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Daddy Blues


Baby Valentine


Blue eyes took in his companions in slight curiosity. They had all gathered together for an Avalanche picnic, and the women had washed their hands free of their responsibilities with the excuse of preparing lunch, drinks, and snacks. They were all sitting at a park on the outskirts of Edge, gathered around a small poker table that had been brought along and was now covered with cold beers and other drinks while they waited for the women to start cooking. Cid took a swig of his beer and scowled when tiny arms wrapped around his neck and squeezed.

"Let go, brat," he rasped out, but his arms curled around the small body of his baby girl. She looked at him with big blue eyes, near identical to his, and he had to smile at the sight of her blonde pigtails; the ones that Shera had become and expert at making. He had tried to do them himself once, suffice to say that he would never try it again. He looked at his companions and noticed that Valentine had been saddled with his own bundle of not-always-joy, but the little shrimp was sleeping peacefully in the arms of his father.

Next to him was Cloud, who was holding his two year old, and being forced to read a book about dinosaurs. Barret was off, trying to grab something to eat while the women nagged him, and Reeve was sitting with Red, the Turks Reno and Rude, and Rufus. What he found amusing was that the bald Turk was holding the newest addition to their group. The baby Turk happened to be Elena and Tseng's kid, and the Turks in question were standing together, talking quietly.

Cid was amused at the fact that all the children of the group seemed to have mysterious colored eyes. Sydney, whom Shera had decided to name, had blue eyes the color of the sky. Zack, Tifa and Cloud's kid, had also blue eyes, but his were more the color of the ocean. Rowan, Valentine junior, had the same ruby-garnet stare of his father. And Kimi, the tiny Turk, had eyes like green jewels. Each child had individual characteristics that made them—and yes he was biased—the most beautiful children on the planet. Now, a few years ago, he never would've allowed himself thoughts that made him all soft, but he was a dad now, and he loved his little pain-in-the-ass princess more than his own life. Aside from that, beer usually made him think too much. That was why he usually got drunk to the point of incoherence; so that he didn't have so many squishy thoughts, as Yuffie had pointed out once.

Vincent let out a sigh and looked at Cid as he took in all the children, and the fact that the men were willingly watching over them. He smirked to himself and looked down at the one-year-old in his arms. He was taking his nap for the afternoon, and Yuffie had brought the tiny tot over to him as soon as the boy had nodded off. His gloved hand moved through the child's silky black hair and watched as it fell back into place, much like Yuffie's.

"Going soft, eh Vince?" asked Cid, who still had the little blonde girl choking him around the neck.

Vincent grunted and looked at the girl, who was now pressing little kisses to Cid's cheek. "You shouldn't point your finger, Cid," was all he replied.

Cloud looked at him in amusement and pointed out the various colors the illustrator had used on the dinosaurs for his son. "I think to a point we've all gone soft. Children change life more than one could ever imagine," he said quietly.

Reeve walked over to sit with them and brought out a pack of cards. "Hey guys, want to play a hand of poker? Or are we too busy watching over your little bundles of joy?" he asked with an easy grin.

Barret walked over to join them too, and he looked peeved when his attempt at getting some food had been thwarted by Shera Highwind wielding a spatula at him threateningly. "What are we talkin' about now?" he asked.

"Fatherhood," Cloud replied.

"Going soft," Vincent added.

"Barret would know all about being soft," said Reeve, motioning to Marlene and Denzel, who were playing with Cait Sith and Red. She was now a twelve year old, while Denzel was fourteen.

"What?!" Barret snapped, glaring at the other man. "I did not go soft!"

The men all shared dubious glances but decided not to comment. Mostly because when Barret went off, there was no stopping his rants, and second, because he had a really big gun for an arm, even though it looked like a regular—made of metal—hand.

"Now that we're not being watched over the ladies, why don't you guys answer some questions for us who haven't been privy to the miracle of life?" asked Reeve slyly.

"What do you mean?" Cloud asked, handing little Zack a cookie once he set down his favorite book.

"The perv most likely wants to know where your brats were conceived," muttered Cid, who had finally eased Sydney's arms from around his neck, she was now peacefully drinking a bottle of juice while cradled in his arms.

Barret looked interested, but only for curiosity's sake. "Where were they conceived?" he asked with raised brows.

"On the roof of Seventh Heaven," said Cloud with a shrug.

"On board the Shera," Vincent said evenly, causing Cid to choke on his beer, and Cloud, Barret, and Reeve's jaws to drop.

