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Chapter Six

"Just hold really still." I demanded.

Dean groaned and did the exact opposite, shifting anxiously beneath my touch. His body tensed, readily tightening as my fingertips traveled over the taut skin that veiled his delectably lean torso. I nearly groaned myself, having never been more turned on, but I was determined to maintain control of my desire so I could concentrate on making Dean lose control of his. I let my hand slide a little lower. That move got me yet another rumbling moan.


And my name growled in such an ardent tone it was nearly my undoing.

"Dean..." My voice sounded strangely husky. The things raging hormones will do to one's body!

His hand wrapped around my wrist and held it away, preventing me from touching him any further. "Enough." he warned.

"Enough? What's wrong, big boy? Can't handle it?" I teased.

I caught the devilish glint behind those long dark lashes and I felt a sharp need to squeeze my thighs together. Then he said, "Oh I can handle it just fine, sweetheart. I can handle everything you've got." and my heart did flip flops behind my suddenly heavy breasts.

"Mmmm, that's nice to know. What about when I do this?" I used my free hand to stroke the sculpted planes of his stomach. The muscles knotted in response, as did a few of my own. Not the ones in my stomach, though. No, I had other muscles contracting. Or maybe pulsing would be a more fitting definition.

Dean chewed at his lower lip (seems I wasn't the only one with that habit) then said, "Oh yeah, that's, uh, that's real good. But this?" He snatched the gauze pad out of the hand he still held captive and tossed it onto the nightstand beside the motel room's comfy looking bed. "This is a waste of time."

It wasn't really a waste of time. The Ekek had managed to deliver a few more painful looking scratches so I was standing between Dean's legs as he sat on the edge of the bed, tending to his wounds as I had in my brother's office when this unusual night began. Once again he was shirtless, I was sizzling and sexual tension was bouncing back and forth like crazy between us. Only this time there was no monster to destroy, no phone calls to interrupt us, and the only research that was going to be done was the sort that took place between the sheets.

Something Dean was now more than ready and willing to explore.

"I'm fine here." he said, tapping the scrapes on his chest. "But here..." His hand dropped to the bulge between his thighs - the bulge that had spent far too much time hidden away and was eager to be free at last - and my eyes practically fell out of my head at the sight of him touching himself, even through his clothing. "You want to make me feel better, Cara, take care of this."

Oh, sweet Lord! I was practically crawling out of my skin for the chance to get naked with this dynamic hunter. Yes, I too, was ready and willing. Ready to rip off our clothes and willing to dive right in. The water would be so fine. Yet as I stood there looking down into the face of the most beautiful man to ever walk this planet, I hesitated, remembering an earlier thought I'd had - this was my one chance to indulge myself with this sinful pleasure named Dean Winchester (He'd revealed his last name and even that was sexy!).

So what to do? Well, I have always found it rather exciting to run up and jump right into the deep end. But every once in awhile I've waded in from the shallow end, slowly going deeper and deeper, feeling the water swallow up each and every inch of my body. And that had also been very gratifying.

I took a step back and pulled Dean to his feet, taking in his gorgeous features. He was a special treat, something to be fastidiously savored, so I should try and stick to my earlier plan of maintaining control. Keep things slow and easy. Wade in rather than plunge in head first. In fact, the whole water reference thing was sounding pretty erotic so maybe we could start with a long, steamy shower. I could picture Dean all naked and hard beneath the showerhead, rivulets of water running down the length of him...

Oh yeah! But first, though, I had to have a small taste. With our bodies now flush up against each other's the temptation was overwhelming. Besides, if this wasn't going to be rushed despite the urgency I'd felt since meeting him, what harm was there in giving into one tiny impulse?

Gripping his shoulders, I wrapped my mouth around his, feeding on his ripe lips with gentle nips and light flicks of my tongue. Damn but the man tasted fine! So fine. And I immediately realized the harm in giving in. It wasn't enough. It was merely an appetizer, nurturing my hunger. The moment Dean's arms went around me, slipping beneath my shirt and melding us together, his head angling just a bit to the left in invitation, I vaulted in for the main course. The kiss turned deep and probing - the type of kiss where you're instantly aroused, breathless and boneless - and so completely lost you can't even remember your own name.

I abandoned myself to it for as long as I possibly could, letting the rich, dark flavor of him surround me until I nearly did forget not only my name but my 'go slow' rule. Snatching onto a bit of rationality, I eased away and prayed my voice still worked. "How about a shower?" I whispered, letting my hands romp through his short tousled brown locks while lower down, my hips performed a few slow, gyrating moves.

