licks his lips, freeing his hand from his partner's grip and moving it across his chest, his stomach, then back between his legs.

Kakuzu can't avert his eyes. He just has to stare at the silver haired who is touching himself. Hidan is either trying to tease him or torturing himself, his fingers gently sliding up and down without much pressure, motions painfully slow. A moan escapes his throat when he continues to stroke himself with Kakuzu watching. He is squirming under his gaze, barely able to keep eye contact.

"L… like what ya see?", he pants, crimson eyes wandering down the body of his partner, who can feel himself get excited at the sight of the silver haired pleasing himself. Fuck, Hidan is so hot – Kakuzu wants to touch, not watch. As if they were moving on their own, black threads start to reach for the Jashinist's body, slowly creeping up his legs.

"Ha ha, I got you all hard", he snickers, pointing at Kakuzu with his free hand, while his other one continues to fondle himself. He drawls the words, especially the last one, just like a little kid.

"Stop that", Kakuzu hisses, not sure if he means the action of Hidan's mouth, his eyes, or his hand. What he knows, though, is that he doesn't want him to jerk off on his bed, not now when he is all ready himself.

"Make me", Hidan smirks, picking up speed. Kakuzu wraps one of his threads around his wrist tightly, using his appendage to pull his partner's hand away. The silver haired moans when the black tentacles start to touch his sensitive skin, and tries to break free. Kakuzu quickly pins his hands to the sides, still not using his own to touch him. He crawls onto the bed and bends his head down to his partner's hips, ready to give him his favorite kind of pleasure, but is suddenly distracted by a sharp pain when one of his threads is pulled on and torn apart.

"Stop moving that much", he hisses through clenched teeth, pulling back like a wounded animal.

"I can't fucking wait any longer", Hidan whines.

"I want you to lie still", Kakuzu huffs, barely able to stand the sight of Hidan's hand moving down there again, "and stop touching yourself."

"You'll have to fucking tie me up to make me stop."

"You should watch your mouth", the black haired growls, "I could take you serious."

Kakuzu's tentacles start to crawl up Hidan's stomach, his chest, winding around his arms. The silver haired seems to enjoy the sensation, squirming under the touch of the many threads.

"Fucking do it", he whines, fidgeting beneath him.

"Do what?", Kakuzu drawls lazily.

"Tie me up."

His begging voice sends a hot flush throughout Kakuzu's body, and soon more threads are reaching out for the pale male in front of him, quickly binding his hands together and pinning them down above his head. Hidan is tied to the bed within seconds, left unable to move under Kakuzu's strange appendages, held down tightly. He struggles against his restraints first, uttering another moan when he realizes that he can't break free.

Nervous excitement seizes Kakuzu's body when he sees his partner squirm beneath him. Hidan is completely at his mercy now, forced to lie still without any motion when his partner bends his head down and takes him into his mouth.

He tries to buck his hips up when Kakuzu starts to suck, but the black haired finally places his hands on them, holds him down. His lips start moving up and down slowly, earning choking moans from the younger male.

"Uhh… K… Kuzu…"

Hidan pulls at his restraints, barely able to stand the pleasurable sensation of his partner's tongue licking at him. More threads appear to assist Kakuzu, gently moving across Hidan's body, stroking the pale skin, some of them even crawling up to his flushed face, wrapping around his delicate white throat. Kakuzu doesn't squeeze it shut, even though he feels the urge to. He has done it several times, taken Hidan's voice when he didn't stop bitching.

It has felt good to choke him, to shut him up by simply taking his life. The silence afterwards has been awesome. Eternal, somehow, even though only lasting a few minutes, actually. Kakuzu doesn't understand this whole immortality-thing at all, but it fascinates him. The black threads start to feel around for Hidan's rosary, that simple chain made of shining white, almost pinkish pearls, which he never takes off, not even when he is sleeping.

"P… please don't break it", he mumbles, eyes flickering.

It is one of the rare moments when Kakuzu hears him say please. It is just a necklace, but it is important to him, so important he even worries about it in a situation like this. He needs it. Kakuzu often sees him let it slide through his fingers when he is praying, touching the metallic symbol of his deity in a gentle, almost loving way, a dreamy expression on his face. Maybe it reminds him not only of Jashin, but also of other things that used to be important to him in former times. Maybe friends. Maybe his family.

"Hmm", Kakuzu replies, willing to respect his attitude for once.

Hidan throws his head back at the pleasurable vibration caused by his partner's hum.