"You were doin' what on my ship?!" Cid yelled, grabbing the attention of the women and the Turks. He also successfully woke up Rowan, who promptly began to cry. Sydney echoed him and the respective mother's of the tots walked over in worry.

"What the hell are you screaming for?" Yuffie snapped, taking her son in hers arms and trying to sooth him with gentle coos.

"Cid, you know better than to yell around the children," said Shera in annoyance, taking her daughter back as well.

"Never mind my screaming! I was just told that your brat was conceived on my damn ship!" he said darkly.

"Is that what got your panties in a bunch?" the ninja asked, blowing him off and waving a hand dismissively.

"I don't know why that shocks you, Cid," Shera said calmly. "Sydney was conceived in a WRO ship hangar, while Reeve was looking for you," she said smugly as he blushed.

The men and Yuffie had a chuckle at his expense and watched as the two women walked away. "You mean I was near by while it was happening?" Reeve asked, looking mildly disturbed.

"Shut it, Reeve," Cid snarled. "You go first, Valentine. Tells us of the miracle of life that involved the ninja. If it was anything like mine, I feel very sorry for you."

"The miracle of life?" asked Vincent faintly. He wasn't a man of many words, but he certainly had a lot to say about the nine long months he had spent watching Yuffie and their son grow. Yuffie was a natural-born drama queen, and her pregnancy had amplified that moment one hundred times more. He decided he would share the most vivid moments with his friends and team members the way he hadn't ever done before.


Vincent couldn't remember the last time he had been allowed enough space on his bed, in his room, in his home. It seemed as if a certain ninja had wormed her way into every aspect of his life, but he had gladly let her. He couldn't hold it against her. She was the light in his darkness, and he had desperately clung to her as offered him comfort and someone to trust in. He had been hesitant at first, since she had been so young and too full of life to burden her shoulders with his broken soul, but he had found that he had needed her desperately because she… she made him feel alive.

After defeating Omega and putting Lucrecia's memory to rest, he had wanted to start his life over and hoped that it hadn't been too late. Just about a year later, at a party celebration for saving the world too many damned times—as Cid put it—on a late night, he had kissed Yuffie and thanked her for always being there for him. He had made her cry, but she had been smiling the entire time. There were times when he couldn't understand where the constant cheer came from, but he was happy that she was happy. Their first night together had been magical—as cliché as that sounded—and it had been on the night of his birthday, with candles lighting his room, and Yuffie's skin softer than anything he had ever touched. It seemed that after that night, he hadn't been able to keep his hands off of her, and Yuffie was only happy to comply.

A few weeks before, they had gone to Cid and Shera's anniversary, and they had received the news that Mrs. Highwind was expecting her first baby, and was about three months along. They had celebrated the entire day and night, and the day after had gone back to Edge. During the flight, while Yuffie was slightly sedated to alleviate the air sickness, she had asked him if he had ever made love two-hundred thousand feet in the air.

Well, he certainly had now, and she had been more than eager, even in her sedated state. Vincent stared at his ceiling and wondered where life with Yuffie would keep taking him. He didn't mind the unknown anymore, but Yuffie was like a puzzle to him, and every piece that clicked together only made him see that there were many more amazing pieces that made up who she was. Did that make any sense? He asked himself, frowning a little. He smirked faintly to himself as she mumbled something in her sleep and reached for him. He gladly wrapped her in his arms as she snuggled her face into his chest.

"Vince?" she mumbled sleepily.

"Yes, Yuffie?"

"I have a peanut butter and jelly craving," Yuffie said with a grin.

Vincent pressed a kiss to the top of her head and made to sit up. "Let me move and I will make it for you," he said.

Yuffie hugged him a little tighter. "I can wait. I just want to hug you, Vinnie-bear," she said, cracking open one eye to see his reaction. She was quite pleased when he frowned. "You don't like my new pet name?" she giggled and released him when he tried to kiss her. "Morning breath, Vince. Not you, but me," she said, moving off to sit up. Something roiled in her stomach and she made a face. "Ugh. What did we eat yesterday?" she asked, feeling nauseous.

"You tried making some kind of stew," Vincent muttered before walking into the bathroom.

"For your information, Vincent Valentine, it was beef stew," she replied in annoyance, feeling her stomach turn at the mention of meat.

"Whatever you say, Yuffie," Vincent called from the other room before the water started running.

