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Last Time

"Sari," Prof. Sumdac sighed, "I was afraid that this day would come." He glanced towards Silver Knight and Snowflake, "Would you three follow me, I wish to explain something to you all."



The three nodded, Snowflake and Silver Knight glancing to each other with a knowing look. The sound of tires screeching caused the four to turn.


"Bumblebee!" Sari cried, eyes wide noticing that the yellow bot had gone out of control. She let out a squeak when she felt arms wrap tightly around her. She shut her eyes tightly, listening to the sound of Bumblebee transforming and tumbling a few times.

Her eyes only opened to see Snowflake holding her father in her arms, a shocked/worried expression on her features as she stared down at the Autobot, with a small 'o' on her lips as the two heros floated in the air with the daughter and father in there arms. Silver Knight was the first to speak, "Are you all right?"

"Ow…" Bumblebee sat up, "That has never happened before." Just as that was said, Snowflake and Silver Knight landed on the ground.

As soon as Sari was set on her feet she stared at Bee before asking, "Why aren't you cleaning up with Optimus and Prowl?"

Bumblebee chuckled, "Uh, well, you see...Optimus ordered me to check to see if you're alright."

Sari opened her mouth to reply, but stopped herself when in a sudden blur, Snowflake was knocked to the ground.

"Your dad made me tell! I didn't mean too, but he can read me like a book! Snowflake, please forgive me!" Everyone stared at the teenaged girl that had her arms wrapped around Snowflakes waist.

Snowflake went pale at the girl's words, "I-Is he (gulp) here?"

"No...but he might be on his way," the girl stated, "I teleported here because you know how I get when I get overly worried."

Bumblebee stared at the two girls quietly, unsure to what to say. They, like Silver Knight, didn't dress like normal humans; instead they dressed up in odd clothing with masks on their faces.

"Uh...who are you anyways?" he pointed at them.

The two girls blushed, realizing that they were still on the ground. Scrambling up, Snowflake helped the other girl up. The two bowed, and Snowflake smiled, "I'm Snowflake, and this is my cousin, Shadowdancer." Shadowdancer's blush grew and she nodded, before gently brushing grass off her black and green super hero costume.

"Okay, so what-"

Bumblebee couldn't finish his question when Issac cleared his throat, turning to Sari, staring at her with an apologetic look, "Sari, are you ready to learn the truth about your mother?"

Bumblebee blinked, turning his optics to gaze at Sari who was held a serious expression on her face. Bumblebee had never seen Sari look so serious, and it confused him greatly.

"I'm ready as I'll ever be, Dad," she smiled a little. Issac nodded, turning to the yellow bot.

"What I'm about to show all of you must be kept a secret," he whispered, "I've kept this secret, since I promised my wife that I would keep it that way until I found it was right to tell Sari." Everyone nodded, and Issac reached into his pocket, pulling a small remote which had a yellow button on it. He stared at it for a few moments, before pressing it.

The ground rumbled, and hole opened up before the group.


Optimus Prime wasn't sure why he was taking this odd woman to the base, but something in his spark told him that if he didn't take her with them, then they'd probably be sorry for it. She was unusually quiet, her hand gripping onto a Yin symbol around her neck.

"Excuse me, miss," he asked quietly, turning a corner.

"Yes?" she murmured, turning her gaze towards the steering wheel. She blinked a few times, tilting her head slightly.

"May I ask for your name?"

"My name is-"

"Prime! We need you at the base urgently! We have some uninvited guests!"

"I'm on my way Ratchet," Optimus stated cutting the woman off, speeding up.

Her eyes widened, and brought a hand to her mouth, "You're going too fast!" Her cheeks flushed red, and she closed her eyes, and she began to murmur, "Valley of Wong, Valley of Wong, Valley of Wong..." She squealed when Optimus turned, jerking her. He was relieved she was in her seat belt as he went faster.

She continued to quietly chant 'Valley of Wong,' until a shrill roar pierced the quiet a block from the base. The woman's eyes widened, and she sat up in the seat, "Kiyomaru."

Prowl sped past them, turning quickly into the entrance of the base, transforming.

"Kiyomaru, calm down!"

She felt her stomach jump into her throat when Optimus turned hard, stopping suddenly behind a baffled Prowl. She drew in shaky breathes, calming her stomach.

"That's not something you see everyday," Prowl murmured, his expression calm as he stared at the odd sight before him. Placing her hand on her stomach, she drew in a deep breath, before unbuckling herself and slipping out of the autobot. She shuffled a little a ways from Optimus, until she was standing next to Prowl.

Once her stomach calmed down a little, she turned her attention to the loud crashes of what sounded to be like lightning in front of her. She blinked twice, before her eyes flashed in frustration.

Prowl blinked in fascination watching as Ratchet stood in a fighting stance, electricity radiating off his hands, while a large, all brown except for its yellow belly, dragon like creature was countering the attack with electricity of its own. On the dragon's back was a blue banded humanoid turtle.

"Kiyomaru!" the room froze when she rose her voice, "Stand down!" The dragon, shrunk back at her words, and kneeled on the ground an ashamed look crossing his snout. She took a few steps forward, before simply walking towards the dragon. Once in front of him, her eyes glanced towards the rider. The rider's eyes held a slight hint of worry in them.

"What in Primus name is going on here?" Ratchet growled, glaring at the young woman, dragon, and mutant.