Dean smiled, his eyes half closed in a sweet, dreamy totally sensuous way as he grabbed my ass and bumped the lower half of his body against mine. I could feel his erection pressing into my belly, which began to flutter emphatically at the size of his enthusiasm.

"Shower? Let me think about it." he said. "You naked. Okay." Laughing, I tried to step away, but he stopped me. "Christ! I love your laugh."

He leaned in, his mouth absorbing mine with such intensity I did something I've never done before. I grew faint. Literally lightheaded. Dean's kiss was a thorough possession, stealing away not only my breath, but apparently my ability to govern my own body. My head clouded, my limbs went limp and my knees collapsed beneath me. I felt the tips of his fingers as they dug into my flesh and I was thankful for the strength in those tapering digits because I wholly dissolved beneath the persistent invasion.

He pulled back just enough to look at me, uncertainty in his eyes. "Cara?"

What did he expect when he kissed me as if I was the only woman that ever mattered? When he looked at me with huge, soul-stealing eyes that melted me to the very core? I could barely pull a logical thought together. I'd had a plan...what was it again? Oh yeah, control. Well, to hell with that! I wanted Dean and I wanted him now. He tasted too damned sweet, felt too damned good and I'd already waited too damned long.

"I can't wait!" The words spilled out and honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect. I mean, I consider myself an enthusiastic lover, but I'm certainly not what men have ever described as an overly assertive one. Absolute impatience and demands tumbling from my lips were not the norm. I figured a guy like Dean would appreciate it, but I was a little too rattled at the moment to be certain of anything.

The look he gave me in response was smoldering; hungry and wickedly dangerous. It left no doubt about his opinion of my forwardness. And neither did his words. "So don't wait. I damn sure don't want to. What I want is you right now."

If a person could liquefy, I just had. That voice - so gruff and sexy - had just spoken the very words that any female would die, kill, to hear him say. He inched closer, his gaze unwavering and I couldn't believe all the vibrant shades of green in its depths. If a heaven on earth existed, then surely it was right there. In this ideal man's extraordinary eyes.

"Yes." The word gushed out as I exhaled. A sexier response would have been more appropriate in this situation, but how I formed even that one word was beyond me.

It was enough for Dean, however. With a rousing swiftness, he worked each small button on my blouse and in an instant the sheer material was floating to the floor. If it had felt warm in that room before, (and believe me, it had from the second we walked in and he closed the door) it was a furnace now. I was losing my clothing and yet I was getting hotter. That was the 'Dean Effect'.

I wanted to strip him down as well, but his hands were on me again. Skimming over the tops of my shoulders, his lean fingers hooking the straps of my bra and easing them down until the thin strips hung useless at my side. A sea of goose bumps followed in the wake of his touch and I couldn't stop myself from quaking. I was a live wire at this point, currents bolting through me each time we connected.

Breaking their mesmerizing hold, his eyes finally lowered. And so did his mouth. I gasped as I felt its softness brush my collarbone. Then the silken point of his tongue swept over my skin and I snapped out of the blissful stupor I'd fallen into. I slid my hands up into his hair, holding him close; my head tipping back as he found my throat. His teeth raked over the sensitive skin, then he clamped his mouth over it, sucking lightly at first, then harder. With each pull of his lips, my body responded with endless subtle quivers and a gushing dampness between my thighs.

I moaned and jerked on his short dark locks. I wasn't going to be able to hold out long at this rate and not just because it had been ten months since I'd last been with a man, but because I had never experienced anything like this before. I'd broken dry spells in the past and not been anywhere near this close to coming even after half an hour of foreplay. Already orgasms - yes, multiple - were in the making here, rapidly building and anxious to burst free.

And he was only getting started.

The pressure on my throat eased and Dean's lips slid up to graze along my ear. He knew. He knew how close I was to crumbling. "I can tell you like this. Let's see what else you like, Cara."

Oh good God!

His hands left a scorching trail as they circled my back and the next thing I knew my bra vanished, the air hitting my bare breasts - with his hot, pliant mouth following close behind. I rested in his embrace as he began to cover me with wet unruly kisses. When his lips wrapped around one tip, pulling roughly on my nipple I cried out. It was the perfect blend of pleasure and pain. He spent several minutes there trying to drive me completely insane before shifting his attention to my other breast. Thank God he believed in being thorough, but if he continued I was going to end up in a mental institute! I was already half out of my mind.