What the hell was wrong with her? She remembered Shera commenting about morning sickness and smirked, intending to shake the stoic Vincent Valentine.

Yuffie stood and grimaced as her stomach did a nasty dance. "Heya, Vince? You don't think I'm pregnant, do you?" she asked innocently, watching him freeze while he was starting to brush his teeth. He stared at her through the reflection in the mirror and blinked. "I mean, I am feeling nauseous."

Vincent scrubbed at his teeth thoroughly and rinsed his mouth before turning to look at his ninja, who still had that innocent look on her face. "Are you late?" he asked seriously.

"What?" she asked, a little smile on her face.

"Are you late?" he asked again, accentuating the word.

It was Yuffie's turn to blink. Shit. She hadn't even been serious, but now that he brought it up… she walked over to the calendar behind the bathroom door and made calculations. Double shit. "Heh, Vince, I was only kidding. My stomach was hurting, but it usually does when I invent something new in the kitchen," she said evasively, pushing him away from the sink so that she could wash her own face and teeth.

"You are on time then? The last time we were together without protection was while Cid was bringing us back from Rocket Town," said Vincent, standing behind her and watching her as she brushed her teeth.

Oh, she remembered that alright. She shook her head and rinsed her mouth before grabbing her brush and attacking her hair in near violence. "Vince, I was only kidding! I can't be pregnant. I mean, I don't mind, but I don't think either of us is ready for a baby—"

"Yuffie," he interrupted. "I'm over sixty years old. I wouldn't mind… unless… you do," he said quietly.

The ninja stopped brushing. "Of course I wouldn't mind, but having a kid freaks me the hell out!" she said dramatically. "I'm not even twenty-one yet!"

"Are you telling me then, that there is no possibility that you can be pregnant yet?" Vincent asked seriously.

Yuffie's eyes darted to the calendar and she hung her head. "Yeah. I think we need to stop by the drug store to pick up a test."

Nearly an hour later, they had returned from getting the test, and were sitting at the small dinner table near the living room. He had bought a small home in Edge, close by their friends, but in a place that was peaceful and had all the necessary places nearby. Currently, he was watching Yuffie as she stared at the pregnancy test, her knuckles were nearly white, but she hadn't even opened the box yet. "Yuffie…"

She jumped and looked at him in alarm. "Geez, Vince! I'm a little jumpy right now, stop freaking me out!" she exclaimed.

"My apologies," he murmured, unclasping his cloak and pulling off his golden gauntlet. Underneath the metal, there was a normal hand, clad in a matching black glove like his other. He leaned back in his chair and sighed. "You have to take it sooner or later. Wouldn't you prefer to leave the doubts behind?"

"I—ah, Vince, it's just that I'm… kinda scared. I want to have a kid, but at the same time I don't," she said honestly. "I thought that we would have more time alone before we actually got this serious," she said in a voice that was almost a whine.

Vincent moved closer to her and pulled her into a gentle kiss, his heart singing at how easily she gave him control and allowed him to do as he wished. Having a baby wouldn't be so bad. "Take the test and let's be done with it," he murmured before tugging gently on her lower lip.

Yuffie was a few kisses away from being a puddle of ninja, but she sobered at the mention of the test once more. He was right. There was no reason to freak out just yet. She stood, walked off to the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later, looking faintly pale. "We just have to wait for three minutes," she muttered, looking towards the clock.

Vincent nodded and stood to wrap her in his arms as she shook a little in his arms. "If you aren't, it will be okay. We will have more time to be together and then we will plan a little more carefully for when we are ready to have a child."

"You really want to have kids with me?" Yuffie asked, looking into his striking eyes.

"Why do you doubt it?" he asked softly.

"We haven't even talked about love yet," she said softly.

"You doubt that I love you?" he asked her instead.

Yuffie's face lit up. "Do you?"

He gave her a smile he had reserved for only her. "More than anything in the world. You're something special, Yuffie, and I am happy that you chose to be with me. Someone so broken and jaded."

"In case you haven't stopped to notice, Vince, we're both broken and jaded. That's why it freaks me out to bring a kid into this world. What if we screw him up?" she asked with a little grin that was almost a grimace.

"You'll be a great mother, no matter when it happens," he said in reassurance, kissing her once more. "Now, I think the three minutes are up," he said, pulling her towards their bedroom.