"Jashin-sama", he pants, "the… the fuck was that? You… you're driving me fucking insane… don't… don't stop…"

Kakuzu almost chuckles to himself. Hidan always starts talking when he is close. The black haired picks up speed, tightening the grip of his threads around Hidan's body to hold him in place, almost cutting into the soft, pale skin of his throat. He doesn't want to shut him up, but he can't help it. Hidan starts to fidget beneath him, and a few seconds later he releases, only a choking sound slipping out from his trembling lips when he comes into his partner's mouth. His body relaxes immediately, and Kakuzu loosens the grip around his neck, allowing him to breathe again.

"Kiss me", Hidan whispers, still panting heavily.

Kakuzu lifts his head.

"I taste of you", he says, licking his lips.

"I don't fucking care", Hidan whines and pulls at the black threads, which are still holding him down.

"You're the one who kisses me."

That is just so much him. A few seconds ago he was barely able to speak, but now the first thing he can think of is his game.

Kakuzu moves forward, supporting his weight with his arms, eyeing the small frame beneath him before he bends down. He wonders how Hidan can stand the taste of his own seed on his tongue and lips, but obviously he really doesn't care.

"What about you?", he smirks when Kakuzu lifts his head again.


"Yeah. Why didn't you take me, huh? Aren't you horny?"

For a second, the crimson eyes are flickering, only for a second, but Kakuzu notices it, detects the fear Hidan tries to hide most of the time. The fear to be unwanted. The fear to be forsaken one day.

"What do you think, huh?", Kakuzu growls. Hidan should know he is hot. He should know he turns Kakuzu on by simply looking at him. He should know how bad he wants him. He just seems to forget from time to time.

The silver haired smirks.

"I think you're horny as hell."

Kakuzu chuckles to himself. Yes, he is, but yet he is able to control himself, in contrast to Hidan, who has started to pull at his restraints again, a silent beg to be untied.

"C'mon", he whines, trying to free his hands, "lemme touch you, damnit."

"You asked me to tie you up", Kakuzu says, "and I really like you like that."

He bends down to his partner, gently biting down on the pale skin of his neck before he continues to speak.

"Helplesssss", he whispers, letting out as much air as possible into Hidan's ear. An amused grin appears on his face when he sees the silver haired shiver at the sensation.

"Jashin, I hate it when you do that", he huffs, angrily shaking his head as if trying to get rid of the goose bumps which have quickly started to spread across his body.

"I know", Kakuzu drawls, blowing his hot breath against Hidan's sensitive skin again, causing him to twitch once more.

"Fuck, Kuzu", he hisses, "you're the one who fucking stops that at once!"

"Shush. It's not your turn."

Kakuzu lets his fingers wander down his partner's cheek and places them on his lips. His own slowly make their way to Hidan's neck, gently biting down on the tender flesh again. A hot tongue flicks out and licks at Kakuzu's hand, for a moment making him wonder how it would feel down there, how it would feel to be given the same pleasure he has given to Hidan. But he doesn't want to try it out right now.

He quickly removes his hand from his partner's face and sits up on the foot of the bed, using his threads to spread Hidan's legs apart, still not allowing him to move on his own. The silver haired frowns when he feels Kakuzu place his fingers at his entrance.

"How can you be that fucking patient?", he asks, "I thought you were horny as hell, and now you're even preparing me?"

"Hmm", is Kakuzu's only reply.

"Duuude", Hidan drawls, "sometimes I really wonder if… if… uhh…"

"There?", the black haired smirks and lifts his head, curiously eyeing the silver haired who has closed his eyes at the pleasurable sensation.

"Or – there?"

"Jashin…", Hidan moans as Kakuzu pushes in another finger, slowly and carefully continuing to poke around.

"Or maybe there?", he asks a third time, hooking his fingers inside of his partner. Hidan throws his head back, unable to control himself.

"Fuck, yeah, there, Kakuzu", he moans, his body shivering with excitement.

The black haired smirks and repeats his movements, enjoying the extreme reactions caused by them. It feels good to please the little Jashinist, but it feels even better to tease him. He continues brushing his fingers across that delicate spot, moving as slowly as possible.

"What the fuck, Kuzu", Hidan whines and tries to lift his head, crimson eyes glaring at his partner.

"That's for distracting me from working", the black haired says, his voice completely calm. He hasn't planned to do this, but it feels so nice to punish Hidan, to torture him, especially when he is unable to resist. The more he begs, the more Kakuzu slows down, tickled pink by the sight of Hidan's desperate tries to move.

"J… Jashin-sama… fuck me already…"

There it is, the desperate expression in his voice, indicating that he won't last much longer.

