"Like U Crazy" by Triple Threat Disco

Summary: Viola never thought dressing up like her twin brother would ever amount to so much stress and confusion. Everyone thinks of her as a soccer god or as the perfect boyfriend material. Why did cross dressing have to be so freaking tiring? O/V.

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P.P.S. This is a Viola and Olivia story. If you don't like them together, then this story isn't meant for your enjoyment. So if you plan on reading it, please remember that it won't magically turn into a Duke/Viola story... or whatever ship that's out there.


(Olivia Lennox)

"This is going to be harder than you think," Maria warned me as I slowly rose from my seat, grabbing my binders and notebooks in the process.

She did have a point, but when a girl's crushing and is determined to get the boy she's crushing on to go out with her, obstacles don't really matter so much. "At this point," I told her as I glanced over at Sebastian with his friends at the opposite side of the library, "I'm at the point where subtlety isn't working. I need to be blunt and... bold." I tried to say that as strongly as I could to not only convince Maria, but myself as well.

My best friend gave me a weak smile as if prophesying the dim future of my cause. "Don't give me that look," I warned her while I fixing my hair quickly, "I'll make sure he says yes."

"Just don't act like a freak in the meantime, though," Maria quipped as she opened her laptop up and started doing God knows what on it.

I rolled my eyes, took a steady deep breath in, and by the time I was exhaling, I was on my way over to Sebastian's table.

After all of the years of make-believing my wedding day and my perfect husband, I seriously believed Sebastian Hastings was the mirror image of him. I know that that sounds dorky and a little far-fetched. I wasn't delusional and I was perfectly aware of the situation. I mean, I'm only seventeen and I'm comparing Sebastian to my "perfect husband"?! I just couldn't help it -- he was so sweet and kind... I never saw him raise his voice to anybody, not even Eunice, who was always breathing down his neck heavily in US History. He just would turn around and strike up a conversation with her, and that would just make her day. And I must admit, it would make mine as well because how often do you see a guy go out of there of their way to make a girl who was socially inept feel included?

Sebastian was also really funny! I couldn't count how many times he made me laugh... or smile. He just had a knack for saying the wittiest things. You could be listening to the teacher speak endlessly about the genetic makeup of flies, and hear a whisper meant for no one in particular and it would be the best thing you've ever heard in your life.

After only a few days with Sebastian Hastings walking the halls of Illyria, he became the most sought after boyfriend for more than half of the female student body. But the cute thing about Sebastian was he never picked up on that. It was as if he was in this La La Land of green soccer fields and the tangly webs of high school crushes never phased him there. At times, however, I did curse that little La La Land because I crushed on him too, so that meant, I didn't phase him either.

He was gorgeous as well, but not in the normal sense. Sebastian had a gentility to him. He wasn't rugged or built... he was on the skinny athletic side, which I found way more attractive. I often thought that some guys went overboard with their muscles. And while others thought perfect six packs were the deal sealer, for me, it was those green eyes of his. They were so honest and playful. I swear, one moment he would be bearing his soul to you silently and then the next acting out a scene from Zoolander imaginatively or something. Gosh, those eyes of his were the best in the school, if you asked me.

I'd made it to the other side of the library at a good pace. I didn't want it to seem like I was power-walking over to him, that would just be a little obsessive and weird. And then, I didn't want to make it seem like I was taking my time either because that would come across as attention-seeking. So there I was, at the perfect medium and walking over to the boy who held my heart without even realizing it.

He and his group of friends, which consisted of Duke, Toby, and Andrew, all realized I was walking over to them. Sebastian's three friends put on this urbane act, trying to emit a suave signal, which never really worked well. Everyone in the school knew they weren't as debonaire as they thought they were. Sure, they were easy on the eyes, but their game was kind of... off.

Sebastian, on the other hand, just smiled a comfortable smile over at me as I approached the table. He stayed relaxed and calm while the others seemed very stiff and awkward.

"Hi guys," I shot over at his pals, who just nodded and said various greetings in their different ways. I looked over at Sebastian and I couldn't help but smile, "Hi Sebastian."

"Hey Olivia," he replied, closing his English text book. "What's up?"

I shrugged and played with binder mindlessly. "Nothing much, I was wondering if you took notes in US History earlier today. I was kind of spacing out."

Sebastian smiled a cordial smile and nodded. "Yep," he answered while he picked up his messenger bag and rummaged through it for his notes. After a few seconds, he found them and handed them over to me, which I took. "Here you go. Sorry if you can't read my handwriting -- y'know, how us guys can be... sloppy. Right boys?"

