When Hidan opened the door, Kakuzu was sitting at his desk, a highly concentrated look on his face. He didn't even look up when his companion entered the room.

"Oi, Kakuzu-san", Hidan called out. His voice was a bit shaky, and he cursed himself for it. He started to walk over to Kakuzu and slumped down on a chair beside him. His counterpart still didn't lift his head, his green eyes wandering across a document that looked like a bill to Hidan.

"What are you doing, Kakuzu-san?", he asked, "Some fucking math stuff again?"

"Kind of", Kakuzu mumbled without facing him.

"The others have left", Hidan said.

"Hmm", came from the other youth. The silver haired wondered if that was supposed to be a reply.

"They wanted to go to the lake", Hidan started another try. He picked up one of the pencils that were lying on the desk, watching it with a bored expression.

Kakuzu erased a number on his sheet.

"Why didn't you go with them, then", he asked tonelessly, his eyes still glued to the paper.

Hidan clenched his teeth and angrily pressed his finger down onto the tip of the pencil. "I was fucking left behind."

They didn't want him to come with them. That was why they had chosen the lake as their destination. Even if he had come with them, Hidan would have been sitting at the shore alone, as he still didn't know how to swim. It wasn't that he was afraid of the deep water or something, he just highly disliked the temperature. Itachi and Kisame always said they wanted to cool down, but he couldn't see the point in jumping into ice cold water when he was comfortably warm.

Hidan pushed down harder onto the pencil, and the tip pricked his finger, causing him to twitch at the painful sensation. A drop of blood appeared at the tiny wound, and he put his finger into his mouth, eagerly licking off the red liquid. The metallic taste on his tongue sent a shiver down his spine. He loved blood. And he loved pain. Too bad it had already stopped hurting.

Hidan began to fidget around on his chair.

"What the fuck are you doing, Kakuzu-san?", he asked impatiently.

"You already asked that", Kakuzu replied, his voice still lacking interest, "some fucking math stuff."

Hidan became angry. His counterpart was making fun of him without even looking at him. He had no idea why Kakuzu was acting so cool.

"I don't fucking care what the fuck you're doing", Hidan huffed, "just stop already and fucking listen to me."

Kakuzu chuckled to himself. Three swearwords in one sentence. Hidan must be either extremely annoyed or bored to no end. The masked youth sighed and put his pencil down.

"What's the matter, Hidan?", he asked, "What do you want from me?"

Green eyes were finally looking into crimson ones, causing Hidan's heart to skip a beat. He was shut up at once by Kakuzu's steady gaze. It was one of the rare moments where Hidan was at a lack of words. He knew what he wanted from him, but he couldn't say it. His face moved slowly towards Kakuzu's, his lips trembling with nervousness. It was now or never. His hands shot forward and pulled the black mask away. Before Kakuzu was able to react, a pair of moist lips were pressed against his, a hot tongue violently entering his mouth. The green eyed youth couldn't help returning the kiss at first, but then broke away.

"Gross, Hidan", he called out and pulled back.

The silver haired smirked at him and leaned back in his chair.

"You kissed me back", he chuckled, self-confident as always.

Kakuzu snorted. "Most people would return a kiss when surprised."

Hidan ran his tongue across his teeth, giving Kakuzu a gleeful smile.

"So I'm a good kisser?", he smirked.

His green eyed friend shrugged. He hadn't kissed many people before.

"You don't know?", Hidan asked, pouting, "Have to try out one more time, then."

And he crashed his lips against Kakuzu's once more, tightly grabbing his scarred chin in order to keep him from pulling away this time. He wouldn't have needed to do so, though, as his counterpart forced his own tongue into Hidan's mouth now, starting a battle at once. Both of them would try to enter the other's mouth with violence, as if checking out who was stronger. Hidan grabbed a strand of black hair that was sticking out of Kakuzu's hood and yanked hard in order to pull him closer, but was startled when he felt his companion bite his lower lip in response. The taste of blood mixed with Kakuzu's addicting flavor sent a shiver through his body, and he broke away quickly, gasping for air.

"Umm…", Kakuzu exclaimed, frowning as if he had to think about what had happened, "actually, yes, you are a skilled kisser."

"So you liked it", Hidan smirked, running his tongue over his bleeding lip.

"I didn't say that", his counterpart said, slowly putting his mask back on.

The silver haired jumped to his feet, pushing over his chair.

"Damn it", he called out and turned around, making a few steps towards the door, his body trembling with anger, "why the fuck is everybody making fun of me today?"

He started to pound his fist against the wall, seething with rage. Right now he felt like running away. Sometimes he wondered why he still stayed in this village, if he wasn't welcome at all. It wasn't only today. His housemates kept teasing him all the time, the teachers disliked him, and even his friends seemed to hate him. Furthermore, the person he liked most kept pushing him away. Hidan didn't mind getting hurt, being knocked over or stabbed, but the pain he was feeling right now was different.

Kakuzu's hand grabbed his wrist roughly.

"Don't go wild in my room", he frowned at him.