Needing a ledge to hang onto before I dropped off the cliff I was teetering on, I laid my palms over his nipples and they instantly sprang up. Focusing on the feel of his reaction to my touch, I let my hands slide down, tracing my fingertips over the hardened nubs. Dean's big body shook, his breathing growing heavier with each caress, and I found some solid ground in his arousing response.

When he looked at me, it was easy to see he was about to drop off the edge, too. I knew we had to get completely naked, and fast, but before I could act on that his fingers were at my mouth, trailing over it. And then his lips were there, his tongue sliding along the seam until I opened for him, his teeth tugging at my bottom lip.

"You taste so fucking good."

Oooh! The bluntness of his words triggered off such electrifying palpitations that I was desperate for him to taste all of me and I thought, 'Don't stop there!'

I heard him chuckle and realized I hadn't thought it, I'd said it. "No stopping me now, sweetheart."

He spun us around so that my back was to the bed and then we were sprawled across it, that ample, brawny bulk of his stretched snugly over mine. Skin on skin never felt so good, but there still wasn't enough of it exposed. I clutched at his shoulders, wanting to push him away so we could remove the rest of our clothes, yet at the same time, I wanted to pull him even closer. He seemed to be caught between the two desires as well. Kissing greedily, we mutually settled for keeping the contact while we started fumbling with snaps and zippers, but it wasn't working.

Impatient, Dean snatched up my hands and pulled them over my head, pinning them there. "I'll do it."

There it was, that commanding tone I'd heard earlier in the night. The one I knew would be riveting in the bedroom. It definitely was! Though I admit it did ignite a sudden tug within me for dominance, I squelched it for there was much to be said for subservience as well. And I wanted to experience both with Dean.

Leaving my arms where they were, I raised my head a little so that I could watch him move down my body. His hands smoothed over my bare skin, kneading and exploring as they headed for the waistband of my jeans while his lips trailed along behind, and I could feel the restrained tension in his touch. He wanted to go slow, enjoy each sensation, but the underlying urgency that had been eating away at us all night was driving him on. I knew exactly how he felt.

Dean's fingers fumbled with my zipper, then he sat back and with a few quick, rough tugs both my jeans and panties were gone. He'd climbed off the bed to remove them and was standing there looking down at me. Me, lying there, arms still above my head, my body bare and slick with need. What a rush! Feeling liberated and totally scandalous, I stretched, arching my back up off the mattress and what was left of his composure disolved. His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared, like a bull ready to charge. So I did what any good matador would do, waved the red cape... I spread my legs wide open for him.

In an instant, he was naked. I barely had time to register his pants and briefs flying across the room before he was climbing over me, his mouth visciously claiming mine. I wrapped my legs around his, digging my heels into his thighs as I slid my hands down to grip that perfect, firm ass and pull his hips in tight. His cock, his large, beautiful cock that I'd only caught a glimpse of, was nestled against my dampness, eager for entrance.

Dean began to rock his hips back and forth and we both groaned at the delicious friction it created. He slid against me, over and over, rubbing my clit with just the right amount of pressure and I knew wading was now absolutely out of the question, I was about to dive in. When his tongue began to thrust inside my mouth to the same spellbinding rhthym, I came completely undone.

It was as if a flare had gone off inside of me, a white hot heat exploding within my body and consuming every inch of me. Feeling as if I'd literally caught fire, I did something else I'd never done before. I screamed. Not a loud moan; an all out scream that was thankfully captured safely by Dean's mouth.

As my muscles pulsed wildly, he lifted up and slipped inside of me, thrusting hard and deep. The sensation of him sinking into me until our hipbones collided was something I knew I would never, ever forget. His mouth left mine and I saw the turbulent, untamed look in his eyes. It was animalistic and something snapped within me. Something I hadn't been able to shake off in twenty-six years. My inhibitions.

With a strength I was surprised to have while still in the grip of an earthshattering orgasm, I forced Dean over onto his back without breaking our connection. Now it was time to dominate.

"Oh yeah!" he grunted out.

Panting heavily, I tossed my hair back and grinned down at him, my nails digging into the hot skin of his chest. He was looking up at me like I was some sort of exotic sex goddess and to tell the truth, that was exactly how I felt tonight. Playing the temptress, I mimicked his earlier sentiment. "I can tell you like this, Dean."

One big hand slipped behind my head to pull me down for a quick, jarring kiss while the other squeezed my breast. "Hell yeah, I like it." he said against my lips.

