Black clouds were gathering, darkening the faint moonlight. Sasori lifted his head and looked up to the sky when he heard the first thunder. A storm was coming up, not far away from here. A smile appeared on the shinobi's face when he saw the first raindrops fall. He loved storms. He hadn't seen many rainstorms in his life, only sandstorms.

Sasori had been on his way home when the storm had started to approach. Not to his home village, though, but on his way back to his hideout, a small cottage hidden in the woods. He had left the sand village and moved here a while ago. He had no idea if he wanted to go back one day. At the moment, he enjoyed living here.

A lightning flashed across the sky, followed by rumbling thunder, causing Sasori to twitch. Fortunately, he had made it to his hideout in time before the rain started to pour. He liked to watch storms, but he wasn't keen on being outside in heavy weather. It could be rather dangerous to walk around in the woods during a storm like this, actually. He had seen branches break in the wind and fall down, and he really didn't want to be hit by one of them.

Sasori put the kettle on and sat down next to the window. It was almost completely dark now and no one could be seen outside, even all the animals living in the woods had disappeared. All of them, except one stupid bird that kept flying circles high above the trees.

"Come down and hide before you get struck by lightning", Sasori mumbled. He didn't mind to kill people during a mission, but for some strange reason he didn't want animals to be killed, especially if they were as beautiful and majestic as that bird up there.

The red head got up to see if his tea was ready. The hot liquid was steaming in the cup, still too hot to drink, but Sasori couldn't help to take a small sip. He cursed himself when he burnt his tongue, but it tasted good. Ginger, his favorite flavor. Sasori loved tea, especially after coming back from a mission, when he was on his own again. It reminded him of his parents. As a child, he had used to snuggle up to one of them with a cup of tea in his hand whenever they had come back from a mission, and they had told him what had happened to them during their absence. He had felt so good back then, curious and excited about their stories, but all warm and comfortable at the same time.

When Sasori looked out of the window again, he heaved a sigh of relief. The bird had disappeared. At least the animals living here were clever enough not to get killed. The red head smirked when he remembered the face of the shinobi he had just met. Those eyes, widened with fear, those desperate whispers slipping out of his mouth, begging him to spare his life. He would have been able to run away, but he had been frozen by Sasori's steady gaze, his legs trembling with fear. Too bad for him. Sasori hadn't intended to kill him at first, but if he was too stupid to retreat when he had the chance to, it couldn't be helped…

Suddenly, Sasori's heart skipped a beat, and he almost spit his tea all over the table. That bird… It was way too big to hide somewhere in the woods. Maybe it hadn't landed on purpose, but had fallen down from the sky. It hadn't looked like an owl or another nocturnal bird, but like a… Yes, if he remembered correctly, like a kind of eagle.

An eagle, in the woods, fallen down from the sky?

Oh no. That moron.

Sasori jumped to his feet, dropping his cup and spilling the hot tea all over the carpet. Cold air hit his skin when he opened the door with a jerk and he ran outside, his vibrant red hair flowing in the wind.