"I can't!" Yuffie said, breathing a little quick. "You go see it and then tell me!" she said, falling onto the bed on her back. She was feeling queasy again and couldn't tell if it was the friggin' morning sickness—if she was indeed pregnant—or the anxiousness.

Vincent sighed and walked into the bathroom to get the test and the box. He read the instructions as he walked out of the restroom and then looked at the test. Yuffie was leaning on her elbows, biting her lip and waiting for him to say something. "Well?!"

"It's negative," he replied.

Her eyes were wide as she blinked at him. "What?"

"It's negative," Vincent repeated, setting down the test on the nightstand and taking a seat next to Yuffie.

She leaned back on the bed and sniffled a little. "I'm such a baby," she muttered, turning away from Vincent when her eyes watered. "Why am I crying if I was so freaked out about this to begin with?" she asked, voice cracking.

Vincent leaned over her and kissed her again, lips searching and hands gentle as he cupped her face and as her fingers slid into his mass of soft hair. "Did you want the test to be positive?" he murmured, staring into her soft, brown eyes. They were more like dark chocolate, especially when she allowed any emotion to enter them.

A few tears trailed down from the corner of her eyes and she shrugged. "Maybe," she said evasively. "While we picked out the test, I started wondering what we would name a baby that was half yours and half mine. What he or she would look like. How we would handle sleepless nights that had nothing to do with discovering each other's body," she said, blushing a little. "Maybe I am ready to have a baby with you," she said with another sniffle.

"Well, it's a good thing then, that I gave you the wrong answer," said Vincent calmly.

"What?!" she shrieked, surging forward and bumping their foreheads together painfully. "Are you telling me that it's positive?!" she kept up her shrill tone, rubbing her aching head.

Vincent rubbed at his forehead too and sat up, motioning towards the test. "Look for yourself," he muttered.

Yuffie leapt to her feet and read the instructions before looking at the stick. It was positive! She did all she could do at the news. She screamed. It wasn't of anger, or disappointment, not even fear. She threw herself at Vincent and knocked the air out of him as she landed on top of him on the bed. She wasn't very heavy, but she had lunged herself at him with enough force to make him expel all the air in his lungs. "You idiot!" she yelled, punching him in the shoulder.

"Must you be so physically abusive?" he deadpanned.

Yuffie just grinned and kissed him, running her hands through his hair again. "That wasn't funny. You made me cry," she said with a small pout.

"I'm sorry," he said, frowning. He never wanted to make her cry ever again. Especially now that they had confirmed that she was expecting a baby. He frowned. "I don't think you should be body slamming me like that anymore," he murmured, pushing her bangs away from her eyes. "You could hurt the baby."

Yuffie sat up and straddled him. "Geez, you're right," she muttered. "Do you see why I was so freaked out in the first place? I don't know anything about babies or being pregnant!" she wailed.

Vincent pulled her back down and then flipped them over so that he was on top. "That's what the doctor is there for. We will both learn, little by little," he said as he began to kiss her neck.

The ninja's eyes slid closed and she let out a little sigh of pleasure. "Heh, the gang is going to freak out when we tell them," she whispered before his lips covered hers hotly.




"Vince? Wake up!"


"I have a craving," she said, prodding him in the side.

"Yuffie… it's one o'clock in the morning. You're hungry now?" he asked in annoyance. "Didn't you eat an entire pizza on your own for dinner?"

"It was a small pizza," she said petulantly, turning on the light and sitting up. "You ate half of it, so don't give me any lip. Your baby is hungry and he or she is craving a chili burger with extra-extra pickles from that all night place. Oh, and don't forget the extra thick chocolate shake."

Vincent felt like placing a pillow over his head and ignoring her completely. Barely three months into the pregnancy, and already she was driving him mad. The past week had been nothing but cravings, and the last two nights had been cravings in the middle of the night. Tonight made three. He sat up reluctantly and pulled on his cloak over his black pajama shirt. All he did was change his pants, pull on his boots and walk out of the door, nearly dragging his feet. About thirty minutes later, he was sitting with her in bed, watching her eat with so much gusto that he was starting to get cravings. That was, until she dipped the pickles into the milkshake. He made a face and had he not been so schooled at not giving away his thoughts, he would've maybe even gagged a little.

"That… tastes good to you?" Vincent murmured.

