So, yeah. New round of Compy's contest Clashsipping this time around. The bunny refused to be less than vague, so this is nowhere near the way I had wanted it to be when I first saw the bunny hiding in the corners. But she's being an elusive little brat today, so, yes. I can't get any more out of her.

That italic block there is the chorus of Fairytales Sandcastle by LifeHouse. Not mine at all.

On and on and on he goes dancing on the grave
Of what he thought was still alive
On and on and on he goes
Dancing in mansions made of twigs
And castles made of sand

Sanity was a relative term, when it came to their relationship.

Push and shove and bend and break, if they were anyone else, it might never have worked. Blood and ice and fire and broken reflections.

His crown was cracked plastic after all and his ice throne(heart) was melting in the fire they called love, and their castle was made of sand.

This love they had was a candy-coated prison and their chains were the jewlery they wore. Pretty pendants and golden sceptors, deceptive innocence bundled up in a pretty golden parcel.

They didn't understand each other at all and it was a never ending cycle of fire and blood and candy kisses but they couldn't stop. Like a broken merry-go-round they kept dancing on their own graves, never quite in reach of each other but never out of reach either.

And the stage was such a pretty one, really; once one looked past the sandcastle surrounded by corpses.