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Sari blinked, staring at the device that would usually be seen in one of the old cartoons. It looked like a laser that would shoot death rays at superheroes. Her eyes scanned over it, a thoughtful look on her features, "Are you trying to tell me that you're becoming a super villain, Dad?"

Professor Sumdac turned to his daughter in a flash, in his hand a small welding tool while his other hand was paused, stopping after searching for his welding mask. His mustache twitched, and he frowned, "Now, Sari, what would make you think like that?" Sari only grinned, her right hand reaching unconsciously at the key around her neck. Her father just watched her for several seconds, before his hand started fumbling around to find his welding mask.

"Then what does that ray-thingy do?" she asked. This caused him to pause in his search again, his eyes suddenly twinkling at the thought of his little Sari being interested in one of the biggest break throughs in his career.

Sari blinked when her father set the welding tool on the table before he walked towards the small device. He stared at his creation in awe, before declaring, "It is a device that will be one of my most successful medical breakthroughs. The Cancer Ray!"

"It gives people cancer!" Sari suddenly panicked, her hand clutching tightly to her key.

"No, Sari, it will destroy the cancerous cells with a little beam," he paused, "it could actually save the lives of people who get a cancer as severe pancreatic cancer to something as simple as a tumor. However, there are a lot of bugs that are needed to be removed from the system." Sari nodded, a look of relief crossing her features. Her father wasn't crazy, he wasn't the type of person who would intentionally hurt anyone, he was a true pacifist who happened to have an obsession with superheroes, and always wanting to save the day.

"Hey, Dad, maybe I can help," Sari grinned, before holding out her key. Professor Sumdac shook his head negatively, before he turned grabbing his welding tool, and finally noticed his welding mask located on the lower. Sari sighed, before letting her key drop.

"Okay, Dad," she sighed.

"Sari, don't forget your lessons," he called to her the second she turned on her heel to storm out of the lab. Sari turned, about to send a saucy comment to her father, when her key suddenly started to glow. Blinking several times, she watched as it began to levitate, moving away from her body and pointing towards the Cancer Ray. She tensed when the ray flashed a dull shade of purple, and then tiny laser beam flew across the room, only to be followed by over a thousand more. The daughter and father freaked, trying to dodge as the laser pointed in in every direction.

Two beams were shot only seconds after one another, both pointed in the direction of where Sari was standing. The eight year old squeaked, dodging the first one, only to fly into the second one. She let out a shriek, and a loud explosion was heard where the Cancer Ray was once standing.

"Sari!" Professor Sumdac called, "Are you alright!?"

"Yeah, Dad, I'm fine!" the man blinked, noticing that her voice sounded slightly different, and held a small ring of maturity. He shook his head ignoring it.

"Turn on the fan, while I extinguish the fire," he ordered, as he turned, walking to the wall that held the fire extinguisher. He then rushed to his destroyed device, spraying away the flames that were caused by the small explosion. The smoke began to circulate throughout the room, and Professor Sumdac quickly opened the air vents throughout the room. The smoke quickly escaped the room.

"Ah, thank you, Sari," the man sighed turning to his daughter, only to gape at the sight of her.

"Dad?" the girl asked, blinking, "What's wrong? Do I have anything on my face?" Professor Sumdac only shook his head negatively, only to point towards the door.

"G-Go to the restroom, and look in the mirror," he stuttered, his body tense. Sari titled her head, before shrugging. As she turned, she winced, realizing her dress was a little tighter then she remembered, and her shoes were too tight. They fit just fine when she put them on that morning, why would they suddenly feel so tight. She sighed when the door slid open, and she turned sharply walking down the hallway towards the bathroom. The door automatically opened and she walked inside, turning to the mirror. She blinked a few times, rubbing her eyes, before looking herself up and down.

She drew in a deep breathe, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!?" She brought her hands to her eyes, rubbing them with the heal of her palm, muttering when she removed them that she was eight, and the person in the mirror was not her. She removed her hands, only to groan loudly noticing that she still looked the same.

"Sari?" she blinked, turning towards her father, who seemed to have been in the room for awhile. She made a face, wondering how long he had been standing there and why she hadn't notice him enter.

"Dad, what happened?" she squeaked. Her father sighed, shaking his head and looking away.

"Sari, I said that there were still bugs in it," he paused, "but I never imagined anything like this happening, especially to my own child."

Sari slouched, a slight pout crossing her features, "What do we do now, then?"

Her father eyed her for a second, before stating, "I suggest we find something a little more comfortably for you to wear." Sari nodded, allowing her father to walk up to her, place his hand gently on her back, before guiding her from the bathroom.


I've been waiting forever! Where the slag is Sari?The little yellow Autobot was impatiently waiting for Miss Sari Sumdac. Today, Prowl was watching a marathon of documentaries in honor of a some guy named 'The Crocodile Hunter.' Of course, at the same time as the marathon would be going on, a movie channel would be playing monster movies all day. Bumblebee was not to happy about Prowl wanting to have his television time to watch some guy catch animals on the television, so he and Prowl got into an argument about it, and it lasted until Optimus broke it up.

Why does he think I watch too much television?Bee fumed inwardly for several more seconds, before he noticed Professor Sumdac exited the building, a teenaged girl following after him.

Where's Sari?He studied the girl walking behind Isac Sumdac, her hair was down, reaching to her knees and the coloring was a dark red, her eyes were a dark burgundy, and she was wearing a dark purple skirt, with a white blouse that had short sleeves. She glared quietly at the Professor Sumdac, her mouth in a pout, muttering something. When Isac sent her a warning look, before he turned noticing Bumblebee.

"Ah, Bumblebee, welcome," he smiled as he approached the yellow bot, smiling brightly.

Bumblebee nodded, an unsure look crossing his features, "Uh, hey-" he paused, "Where's Sari, and who's she?"

The girl stepped up, staring at him oddly, making the yellow bot look down at the girl. A hesitant look crossed her features as she looked up at him, stating, "Uh, Bumblebee, I AM Sari."

Bee studied her, eying her with cerulean optics for several seconds. He shook his head, "You're not Sari, you're way too old." The girl's eyes narrowed fiercely, her cheeks puffing out and she turned away from him. Bee blinked at the reaction, unsure how to react to this girl who was claiming that she is Sari.

"Bumblebee," Isac sighed, "That is Sari."

Bee stayed quiet for several seconds, staring at the teenage girl who was peaking over her shoulder, scowling at him. He blinked, once, twice, "WHAT THE SLAG!?"

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