Yuffie nodded and kept eating. She was finished in a matter of ten minutes, and she sat back, nearly glowing in pleasure, satisfied that her stomach was full. "Thank you so much, Vince," she said, smiling. "The baby and I thank you." She patted her stomach and watched as Vincent reached a hand over and placed it on the still flat skin. It wasn't as taut as it had been before she had gotten pregnant, but there was no bump as of yet.

He gave her a half smile and then moved to pull off his regular pants in favor for the matching pajama bottoms. Then he laid back down and turned on his side to try to get some more sleep. Yuffie sighed to herself and watched him for a moment. She didn't know why it bothered her that he was trying to get back to sleep, but it did. Her hormones had been all over the place for the past month, and sometimes—no—all the time, Vincent was the one who took the brunt of her mood swings. She sighed and turned off the light before quietly getting off of the bed and walking out of their room and towards the one right next to theirs.

It was just barely half done, but she could feel the love and the effort that was going into the room. The walls were already painted a soft yellow with a pastel green, her favorite color of course. The ceiling had been left white, but there were sponge stamps in the shape of moons and stars over it. Cloud and Tifa had helped out with the painting of the nursery only last month. Tifa had been more than happy to volunteer her man, and Cloud had known better than to contradict his martial artist wife. Yuffie smiled to herself and took a seat on the only piece of furniture in the room. The smell of paint was gone, and the carpet had been placed, but no other furniture had been purchased yet, and the rocking chair had been a gift from Cid. She sat down and let out a sigh, wondering at how long babies took to be born. She knew that it was nine months, but she meant the time spent waiting and growing together. She was still freaked out, but the more time passed, the more Vincent convinced her that they would be good parents.

"What are you doing?" Vincent asked quietly, noticing that she was slowly rocking herself in the dark, half-done nursery.

"I can't go back to sleep just yet. Too full," she replied just as quietly.

He frowned to himself. "Why didn't you just stay in the room? Aren't you cold?"

Yuffie nodded. "Just a little. But don't worry, I'll go to sleep in a few more minutes," she said, telling him that it was okay for him to leave." Vincent reluctantly did so and left her alone in the room. She sat there for about thirty minutes, maybe even a bit more. She didn't know since there was no clock; and she thought about Vincent and their baby, and what she would do once she had him or her in her arms. Probably a whole lot of crying. It was a good thing she wasn't crying over everything, the way Cid said Shera was doing. She was three months ahead in her pregnancy, and already they knew that they were having a girl. Shera teased Cid with calling the little girl Sidney; spelled different than his name on purpose. By the time Yuffie crawled back into bed, it was passed two in the morning and she knew she would sleep in late in the morning, if she didn't get the urge to puke before.

She smiled when Vincent's arms curled around her and he pulled her against his chest. "I was beginning to wonder if you had fallen asleep on the rocking chair," he murmured against her cheek.

A thought occurred to her. "Have you been awake all this time?" she asked, her thumb rubbing over the knuckles of the hand on her stomach. He nodded, but offered no other comment as he relaxed against her. Yuffie smiled in the dark and just lay there quietly. Eventually, she gave into her tiredness and fell into a peaceful sleep with Vincent's arms warm and protective around her.


"This is a load of crap. Why do we have to suffer through this? If you think about it, it's kinda humiliating!"

"I'm with the brat on this one," said a certain grumpy pilot. "I've had to suffer through this thing every week for the past two months, and I haven't learned shit."

"Mind your language here," said Shera, rubbing at her seventh month belly.

Vincent sighed and wasn't all comfortable either, but he and Yuffie had agreed that the class would probably teach them many more things that they didn't know about her pregnancy and her labor to come. He was actually dressed normal for once. He had left his cloak at their home and was in a pair of relaxed pants and a black dress shirt. He shifted uncomfortably when a few other expecting parents came over to introduce themselves.

Yuffie nearly burst into loud guffaws when a woman asked her if Cid was her husband. "Naw," she said with a laugh. "Cid here is my grandpa. He's married to Shera and he's twice her age. No, my baby daddy is the tall, dark, and mysterious one right there," she said, hitching a thumb towards Vincent.

"Fuckin' brat, I ain't that old!" Cid exclaimed, earning an elbow in the stomach from Shera, who looked thoroughly annoyed.

The woman tried to keep her polite smile. "Oh, well, it's certainly nice to meet you. I am Cindy and I am the new instructor. The old one, ironically is on maternity leave. It's always great when we receive new expectant parents. How far along are you?"

Yuffie patted her small bump. "Just four months, but Vince and I decided to start learning all we need to know long before the baby is due."

