A/N: I know maybe some readers of my previous work may be freaked out that this fic is Martin/OC but I need to work out some issues, namely all that was season 6, and this is my coping mechanism. So while this is very different than what I've done in the past, it was something I needed to do. Plus, I wanted to explore writing a fic from a different POV and Danny has always intrigued me... so, yeah. Anyhoo, I hope some of you loyal Martin fans will take a chance and read this fic and the MS fans recognize how I wish Season 6 had played out.


TITLE: A Treasonous Heart
AUTHOR: Jennifoofighter
KEYWORDS: Danny POV, Martin angst, D/E, M/OC
SPOILERS/TIMELINE: Set post season 6 but with my own twist on certain storylines. So while I am writing a fic with Martin/OC I will never endorse JS of any kind.
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SUMMARY: When Martin is accused of treason, Danny does everything he can to prove his friend innocent even when all evidence is to the contrary.


"The strength of a family, like the strength of an army, is in its loyalty to each other." – Mario Puzo, The Family


January 22, 2009
FBI Building, NYC

Danny's leg bounced up and down as he stared at the closed door waiting to testify. Wiping a clammy hand on his pant leg, he wondered why his heart still raced and his palms got sweaty at the mere thought of having to go before a review committee. He felt like he was on trial and he wasn't even the one accused. He was a special agent for God's sake, yet he still felt a sense of guilt. He supposed it could be because it was in his nature: raised Catholic and having a strong sense of that sinner mentality. Most likely though, it had something to do with his youth. Inside, he still felt like that boy on trial for pilfering a bottle of rum from the convenience store. He still had that same mix of fear and defiance simmering under his cool exterior because in spite all his accomplishments, he still felt like he related more to the con than the cop.

Lowering his head, he released a heavy, audible sigh. He hated sitting here outside a conference room waiting to be interviewed. He felt that he had been spending entirely too much time defending members of his own team to the bureau higher ups over the last year. First there was Jack and his actions during Viv's human trafficking case and now Martin.

Danny found it hard to believe that out of every agent he knew that Martin Fitzgerald would be the one accused of being a traitor. Martin was Mr. All American, practically bleeding red, white and blue. But the evidence piled against him was irrefutable and absolute, so it was necessary for Office of Professional Relations to interview everyone involved in the case. He just hated that he had to go before OPR to discuss the investigation into Martin's illegal activities and the charges against him.

He wished he didn't have to do this; that his report on Martin's actions would be enough but the higher ups don't let accusations of treason slide by lightly.

Clasping his hands, Danny rested his elbows on his thighs and closed his eyes as he mentally rehearsed what he was going to say. Trying to ease out the tension from his neck and shoulders, he tilted his head side-to-side and clenched and unclenched his hands a few times. He didn't know why he was so wound up. He knew it was going to be fine. He just had to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may, but the problem was that the truth was a complicated matter.

He inhaled and exhaled a few more times when he heard her. He smiled to himself, he always heard her before he saw her.

Opening his eyes, he looked over towards the sound of high heels clacking on the marble floor just as Elena rounded the corner. He glanced down at her shoes; the one sacrifice she was never willing to give up being a special agent was her sense of fashion. She saw no reason that a female special agent couldn't still dress like a woman. She may have had to wear blazers and jackets but she wasn't about to dress like a man and he, for one, was appreciative of that fact.

She flashed him her bright smile and he immediately felt the breath he didn't realize he had been holding all morning whoosh out of him as she approached. Just the sight of her made him calm.

Smiling at her as she approached, he gestured to one of the two coffees she was holding. "If there's a black coffee with two sugars… it could be love."

She winked as she handed him a cup and replied, "Café con amor para ti." He gave her a grateful smile as she sat down on the empty chair beside him. She sipped her cup and glanced at the door. "Jack still in there?"

"Yup," he replied as he popped the lid off his cup, the aroma of fresh roasted coffee filling his nostrils. He took a drink, the coffee still hot enough to slightly singe his tongue.

"Any idea how much longer?" she asked, concern evident in her tone.

Lowering his cup, Danny shook his head. "Nope." He cast a furtive glance at the door and frowned. "He's been in there close to an hour."

Just as the words left his mouth, the doors to the conference room swung open and

Jack appeared. He looked like how he always looked: unreadable. He met Danny's eyes in acknowledgement before Olcyzk stepped out of the conference room behind him. Danny watched as the two men spoke in hushed whispers, the expressions on their faces serious and resolved. Jack nodded and Olcyzk turned around to face him.

"Agent Taylor, you're up," he ordered.

Nodding, Danny stood up. He quickly glanced at Elena who softly whispered, "Good luck," before he walked up to where Jack and Olcyzk stood. Jack didn't say anything but merely pursed his lips and gave him a small nod of encouragement. He gave a small nod in return before stepping into the conference room ahead of Olcyzk.

Inside was a long table covered with files alongside a few pitchers of ice water and on a tray sat clean drinking glasses. Seated on the opposite side were a few agents representing OPR, Assistant Director Paula Van Doren, the Director of the FBI David Johnson, and an empty chair that, walking around the table, Olczyk occupied a few seconds later.

"Agent Taylor, have a seat," Director Johnson indicated without giving Danny as much as a glance.

Pulling out the chair in front of him, Danny sat down. The seat was still warm from when Jack had sat there and he quickly wondered if this is where the term "on the hot seat" originated. His throat went dry and he noticed that there was a half-empty glass of water in front of him that was mostly likely left by Jack as well.

"Agent Taylor," an agent Danny didn't recognize began, "Do you understand why we called you in here today?"


"Great, then let's get started shall we?" the agent replied as he reached over and clicked on the microphone in the center of the table. He leaned forward and began speaking into it. "We are about to hear the testimony of Special Agent Daniel Taylor. Present are SSA Frank Chapman, AD Alexander Olyzck, AD Paula Van Doren, Director David Johnson, and myself, Special Agent Andy Cole." Leaning back, the agent opened up a leather binder, shuffled some sheets of paper around in it and clicked his pen. Finally meeting Danny's eyes, he said, "Agent Taylor, let's begin with what you can tell us about the charges of treason against your teammate, Martin Fitzgerald?"

"It's wrong…" Danny uttered when the Director abruptly cleared his throat to interrupt him.

He looked over at Director Johnson who shot Special Agent Cole a warning look before facing Danny. "We just need you to go over how the investigation of a missing person led to the charges of treason against Martin Fitzgerald and his connection to Risto Mijatovic."

Shifting in his seat, Danny straightened his posture. "It's all there in my report, Sir. I don't know what I can add to it."

"Why don't you take us through it," Van Doren interjected; her voice soft and even. "Start at the beginning."

"The beginning," Danny repeated, with a sigh as he took a breath. He worked his jaw a few times and ran his tongue over his teeth as he carefully considered his words. He had been replaying the event of the last year over in his head, wondering how he missed all the signs; the clues that Martin wasn't the man he appeared to be. "Well, I guess it all really began almost a year ago. We were investigating the disappearance of Dian Grebo, a bouncer from Dobro Srce – a nightclub in Brooklyn." He lowered his eyes, focusing on the water in the pitcher as the memory of the last year washed over him. "He was reported missing by his girlfriend, Nina Komsic, who was a waitress at the club where he worked..."