"Fascinating," Prowl murmured, "she's control that beast as if it were a dog."

The woman's dark eyes narrowed, and she turned to Prowl before hissing, "Kiyomaru is not a beast," the word slipped past her lips as if it was poison; "He's a dragtile, and has been my partner since I was a child!" She glared at the ninja bot for several seconds before turning towards the mutant reaching her hand out to him, in which he took it and dismounted from the dragtile. Moments afterwards, he pulled her into a tight embrace.

She returned the embrace, finding herself overwhelmed with guilt, "Did Akina and I worry that much, Leo?"

Optimus, who had entered shortly before the woman's outburst towards Prowl, watched slightly dazed as the woman and the mutant interacted. He watched as this 'Leo,' held the woman tighter before a soft whisper escaped him, "Of course, Krystal. Why did you lie to me?"

"The Silver Centry's son left the moment he heard word that Misty would be hear," Krystal paused, pulling out of his grasp slightly, "If you knew that Akina and I were coming here in order to find him, then you probably wouldn't have let us go because of what happened to Kaede eight years ago. We only told Abigail because I know how she can be when she's worried about any of us, and it would only cause you, Donnie, and Kat to become distressed. I really didn't mean to worry you that much, love."

Leo sighed, "I guess, I've been running from this for a long time." He chuckled slightly, reaching up to cup Krystal's cheek, "I guess, since what happened to Kaede, it's been hard. She was a good friend, and I think due to the people of Detriot blaming mutant's for her demise, I felt that it would be too dangerous for any of us to come here. That we'd... leave as tragically as she did." He sighed, brushing her cheek with his thumb, "I should be the one saying sorry for being part of holding everyone back." He pulled back into a tight hug.

"What in the pit are you two talking about, and why are you here?" Ratchet cried, glaring at the two strangers slightly.

The couple turned, staring up at Ratchet quietly, before Optimus stepped up, "If you don't mind me rephrasing." He glanced at Ratchet before glancing back at them, "Who are you and what exactly brings you here?"

The two broke from their hug and turned to Optimus Prime. The mutant eyed him quietly, before bowing his head, "My name is Leonardo."

The woman glanced to Kiyomaru, which caused the dragtile to stand up and walk to her side. The two bowed, "And my name is Krystal."

"Uh, its a pleasure to meet you both," Optimus nodded, "We-"

"We know who you are," the woman paused, glancing towards Leonardo then back to Optimus, "You're team, even though you don't realize it, are known world wide. We know exactly who all of you are."

Optimus nodded, watching as she reached a hand out stroking the dragtile's snout, "You've already been introduced to Kiyomaru." She shot the ninja bot a glare before she smiled a little, "I apologize for his behavior, and my husband and I will see to it personally that we fix any of the damages he has caused. As I had said before, he is my partner, and as my partner he is extremely over protective of me and my loved ones. He has been this way every since he had selected me to be his handler when I was at the age of five."

"Wait, shouldn't it be the other way around?" she glanced at Prowl who was staring at her his expression unreadable.

"Dragtile's are not native of Earth," she paused, "as a matter of fact, I'm not of Earth either. My home world, The Valley of Wong, is a very primitive world clouded with magic and mystery. Its universe runs parallel with this universe, and every planet has an alternative version to itself between the two universes." Pausing she continued to gently stroke her partner's snout.

"Krystal, you're getting off subject," Leonardo pointed out.

The woman flushed, before giggling, "Sorry, love."

"Hold on," Krystal glanced at Optimus who was staring at her, the look in his optics skeptical, "If you and Kiyomaru are from another planet, then why are you here now?"

"Oh," Krystal smiled sweetly, "well, I'd have to say, fate is what brought me to this planet. Kiyomaru and I were accidental sent here years ago, when I was barely seventeen," she paused, "and I met Leonardo, and we fell in love." The woman flushed slightly, only to blink when Leonardo sent her a stern look reminding her that she was getting off topic once again.

"Now I have a question," Krystal and Leonardo turned their gaze to Prowl and nodded, "If you were so reluctant to come here, why are you and other mystical beings like the Silver Knight, showing up so suddenly?"

Instead of Krystal answering, Leonardo spoke, "An old enemy of my family is forming an army of super villains and some of the evilest minds known to human kind so he can over throw the world. Misty, or Red Scorpion, is the first of many that were kidnapped from the Justice Force's rehabilitation program."

"You see, Silver Knight," Krystal paused, before murmuring, "Adam, became emotionally attached to Misty. He'd do anything to return her back to the way she used to be. Unfortunately, even with all the good this can bring, it worries us greatly because his mind is so clouded that he could forget what his true purpose is."

Optimus nodded, before stating, his tone serious, "Before you came along," he stared at Krystal for several seconds, before continuing, "This 'Misty,' was after one of our friends. Why?"

Krystal blinked, before she titled her head, "Who was this friend she was after?"

"Sari Sumdac, daughter of Professor Issac Sumdac," Optimus stated.

Leonardo and Krystal remained silent, their expressions becoming a mix of horror and excitement.

Ratchet, after silently fuming during the question and answering found himself asking, "You two know something that we don't." He paused scowling slightly, "Whatever it is, ya need to come out with it."

"Sari Sumdac," Krystal paused, "Is Glimmering Hope's daughter."

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