"Well, that's a great start. Go ahead and grab a mat and take a seat. Daddy's-to-be, you will sit behind your partner as her support. Today we will go over the breathing exercises for the new parents and then we will watch a birthing video," Cindy said before walking off to introduce herself to other pregnant parents.

Cid made a face. "Shit, I forgot that the other woman told us that we would be watching that fuckin' video today. I had started to wonder when she would pop. She was unnaturally inflated," he muttered, chewing on a toothpick.

"She was having twins, Cid," said Shera darkly. "Now hush up and let's take our places on the floor. I've wanted to watch that video since they told us about it."

Yuffie and Vincent watched the other couple and did as the others did. After awkward introductions on her and Vincent's part, and after a giggle fit when Shera berated Cid for cursing in his intro, the class began. The ninja watched in alarm as they were instructed to sit in bizarre positions and breathe in very strange techniques. How was that going to help? She didn't think she would be able to remember all of that when the labor came around. Hell, she had forgotten by the time the video of the woman in labor came around. She swallowed hard as she watched the woman struggle and the gruesome picture giving birth really was.

"Magical time, my ass," Cid muttered from beside them.

Vincent squeezed her hand in his when the baby finally popped out, and they both realized that they would probably have many, many nightmares after the whole experience. Yuffie realized that he was as freaked out as she, but hid it much better. "I'm supposed to go through all that?" she nearly yelled as they walked out of the class and made towards a restaurant nearby. Despite the horrifically disturbing birthing video, she and Shera were hungry.

"I'm sure it will be okay," said Vincent, not sounding at all convinced.

"Speak for yourself, buddy! You won't be the one squeezing a watermelon through something this size!" she said, curling her thumb and pointer finger into a small space. She knew she was freaking out, but it was better to do it now, than when the labor would be upon her.

"Yuffie…" Vincent stopped her as Cid and Shera walked into the restaurant to get a table and to give them a private moment. "You will see that in the end it won't matter. We will have our baby and the labor will be a distant memory."

She knew that he was trying to be supportive and comforting, but she didn't give a rat's ass. The woman in the video had suffered like nothing in the world, not even falling off of Dao Chao and breaking her leg in different places had looked as painful. "Fine," she hissed, going for the door. "But… you… get diaper duties when the baby is born."

Vincent sighed to himself and decided to put this conversation in the back of his mind for now. Distantly, he realized that Chaos would've been cackling at the situation he found himself in now and would be for the next twenty years or so.


"What do you think about… Bambi?" Yuffie asked, looking up from her brand new book of baby names. Vincent had given it to her as a gift the day before, but she was barely up to the B's in girl names.

Vincent stopped walking as they stood in the middle of various cribs of different colors, shapes, and sizes in the baby store that had been voted the best in Edge. "Bambi...? For what?" he asked, not daring to even assume it was a name for their baby. Dear Leviathan, Bambi Valentine?

"For the baby, of course," she said. She knew she would never name her baby Bambi, but it was funny to see the reactions on Vincent's face when she suggested a particularly ridiculous name. She was just over the six month mark, and was literally glowing in her short, green sun-dress. She had let her hair grow out a little, and had left behind her own headband. She smiled at him expectantly and Vincent just shook his head, hoping that he didn't push her into some type of crying fit. "I was just kidding, Vince. I don't like that name either." Yuffie turned to a page that was on the other half, where the boy's names were and looked thoughtful. "What about Cornelius or… Maximus?"

Vincent was starting to feel a headache coming on. Why had he bought her the damned book in the first place? Had he not recognized that the book was called, The Book of What you Shouldn't Name Your Baby? Well, he was being a tad dramatic, but living with Yuffie and the pregnancy for six months already was beginning to work on dissolving his hard earned patience. He looked at a white crib that was a beautiful work of craftsmanship and decided it would be best to not voice his opinion. "What do you think of this crib?"

"It's beautiful, but… you haven't given me an answer yet!" she said with a pout. She had still been yanking his chain, but the fact that he refused to participate in naming their baby was giving her the urge to…

Vincent sighed. "Don't cry," he murmured, rubbing the tears from her cheek. "I don't like either of those names, honestly."

"I didn't either, but I still expect you to participate," Yuffie whined. "This is our baby and he or she is half yours and half mine. We both have to have an equal part in raising him or her."