Upon being talked to, his friends jumped a little and then started to ramble their "oh yeah"-s and "tell me about it"-s.

Sebastian looked back over at me with a very proud smile. He must've thought that was a slight improvement in his best buds' demeanors around girls. I gushed at his happy disposition, and almost sighed outright. Luckily though, I saved myself the embarrassment of seeming like a little fangirl. Instead, I opened his notes and read through them quickly. I noticed that he had books and authors written down in the margin, like Maria told me there should be because she actually took notes in class today as well. My plan was working perfectly so far. I tried to wipe my inner smile off my face so I wouldn't seem like a wolf after its prey before I asked Sebastian what the books were all about.

"Oh," he answered and then waved to someone behind me.

Curious to see who he was waving at, I found the biggest slut in school walking by all flirtatiously: Blaire Ravenport. She'd been telling everyone how she was going to win the Sebastian race ever since the enlightening Cesario's episode happened. Sebastian practically became the big man on campus when all of Illyria's elite saw Sebastian's ex-girlfriends run into him, practically begging for sex right then and there. I was there when that little shindig went down, and I found it very hard to not go up to each and every one of those girls and tell them to put some decent clothes on... I hadn't really thought about sex with Sebastian until I saw how each one of his ex-girlfriends were dying for it. I even remembered myself blushing at the thought of it! I knew it would be a very special and beautiful moment for the two of us. Actually, I started thinking about it again and found myself blushing at the prospect of me and Sebastian having sex.

"Olivia? Hey, are you all right there?" I heard Sebastian ask.

I shook myself from my little reverie of sorts. "Oh, sorry. That would be the perfect example of me spacing out and why I need your notes." I could feel my cheeks glow brightly from embarrassment.

Because Sebastian was such a doll, he didn't say anything that would embarrass me further. "Well, getting back to your question, those books are what Mr. Lief said needed to be skimmed through before our next test," Sebastian answered promptly. "For some reason, he thinks us reading more information will help sort out already garbled facts about the Gilded Age," he made a goofy exasperated face, "when really, it's just going to mess me up more."

"I know, right?!" I responded. He said all that I was thinking, which is why I started blanking out in US History. It was because I kept getting more and more confused about who was who and who was involved in each scandal and project.

"Hey, um," Sebastian started as he looked away shyly from me and tapped his pencil up and down. The guys' interest started to get higher -- were their eyes tricking them, or was Sebastian actually acting un-playa-like? I bit my bottom lip, praying silently to myself, hoping that there was actually a fraction of Sebastian that liked me back. "Do you want some help finding those books?"

I could've fainted out of happiness! Had my plan actually worked without me having to make the next move? Had Sebastian just played the ball that had been in his court since the moment we met, well, collided? I tried to act cool, knowing that excitement was going to freak him out. "Yeah, I'd like that. I'm not so hot when it comes to the Dewey Decimal System," I answered back almost breathlessly. This boy definitely had me wrapped around his finger.

"Well," Sebastian said getting up from his seat. He took my binder and notebooks from my hands and placed them on top of his. For the smallest instant, I thought I was going put those particular things in a shrine when I got them back, but I realized how I sounded like Malcolm and erased that psycho thought from my mind completely. His friends looked at him like he was some sort of testosterone-fueled god from Mount Olympus itself. "That makes two of us then."

I could've melted in a puddle of goo then... I really could've. But I decided that staying solid would be much more beneficial to my cause than to just melt there and bask in the glory of Sebastian Hastings. "You got the list, right?" I asked quickly. I was ready for some one-on-one time with Sebastian without being stared at by his friends and the many single girls in the room.

"Yep, got it!" He said raising his notebook up in the air.

"Great, let's start searching for them," I responded as coolly as possible. I turned on my heel and started walking towards the computer section so we could look up all of the books in the school's database. Sebastian caught up with me a second later and shot me this knee-weakening smile. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Blaire Ravenport looked shocked and appalled. Seeing this, I was very pleased with myself.

"What are you so happy about?" Sebastian asked. He must've been watching me closely. I felt my stomach fall for the briefest of seconds before I recovered.

"Oh, I just remembered Grey's Anatomy was on tonight!" I said as we reached an open computer.

Sebastian looked surprised. "It is, isn't it! I better get back to my dorm before it comes on!"

It was because of confessions like that, I knew Sebastian was the boy of my dreams. I looked over at him typing in the first book rapidly with a content smile on my face.


(Olivia Lennox)

We walked into what seemed like the muskiest, dustiest, and dimmest back corner of the library in pursuit of our final book. I felt like a kid who was at an amusement park as the sun was setting, knowing that their fun for the day was about to end once the sun finally slid behind the horizon completely. I didn't want this book hunt to end just yet.