Hidan broke away from his grip and glared at him, his crimson eyes furious with anger. Kakuzu yanked his hair, forcing him to turn around and face him.

"What's the matter, Hidan?", he asked, a worried expression on his face, "Can't bear teasing anymore?"

"Not that sort of teasing", Hidan hissed. His voice didn't sound as self-assured as usual, and his eyes weren't sparkling with anger anymore, but full of desire. A second later, Hidan pressed against Kakuzu firmly, making as much body contact as possible. The green eyed let go of the silver strands in surprise and involuntarily wrapped his arms around his counterpart instead.

"So that's what it's all about", he half-stated, half-asked, "you want to be close to someone?"

He could barely suppress a laugh. Maverick Hidan was desperate for a hug.

"I can't fucking stand being pushed around", he mumbled as quiet as possible, but of course Kakuzu had heard every single word of it. He ran his fingers through the messy silver hair, trying to be gentle for once. He tried to imagine what it felt like to be forced to practice chastity when everyone else around was making out, or at least talking about it all day. Kakuzu didn't understand why Hidan's relatives were so strict in this regard, anyway. He was sure they weren't always abstinent themselves.

Hidan shivered under Kakuzu's touch and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him even closer to him, rubbing himself against his body.

"Jeez, you're needy", the black haired smirked. He let his hands wander down Hidan's sides quickly.

"Haaa, Jashin-sama", the silver haired moaned when he felt Kakuzu's fingers slip into his pants.

He had always imagined that someone else's hands touching him there would feel much better than his own, but he had never thought it would feel that good. He felt guilty at once for letting Kakuzu do this to him, but he couldn't help enjoying it to the fullest. A short prayer for forgiveness escaped his lips before he abandoned himself to the pleasurable sensation completely.

Kakuzu smirked at his friend, whose eyes were clenched shut. He was panting heavily at the intense feeling, mumbling foreign words between breaths. The black haired tightened his grip, earning another moan at once.

"Feels good, huh?", Kakuzu almost whispered into Hidan's ear.

"Hell yes!"

Very well then. Kakuzu chuckled and removed his hand from Hidan's pants. He was amused by the extreme reactions caused by his touch, but he didn't actually like giving pleasure to others. He rather liked hurting them, torturing them.

He pinned Hidan to the wall, placing his hands on his arms in order to hold them down, but the silver haired broke free within seconds and pulled down Kakuzu's mask again. He brought their lips together in a teeth-crashing kiss, eager for more. Hidan sure was a skilled kisser, after all. His tongue moved rapidly and pushed against Kakuzu's with pretty much force, his teeth gently brushing against his lips when he moved. He tasted metallic, of blood, and pretty warm.

"Shit, Hidan", Kakuzu mumbled, Hidan's tongue still making contact with his lips, "you turn me on."

He hated to admit it, but Hidan's kisses were addicting, making him want more of him. The silver haired let his hands wander down with a smirk, but Kakuzu pushed them away quickly before they could reach their goal and pinned them to the wall above Hidan's head. He didn't want to be touched. If anything, he was the one who touched, not the other way round. If already Hidan's kisses made him feel hot all over, he didn't want to know what his hands would do to him.

He bent his head and started kissing Hidan's neck. He wasn't able to withstand his smell, metallic as well, reminding him of a fresh wound, of blood, of killing. Hidan might have flavored of death, but he looked so alive, so young. His pale skin felt soft under Kakuzu's lips, thin and vulnerable, and he could feel the blood pumping through Hidan's neck veins. For a moment, he felt the urge to bite down on them in order to make the red liquid splutter across the delicate skin, but he restrained himself and continued kissing his neck instead.

The silver haired turned his head to the side, exposing more of the attractive white skin to his counterpart. He didn't try to break free this time, so Kakuzu removed one of his hands, still clutching Hidan's wrists with the other one firmly, and slowly started to unbutton his coat. He wasn't wearing a shirt, but although Kakuzu had been expecting this, he was astounded at the sight. Of course Hidan was in good form, as he was training every day, and Kakuzu had seen him shirtless often before, but he had never taken a closer look at him. His body was fit, muscular, deathly pale, but – sexy.

"The… the fuck", Hidan stumbled, shivering with excitement.

"Hmm?", Kakuzu asked, his mouth still on the bare skin.

Hidan grunted, trying to produce a complete sentence.

"The fuck are you doing there", he gasped, his voice trembling.

Kakuzu smirked. It must be the first time that Hidan was touched by somebody else other than in training or battle.

"This?", Kakuzu asked and ran his tongue up to Hidan's ear again.

The silver haired moaned again and squirmed, not sure if he wanted to pull away or stand still under the touch. His skin must be so sensitive, after all. Kakuzu wanted more of those reactions, more of those erratic gasps and twitches. He let go of Hidan's hands and placed his own onto the shirtless body, his fingers slowly creeping down his sides, not in a rough but neither in a gentle way, teasing him. It seemed as if the sensations were overloading Hidan's system. Some of the silver strands, usually combed back very carefully, fell into his face as he turned his head, and a gasp escaped his trembling lips.

"I… Itachi…"