Vincent nodded and wrapped her in his arms, aware that they were being watched by other customers and the salespeople. "How about… if the baby is a boy, we name him Rowan?" he asked softly.

Her eyes were a little puffy as she looked up at him. "Why Rowan?"

"I remember I had a best friend back in Wutai when I was a small boy. His name was Rowan. I… don't know what happened to him, but I do remember that I cared for him as if he were my brother."

Yuffie smiled and nodded. "I think that name would be perfect. And if we have a girl… how about we name her Korin?"

"Why Korin?" he asked as they began to inspect the cribs once more.

"My mother's middle name," Yuffie said fondly. Oddly enough, the memory of her mother brought a smile to her face and no tears.

"I hope we have a girl then," said Vincent with a small smile. Yuffie hugged him tightly and nodded. "How about we find the crib now and go get a cheeseburger with extra-extra pickles?" he asked with a small smirk.

"Having cravings, are we?" Yuffie asked, rubbing the spot when she could feel the baby kicking.

"A bit," he admitted, rubbing her stomach as well. He just hoped that his cravings didn't stretch out as far as dipping pickles into a chocolate shake went.





"… ngghh…"

"Do you still think I'm pretty?"

"What?" he asked, the sleep veil receding a little.

"I'm huge," she said, voice sounding watery. "It's been days since we last made love," she said with a sniffle.

Vincent turned to face her. She was nearly in a sitting position because of the various pillows trying to make her comfortable now that she was close to her due date. He sat up next to her and refrained from making a comment that it was nearly three in the morning this time. He took her hand in his and pressed a kiss to her knuckles. "I think that no matter what, you will always be beautiful. We haven't made love because you've been more tired than usual. And that's okay, it's almost time for the baby to come. You should get all the rest you can."

Yuffie nodded, but couldn't stop the sniffle she felt coming. Vincent leaned forward and kissed her gently, taking extra care with her. Of course he still found her beautiful. She could've been covered in mud and he still would've wanted her, but he had been worried that any type of that… contact would affect the baby, despite the reassurances of the doctor that it wouldn't. He had been itching to touch Yuffie for a few days now, but had refrained; he just hadn't known that she would react this way because he hadn't made a move. She gasped and pulled away from him.

"Either that was one hell of a kiss…" she muttered, "or I think my water just broke," she said with wide eyes.

Vincent looked at her in surprise and then realized that the bed was indeed soaked through where she sat. "Are you in pain?" he asked quickly, sitting up straighter.

"A little. Shera said that it can take a while after the water breaks," Yuffie said calmly. She looked at Vincent and felt her heart skip a beat when he kissed her again. "We're having a baby," she murmured.

Vincent stood and quickly dressed, grabbing a few articles of clothing for her, including a dress she had had ready for this occasion, her coat and shoes, and the baby bag. "Should we go now?" he asked.

Yuffie shook her head when she realized how far apart her contractions were. She was unnaturally calm for a first mother, and she knew it, but her mother had taught her to endure pain, and right now it wasn't so bad. "Let's wait for a little bit, and then we'll go. Just help me up so that I can change, okay?"

Vincent did as she requested and felt his knees shake a little. Everything he had lived, everything he had done paled in comparison to this moment. He was going to be a father. Yuffie was going to be the mother of his child. He could've never hoped for anything as amazing and pure as this.


Yuffie held back a scream as her contractions began to come closer and closer. Gone was her control and her calm. All she could think about was the pain and how much she hated Vincent and every other man who decided to poke his head into her hospital room. Shera and Tifa were sitting with her, holding her hand and giving her encouraging words as they tried to help her breathe during the contractions. "I'm going to castrate Vincent so that he never does this to me again!" she exclaimed as another one hit her.

"I had the same thoughts on Cloud," Tifa said as she wiped the sweat from Yuffie's forehead with a damp cloth. "But the end result is what matters," she assured her friend.

Shera nodded and kept the count of how far apart her contractions were and how long. "You just wait until you hold your baby for the first. There's no experience as amazing as that one."

"It's been nearly twelve hours," Yuffie said with a gasp of pain.

There was a knock at the door and the doctor walked in to check on Yuffie once more. She had been by almost an hour before, and Yuffie was ready to murder someone if she had to wait another hour. "Okay, Yuffie," she said with a smile. "I think we're just about ready to get that baby out." The doctor had a nurse help her sit up and Tifa and Shera walked out to let Vincent in. It took about another thirty minutes with the pushing and the heaving and the cursing Vincent to the deepest pits of hell, but despite the excruciating pain, Tifa was right, the end result was what mattered.