"It's nice to see you're all ready for part two", Kakuzu smirks as he becomes aware of Hidan's hard-on. He quickly removes his hands, pulling his own pants down and spreading his partner's legs further apart.

Hidan cries out when he enters him, his eyes clenched shut at the unexpected sensation. Kakuzu immediately starts moving, quickly picking up speed. They have done this so many times, but yet the little zealot is incredibly tight, causing him to gasp when he pulls back and thrusts in again.

"K… Kuzu, you… s-stop…"

Kakuzu grunts, slamming even harder into him. He can't stop now.

"I… you… oww…"

Black threads start to wrap around Hidan's mouth, keeping him from talking. He tosses his head to the side, trying to get rid of them. The grip of the tentacles tightens again, digging deep into the Jashinist's bare flesh, bruising his wrists, tying him to the bed more tightly. He suddenly bites down on the threads, finally drawing his partner's attention. The crimson eyes are widened, not with fear but with a pre-stage of it, causing Kakuzu to remove his appendages from his mouth.

"Too much?"

The black haired stops moving and stares at his counterpart. There it is again. This strange expression on Hidan's face, making him look so frail, so vulnerable.

"Yeah", he says, "I mean, no… just…"

"I'm sorry."

Kakuzu lets go of his partner immediately, removing all of his threads from his body. It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes Hidan can't take it, can't stand the pain, even if he has asked for it before. He wraps his arms around Kakuzu's neck, obviously glad to be able to move again.

"Move, dumbass."

Kakuzu runs his hand through the silver hair.

"You asked me to stop."

"Nah", Hidan drawls, "I just wanted you to untie me, not stop."

He pulls him closer, completely clinging to him now.

"Move", he whines, wrapping his legs around Kakuzu's waist, causing him to thrust in deeper. Finally, the black haired does as he is told, but for some reason, he is moving more carefully now, afraid that he could hurt Hidan, although that is what he usually wants.

Kakuzu lets his hand wander down from the silver strands and starts to gently stroke the little Jashinist's neck again. Hidan turns his head, trying to expose more of his sensitive skin. He loves being touched there. Well, actually, he loves being touched in general, but there are some spots that make him shiver with delight, and his neck is definitely one of them.

"Kuzu…", he whispers with a sigh, "you…"

"You're the one who doesn't talk", Kakuzu suddenly remembers their game, his fingers teasingly drawing circles on Hidan's shoulder blades while he continues to thrust into him. The silver haired bites down on his lip and digs his fingernails into his partner's flesh, desperately trying to oblige. He is panting heavily under Kakuzu's movements, but apart from that he manages to remain silent. Sweat is trickling down his face when he tries to kiss the black haired again, eagerly pushing their lips together. Kakuzu gladly gives in, taking the younger one's head into his hand in order to pull him close. Both of them are unable to hold back, their tongues violently battling now. When they break away for air after a short while, Hidan presses his body against Kakuzu's.

"Faster", he begs, tightening his grip around his partner.

"Can't hear you…"

"You're the one who goes faster", Hidan whines, to Kakuzu's surprise without swearing.

The black haired pushes against his partner's chest, causing him to let go of him, then roughly pulls at his legs and lifts them into the air while he moves closer, placing them onto his shoulders. Hidan gives him a loud moan when he starts to thrust in again. He looks so young right now, so small, so weak, but yet so hot Kakuzu wants to fuck him senseless. He picks up speed, earning more choking moans from his counterpart.


He can't tell what is the most addictive of Hidan. Maybe his smell, the smell of metal, of blood, and always a bit of sex.

"F… feels so fucking good…"

Maybe his eyes, those big, sparkling orbs whose color he can't tell most of the time. Crimson? Red? Purple? Pink? Sometimes they seem to switch color depending on his mood, but of course that can't be true.

"K… Kuzu…"

Maybe the most addictive is his voice, after all. Kakuzu has hated the short form of his name since he was a child, but when Hidan says it, it is different. It feels good. When he first used it, he wanted to tease him, but up to now it has become something special, a familiar nickname only Hidan is allowed to use, indicating that he belongs to him.

The silver haired bucks up his hips, trying to match the rhythm of his partner's thrusts, but he can't move much in this position. That is just how it is. Kakuzu isn't sleeping with him, he is fucking him. Hidan is a pretty bossy person in normal life, but they have never had a fight about this. He has been submissive from the first day on. Sometimes Kakuzu wonders why. Maybe because he is younger. Maybe because he is a masochist. Or maybe because of a fact which is still hard to believe for the black haired – because he loves him.