"What else do you like?"

I sat up and began slowly circling my hips. Dean latched onto them, his own thrusting upward, driving his cock in even further. I could feel his strength swelling and throbbing inside of me, matching the pulse of my own excitement and I knew this was going to be the ride of my life. As I watched him, I cupped my breasts, rubbing my thumbs over the ubersensitive tips and he let out a predacious growl.

"Thought so. Want more?" I taunted.

He grunted through gritted teeth, every muscle in his body drawn tight beneath me. I raised up until just the smooth head of his shaft was left inside me, and then I clenched around it.

"God damn!" His grip on me tightened and he yanked me down onto him as he slammed up hard and so very, very deep.

I gasped as we connected. No more teasing. All I could think about was release. Mine. His. I started moving, sliding up and down the rigid length of him with quick hard strokes. The pressure built; the feel of him thrusting in, of being buried fully inside of me, propelled me higher and higher. Yet even as the heat of our joining burned through me, threatening to destroy me in the most fantastical fashion, I couldn't take my eyes off his beautiful face.

And then I saw it, the moment when he lost control. His eyes grew round and his teeth clamped together as he shook with the fierce pleasure of our bodies union. An instant later, I was there with him. I cried out as another ground moving orgasm rolled over and around me, rocking me until I was breathless and weak.

I fell forward, resting my head against his damp chest, listening to the mad rhthym of his heart. He wrapped his arms around me, then his fingers brushed my hair aside and stroked along my cheek and throat. It felt good, comforting. I wanted to touch him that way too, but I was completely drained and maybe even in a bit of shock. From the start I knew being with him was going to be amazing, but I had no idea, not the slightest clue, of just how unbelievably intense and satisfying it was going to be.

This man, this hunter of supernatural things, had set the bar high. So high that I knew everyone else who entered my life would fall short. Therefore no comparisons could ever be made. Dean Winchester would stand alone. My once in a lifetime.

We stayed like that for awhile, until our breathing evened out and our heartbeats slowed, then Dean rolled to his side, pulling me along with him. I swept my left hand over the sleek, warm expanse of his back, and tucked my left leg between his thighs, rubbing it against the course masculine hair that covered them. I didn't know how long I had, he would probably have to leave soon to hunt down some other frightning creature, so I wanted to have him again right away. But between dealing with that Ekek and the amazing sex we'd just shared, I must have been totally exhausted because I did the unimaginable...I fell asleep.

When I woke up, the room was dark and it took me a few seconds to remember where I was. Dean Winchester's room. I smiled and stretched, all the right muscles pleasantly sore, then I rolled over only to find myself alone in the bed. Dean was gone! I sat up, more than a little disappointed with myself for wasting what little time I'd had left on sleep, but then I thought I heard the low murmur of his voice. I looked toward the bathroom door and saw that it was closed and a light was shining through at the bottom. He must have gone in there to talk on his cell phone.

With a sigh of relief, I laid down and waited, hoping I could lure Dean back to bed once more. We'd been so worked up and anxious that first time, I hadn't done half the things I'd wanted to do both with and to him. If there was any way possible, I hoped to convince him to stay just a little longer.

A few minutes later the door opened and Dean stepped into the room. He strolled toward the bed, and I couldn't help but grin. Instead of being dressed and ready to bolt out the door, he was splendidly naked! He dropped the phone on the nightstand and slipped beneath the sheet.

"Sorry. I wake you?" he asked, pulling me close.

"No." I snuggled against him and caressed his face, wanting to commit every facet of it to memory. "Is everything okay?" I don't know why I asked that. I was still sure he was going to say he was needed somewhere and had to leave asap.

"Yeah. My Dad just finished up something he was working on." And here comes the part where he says, 'I gotta take off now.' "He said he'd come by here and help, but I told him I had it all under control so he's headed to Bobby's for a few days. I said I'd meet up with him on Monday. Figured I'd hang around here till then."

"Really? That sounds good." I tried to say it casually, but how I kept from leaping out of the bed to do a happy dance was nothing short of a miracle. It was Saturday. We had the entire weekend!

"So, what do you do for fun here in Cider Mills, Nebraska?"

I smiled and slid on top of him. "I'm glad you asked me that, Dean. Let me show you."

As we shared a long, lazy, heart-stopping kiss, I wondered how many different positions we'd be able to come up with. Hell, we had two whole days to find out and I wasn't going to waste one single second of them.

The End