Vincent kissed her just he heard the cry of their baby once the doctor had him out. He had held Yuffie's hand and endured her cursing, but he said nothing and only wondered at the type of pain she was feeling. "Congratulations! It's a boy!" the doctor said brightly. Then she moved over and handed Vincent a tightly wrapped bundle that was covered in white goop and red all over, and he stared into tiny red eyes as the baby cried loudly, squirming. There was nothing like holding such a small but separate piece of himself for the first time. In that moment, it was very clear that his life would never be the same.

Aside from the shock of black hair, and the red eyes, the baby would most likely look like Yuffie. Vincent smirked and handed him over to his ninja, watching her as she looked at the boy and began to cry. "Hello, my little Rowan," she said, voice cracking. She pressed a kiss to his tiny nose and smiled when his mouth opened wide.

"Oh, I think he's hungry. Let's get you both cleaned up and then we'll take him to your room so that he can eat," said the nurse who had assisted the doctor.

Yuffie nodded and looked at Vincent tiredly, still listening to the amazing lungs her son had. "I'm sorry for cussing you out," she said with a faint, tired smile.

Vincent just took her hand in his and kissed her gently once more. "As long as you didn't cause me any bodily harm, we're both okay," he said, giving her a proud look. "We'll be good parents," he assured her.

"I know we will," she replied, squeezing his hand.


"Bleh, you see? He went soft after the birth of his kid!" Cid exclaimed.

"I thought I told you not to point fingers, Cid," said Vincent, standing and walking towards Yuffie, who was still trying to get Rowan to calm down. The boy had just recently turned one, and they had gotten together to celebrate his birthday, and three months before, they had celebrated Sydney's.

"Hah, can't even take a joke!" Cid called, turning to his companions. "Spiky, you're next. What's all this kinky shit about your kid getting conceived on Seventh Heaven's roof?"

Vincent smirked to himself and approached Yuffie, who was talking to the other women. "He won't quiet?" he asked, noting that Rowan was looking grumpy, much like Yuffie early in the morning. As soon as he saw him, the baby reached for him. Vincent took him when Yuffie handed him over and smiled.

"Can you guess why we're all here?" Yuffie asked with a mischievous grin, walking with him a little distance away from the group. Rowan finally quieted and looked sleepy in Vincent's arms. He gave her a questioning look. "Well, it appears that it's still a surprise, but Shera is expecting again. Stupid Cid, didn't he learn from the damned Lamaze classes? I can't believe they're going through it all again."

The gunman gave her a smirk and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Was it really such a horrifying experience?" he asked her.

"Let's ask Reeve to come up with a way of getting a man pregnant. Maybe then you'll see that I wasn't exaggerating," she said with a small glare. "But I guess you're right. I'm being dramatic. I can't guarantee anything, but I'll think about giving you another baby in the future. Once Rowan is a little older. Well, maybe a lot older," she said with a grin.

Vincent looked down at the child in his arms when he felt tiny hands on his face. Rowan was looking at him from behind crimson eyes, framed by the darkest lashes he had ever seen. He had been right. The boy had Yuffie's face, even though his coloring was all his. He had cherished every milestone of his son's, and realized that he was done with repenting for his sins. He had two things to look forward to and he didn't mind suffering through another nine months of Yuffie hormones, as he had taken to calling them in his head. "Thank you for making me happy," he said to Yuffie.

She grinned and nodded. "Goes both ways, Vinnie-bear," she said with a teasing note in her voice. Yuffie let out a happy laugh when his eyebrows scrunched together in displeasure. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed a kiss to her son's nose as Vincent wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Say cheese!" Tifa called before there was a flash and she caught them in an amazingly sweet picture.

"Hey, Vince!" Cid called. "Don't you wanna hear Cloud's story?"

Vincent looked at Yuffie as she grabbed Rowan from him and walked back to the women. "You better tell me all about these stories you guys are sharing once we go home," she called, smiling at him.

In that moment, Vincent came to the conclusion that he had never been so happy. Watching the smile on Yuffie's face, and how easily she was holding their son. The boy was an amazing little creature that the faiths had blessed them with, and he couldn't think of living his life without them now. He let out a sigh and made his way back to his old friends, who were having a laugh at Cloud's expense. Time to hear what other horrors the other men had gone through, he thought with a smirk.

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