He lets his fingers wander down Hidan's body and takes him in his hand again, gently starting to stroke him. A few drips of blood are trickling down from the corner of the Jashinist's mouth, startling Kakuzu for a short moment before he realizes that Hidan has just bitten down on his lip, like he often does when excited.

"Don't stop", he pants, "I'll fucking kill you if you stop this time, I swear."

Kakuzu smirks. He doesn't want to stop. He has just slowed down a bit to match the rhythm of his thrusts, allowing Hidan to enjoy both the sensations at the same time.

He continues moving in silence, being all eyes and ears to his partner. He looks different, his usually clear eyes hazy and his usually pale face flushed, his chin slightly stained with blood. For a short moment, Kakuzu feels the urge to moisten his fingers with it and smear it all across Hidan's throat, just to see the difference between the deep red liquid and the delicate white skin. But he is distracted from his idea by another pleasured moan of his counterpart, causing a hot flush to spread through his body. Hidan turns him on so badly, especially when he calls his name, his voice husky and higher than usual, begging for more. He seems to be burning up under his partner's movements, his body soaked in sweat.

Kakuzu is almost at his limits, and so he slows down, trying to catch his breath again. Hidan doesn't complain, as his partner doesn't stop fondling him, and keeps panting heavily beneath him. The black haired smirks at the trembling frame.

"Hey, Hidan", he whispers, moving closer to him, "you're the one who doesn't cum."

The Jashinist's eyes are opened wide at the unexpected order.

"You asshole", he yells, "how am I supposed to if you keep touching me like that?"

"I don't know", Kakuzu shrugs, "just hold back, I guess."

With a sardonic grin he continues to stroke the little zealot, fingers sliding up and down without mercy. He almost starts laughing when he feels Hidan's body stiffen beneath him. As expected, he is so stubborn he really tries to oblige, but of course he fails.

"I can't", he whines, breath coming quick now, high-pitched moans uttered with every pant when Kakuzu starts to thrust into him again. In a last feeble attempt to withstand Hidan pulls back, but it is too late.






"…the game."

Kakuzu slumps down onto the bed next to his partner.

"You sound like a girl when you come."

Hidan rolls onto his side, turning his back on him.


Kakuzu frowns. The little Jashinist sounds angry, pissed off, but there is also this strange undertone in his voice, making him sound as if he was wounded by the comment.


He moves closer, slowly starting to play with the silver hair. Hidan is so different when the others aren't around, so adorable in all his touchiness, his frailty, his vulnerability. Kakuzu could look at him for hours, watch his chest move up and down quickly, the sweat stream down his flushed face, his pale body which is still shaking. Hidan reaches out for the blankets which are still lying on the foot of the bed.

"What?", he asks, turning his head and frowning at his counterpart, trying to find out why he is being stared at.

"You're so sexy", Kakuzu says, wrapping his arm around the younger male. Hidan just smirks.

"I know", he says, licking the rest of blood off his lips.

"Wanna take a shower?", Kakuzu asks when he realizes that his body is all sweaty and sticky.

"Nuh-uh", Hidan replies, "I can't move yet."

Not a pleasured but a troubled moan escapes his little throat when he tries to stretch his limbs.

"Jashin", he whines, "I might be unable to move for a week now."

"Come on."

Kakuzu knows it is not that bad, but nonetheless he moves closer to him and slowly starts to rub his back.

"Ah, so kind of you, I really like that", Hidan purrs, quickly snuggling up to him. He reaches out for the serving plate which is still on the bedside table, quickly grabbing one of the leftovers and stuffing them into his mouth.

"You never get enough, do you?"


"Neither do I", Kakuzu drawls, "I never get enough, either."

"Yeah, of money."

"Of you, you idiot."

The silver haired turns his head again and smiles at the answer. Not smirks. Smiles.

"You've lost the game", Kakuzu says.

"Yeah", Hidan yawns, nestling his head onto his partner's arm, "I guess it's still your turn, then…"

The black haired thinks about his next turn carefully. He could ask him to do his research for him, for which he hasn't got any time left now. He could ask him to report to leader and get yelled at instead of him. But for some strange reason, he decides to say something else.

"You're the one who never leaves me."

Hidan doesn't reply, doesn't turn his head in surprise. To be precise, he doesn't move at all. Kakuzu gently brushes some silver strands out of his partner's face and smiles. Eating, sleeping and having sex seems to be what is most important to him. It is funny how quickly he can switch between those three things.