Sebastian must've noticed my change in behavior because he admitted, "I wish we had more books to find. This has been really fun."

I felt my cheeks burn slightly and thanked the librarian for not changing the lightbulb in this particular back corner because Sebastian would've definitely seen me blushing. "Yeah, me too! Who would've guessed something so simple as finding books would've passed the time like it has."

Sebastian stopped in front of the farthest bookcase and knelt down, eying the spines of each book with the same decimals as our last book. Finally, he found it and slid it out of its dusty home.

Knowing that finding this book put the nail in the coffin for our little adventure, I started to feel desperate and sad. I felt like the scene was set up for the perfect make-out session: the lighting was dim, the pedestrian traffic was nonexistent, and the danger factor was at an all-time high since we could be interrupted at anytime by either an unsuspecting classmate of ours or the librarian herself. Man, did I want to kiss him!

Sebastian stood up and handed the book over to me -- I was holding the five books we had already found -- with his green eyes looking ever so sad. "Well, I guess that's th--"

Before he could finish handing the book over to me and before he could finish the defeated statement he was going to make, I dropped all of the books we had found and crashed my lips into his. All of the emotions and adrenaline coursing throughout my body caused my heart to race rapidly. I felt alleviated and ecstatic. I couldn't believe I had the guts to do this, especially since he had told me that 'I wasn't his type' only a few days prior.

I wasn't your type, huh? I thought to myself while kissing him. Then, why haven't you pulled away yet?

To be honest, he hadn't really reacted to the kiss. He was as still as a statue. But me being so damn willful, I didn't give up. Instead, I kissed him more tenderly. That seemed to do the trick because the next thing I knew, I heard the single book he was holding hit the floor, and both of his hands lightly cup my face.

He had the softest lips I ever kissed and the smoothest and closest shaved face as well. I was actually surprised by how delicate he was. But I reveled in it -- he was my Sebastian if I had anything to say on the matter.

I deepened the kiss by slowly sliding my tongue into his expectant mouth. I leisurely tangled my tongue with his as he moved me towards the wall. This was definitely getting hot. Once my back lightly met the hard surface, I knew I was not going to fall unexpectedly from going weak in the knees.

Sebastian slowly slid his hands away from my face and down to my waist. I was surprised how smooth he was even while kissing someone. I met a lot of boys who knew how to dial a girl right with words, but when it came time to kissing, they were sloppy and disjointed. Sebastian, however, was just at skilled at this craft than his talk.

I felt my cheeks flush and I let a moan. Hearing this, Sebastian became a little bit more dominant in the make-out. He broke away from my lips and started to trace kisses on my neck. Those kisses were just as pleasurable as the ones he'd gave me earlier.

"Oh god," I whispered breathlessly.

Sebastian pulled back and looked at me with a laziness about himself. He looked like this was a Sunday morning and he had just woken up from a brilliant dream. He smiled a content smile before his eyes widened in a shocking kind of way. He looked confused and overwhelmed at the situation at hand...

He disentangled himself from me. Sebastian was paler than normal, except for the tips of his ears, which were the only things a part of him -- besides his swollen lips -- that exposed the passionate make-out we had just shared. He covered his mouth and didn't look at me.

"I, ugh," Sebastian said weakly, "have to go."

And at that, Sebastian bolted out of there. I couldn't believe the complete 180 that had just happened. One minute ago, we were kissing each other like we had never kissed anyone before, and then out of nowhere, Sebastian bails without a single reason, except for having 'to go'.

I felt like I had just been stripped of every possible comfort that I could hold tight onto as I tried to compose myself. But I couldn't. I was devastated and broken beyond belief. Tears started to sting my eyes more painfully than ever before and the terrible ringing silence of abandonment dawned on me heavily. But I wouldn't let myself cry -- no, those tears were going to stay put.

A few minutes passed with me just leaning against the wall fragilely before Maria came back to check on me. She must've seen Sebastian escape with a shocked look on his face, which caused her to come looking for me.

"Oh, Liv," she cooed sadly.

When I heard that, I swear all of the tears I had been holding back just fell. It was like I was waiting for a conclusive report to tell me that, yes, I hadn't daydreamed the whole make-out and, yes, Sebastian did run away because of no foreseeable reason.

Maria wrapped an arm around my waist gently and began to walk me over to the table we both had occupied only a half-hour before. "Let's get our stuff and head back to the dorm. Okay?"

I mumbled a blank okay and let her guide me because I had mentally, physically, and emotionally checked out.


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