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But when I wake, It's all been erased, and so it seems...

Only In Dreams-

Chapter 1
Disgust, and Fantasies

Deidara cried out in ecstasy as Sasori entered him gently, he had been waiting for this moment for a long time, ever since he had realized his feelings for the puppet master were much more then that of just simple respect, he loved him. Secretly, he had been watching him for a long time now, his favorite time to watch Sasori, was when he worked on his puppets.
He always looked so serious, lost deep in concentration, he would softly brush his messy crimson hair from his forehead, pursing his lips slightly as he made yet another delicate adjustment. He was beautiful, creating his art, lost so completely in his obsession. He turned his attention back to the man inside him, rocking his hips slowly in time with the older mans thrusts, he felt a wave of intense pleasure course through his body as the older man hit that sweet spot deep inside him, at the same time moving his hand to grasp his neglected weeping member, stroking it gently in time with his movements. He couldn't suppress the moan that escaped his lips.
"Ahh..god, un! sssasori Danna!, so...good"
Sasori smiled down at him, leaning in closely and claiming his lips in a kiss that didn't seem to last long enough.
"I love you, Deidara"

Sasori awoke, stirred suddenly from his sleep by the strange noises erupting from his still slumbering partner. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes, turning to look at the slumbering form of Deidara on the other side of the room.
The blond was still deeply asleep, his lithe body wrapped around his pillow, and his blanket entwined between his legs, he was rocking his hips suggestively against the soft fabric, his lips parted as more strange sounds escaped them. Sasori froze as he heard his name uttered quietly.

"Yeah...mmm...Sasori Danna, right there...Don't stop..."

The redheads face twisted into a look of utter disgust, it wasn't hard to guess what his blond partner was dreaming about.

Sasori claimed his lips in another passionate kiss, moving his free hand to tangle in his long mess of blond hair, smiling lovingly at him as he uttered sweet nothings into his ears.
"You're so beautiful, Deidara, like an angel..."
"Oh, Sasori, I love you so much, un!"
The scorpion simply smiled at him, thrusting himself deeper and deeper into the wonderful tight heat below him. Making the younger man cry out over and over in pleasure as he brushed that marvelous bundle of nerves inside him. The hand on his member beginning to stroke harder and faster, trying desperatly to bring him to release. He cried out, shuddering as he released into Sasori's hand, feeling the older man release inside him seconds later, filling him to the brim, making him complete.
"I know I've said it a thousand times but, I love you Deidara"

Deidara was suddenly awoken by the all the noise around the base and Hidan screaming at Kakazu about god knows what. He cursed them silently, pulling him away from his wonderful dream. He slid out of bed, slowly realizing that the thin fabric of his pajama pants was sticking to his leg...Yeah that must have been an amazing dream. He stripped his soiled pajama bottoms and boxers off with ease and grabbed a fresh pair of pants and underwear before heading to the shower to wash himself off.

Sasori sat, sipping his coffee in silence at the kitchen table, in the kitchen Kakazu and Hidan were bickering yet again about some stupid nonsense, he was mostly tuning out the conversation. His mind was still horror struck at what he had heard Deidara say in his sleep the night before, it was disgusting! He never in a million years thought he would hear something like that come out of the brats mouth, conscious or not. His mind was ablaze with a million questions that desperatly needed answers, questions he would never dare to ask. Was the blond really dreaming that Sasori was making love to him?! Did Deidara have feelings for the scorpion that he was completely oblivious to?. He needed to know, he needed to hear from Deidara that this was all just some kind of misunderstanding.

The blond emerged from his shower, tying his long hair into a towel and wrapping another around his waist, drying himself off completely before dressing into a pair of baggy black lounge pants and a blue t-shirt. Drying his hair and brushing it out before tying it into his usual pony-tail, he made his way into the kitchen for breakfast and coffee. Walking straight to the refrigerator, he had to dodge a fist as Hidan swung violently in Kakazu's direction, he grabbed a bagel and some cream-cheese making his way to the coffee pot quickly just in case Hidan pulled something. He grabbed his personal mug, a decent sized blue one with doves on it, and poured himself a rather large cup of coffee, adding only a spoonful of sugar and a healthy amount of creamer. Putting a small amount of cream-cheese on his bagel he took a seat at the table across from Sasori.
"Good morning, Danna, did you sleep well?"
was the only response he got from the older redhead.
He took a large bite of his bagel chewing on it for awhile, before turning his attention to the two men arguing in the kitchen.
"Oi! what the hell are you guys fighting about now, un?"
The men stopped their argument momentarily to answer the blonds question.

Hidan spoke first. "Well this fucking ASSHOLE right here, sold the victims I was keeping for my rituals, because he's a cheap SHIT HEAD!"

Kakazu rolled his eyes at the silver haired man. "Well if YOU hadn't been a complete moron, and thrown your scythe threw the T.V. when that movie you were watching didn't end the way you wanted it to then we wouldn't be in this mess!"

The silver haired man glared daggers at the stitched ninja, who glared back, his glowing green orbs just as intense with anger. Turning and ignoring the blond they went right back to bickering.
Deidara rolled his eyes, sometimes those two were worse then a married couple. He turned his attention back to Sasori, who was still calmly sipping his coffee and seemingly ignoring the rest of the world.
"So, Danna I was thinking about going into town today to get some supplies, do you want to come along?"
Sasori looked up at Deidara in disgust, as if that simple question had severely offended him.
Deidara sighed brushing some loose strands of hair from his face.
"Well then, do you need me to pick anything up for you? You could give me a list or something, un?"
Sasori slammed his hands down onto the kitchen table, it was quite obvious to everyone in the room that he was infuriated.
"Brat, don't sit and act so casually with me!"
Deidara looked at Sasori, utterly puzzled as to why the older man was behaving this way.
"What the hell?, Danna what did I do to you,un?"
The blond scratched his head, he really couldn't think of anything he could have possibly done to piss Sasori off this much.
"Are you mad because I asked you to go into town with me?"
The older ninja rolled his eyes.
Deidara was trying desperatly to come up with some sort of reason, for Sasori's seemingly inexplicable anger.
"Was I snoring too loudly last night? Did you not sleep well, un?"
The redhead balled his hands into fists, his body trembling in anger, his voice was gruff as he spoke.
"Well, you did something last night, and yes you kept me awake"
The blond looked at the older man apologetically.
"Whatever it was that I did, Danna I'm sincerely sorry that it kept you up,un"
Sasori looked up at his blond partner, hatred and rage obvious in his eyes.
"Why what, Danna? I don't understand?"
The redhead trembled harder, it looked as though he were about to burst.
"Why the HELL, were you moaning MY name in your sleep, last night? Explain that, brat!"

All of the commotion in the kitchen came to an abrupt stop, all at once. Hurriedly Kakazu
began pushing Hidan in the direction of their room, not bothering to continue his argument with the silver haired man, they could sort this out later, right now they needed to get the hell out of here, before the redhead snapped.
The blond stared for a second, utterly confused as to what the hell his Danna was talking about.
"Danna, I don't know, wha..."
He was cut off abruptly by Sasori
"Don't pull that innocent shit with me, brat!. You know very well what I'm talking about, you were fucking MOANING in your SLEEP!"
Deidara's face twisted in pure terror, He said the first and only words that came to his mind not even thinking to stop himself.
"Oh shit.."