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Mind blowing
Super sexy, So delicious

Finger Lickin' Good

Sasori ripped the towel from Deidara's waist, loosening the sash on his pants he let them slide from his slender hips, as he teasingly ran the tip of his arousal along the bombers entrance.
"I know what you really want, Deidara"
He whispered into the blonds ear, leaning down and nipping at his neck.
"You want me inside you don't you?"

Deidara swallowed hard, nodding his head sheepishly, Sasori continued his ministrations, running his hands along Deidara's hips softly, as he reached around, again gripping the younger mans member, stroking it slowly.

"You want me to make you moan like a whore, pound into you so hard you're begging for more?"

Deidara shuddered, moaning loudly as he nodded again.

Sasori released his grip on Deidara's member, shoving the other man down to the bed harshly, straddling him, as he forcibly ground his hips into the others. The redhead leaned down, claiming the blonds lips in a ferocious kiss, whispering against his lips."Then beg for it"

The bomber moaned loudly, trying with all his might to make his mouth form words, he couldn't believe this was really happening, this had to be just another one of his dreams. There was no way that this was real, he closed his eyes tight, willing himself to wake up, making himself believe that once they were open, he would. He would be in his bed, drenched in sweat, and alone, Sasori sleeping peacefully on the other side of the room. He opened his eyes slowly, expecting Sasori to be gone, but there he was on top of him, naked and aroused, still grinding his erection against the bombers.

Deidara took a shaky breath, moaning his plea to the older man.


Sasori smirked, grinding his hips harder into the blonds as he spoke.

"Please what, Deidara?"

The blond moaned out his response, forcing himself to form words before this lust filled haze consumed him completely.


The scorpion's lips curled into a malicious grin, as he stopped his motions, placing his fingers in front of the blond's lips.

"Suck, brat, you wouldn't want me tearing that sweet little ass of yours now would you?"

The bomber took the small digits into his mouth hungrily, sucking slowly, almost tantalizingly,rolling his tongue skillfully, making the older man shudder with desire.

Feeling the redhead shiver, the younger man sped up, his heart was racing his mind going blank as he let his lust consume him, letting it become his driving force. He pushed the older man back, his hand making its way to wrap around the redheads cock, pumping him roughly as he continued sucking sensually on his fingers. The tongue from his mouth hand snaking its way around Sasori's arousal as Deidara quickened his pace.

The scorpion couldn't stifle the moan that escaped his lips, snapping himself out of his daze he pushed the younger man off of him, asserting his dominance as he forcibly ripped the fingers from the blonds mouth, positioning them at his entrance and shoving two into him roughly.

Deidara cried out his pain filled moan soon becoming one of pleasure, as the puppet master began making wonderful scissoring motions inside him. He thrust his hips upwards loosing himself completely in the strangely wonderful sensation.
"Danna...ah...need...you...inside...please" he cried out, pleading with the older man to take him, he wanted this, he needed it. Sasori looked up to meet the younger mans eyes, his cock twitching with need at the sight before him. His cheeks flushed a deep shade of pink, his lips moist and kissable, that long sheet of silken golden hair spread out on the pillows around him like a halo, his cerulean blue eyes teary and lust hazed, it was almost pathetic, yet it made him want the bomber even more. He held all the power in the universe over the blond, if only for this moment in time.

Gently removing his fingers from the blond, he positioned himself hastily at the younger mans entrance, easing in slowly. Deidara couldn't take it anymore, thrusting his hips upwards wildly, forcing the older man to move, to take him hard. Sasori grunted, feeling the tight warmth of Deidara, who at the moment was practically raping himself on him, and quickened his pace, slamming into the younger man as roughly as he could.
Deidara was in heaven, this was bliss, everything he had dreamed of and more, it was amazing feeling his Danna move inside him, becoming one with every thrust, as he dove deeper and deeper. Getting closer and closer to pushing him over the edge. His body was on fire, pleasure burning deep into the core of his being. Without thinking he tightened his grip on the redheads shoulders, digging his nails into the older man roughly, earning a low growl from the scorpion, who promptly ripped the bombers hands away from himself, flipping the younger man over onto his stomach in one flawless motion. Digging his hands furiously into the soft sheets of the bed, Deidara moaned loudly, biting his pillow hard in a futile attempt to silence himself, his whole body convulsing, and his vision going white as Sasori thrust abusively against that special spot deep inside of him. He wasn't going to be able to take much more of this, the pleasure was almost unbearable, almost painful. His cock weeping, pulsating with the need for release, neglected he couldn't stop himself from reaching and grabbing ahold of it, pumping himself roughly in time with Sasori's thrusts.

The older man watched the bomber intently as he played with himself, Sasori couldn't help the satisfied smile that spread across his lips, he in a matter of minutes had torn away all of the younger mans self control, and he found a sick sort of satisfaction in the god like feeling of power it gave him, and at the moment, he wanted nothing more then to exercise that power. He gripped the blonds hips firmly, pulling out of the younger man completely, before thrusting back in almost agonizingly slow. He lived in this moment to hear the delicious sound of Deidara begging, begging him to fuck him hard, to stop teasing, to tear him to shreds, begging like the whore he was.

He wasn't disappointed.

"Ah...Dannaaa...please...please...ahhh." The moaned whisper that escaped the blonds lips was almost inaudible, if the scorpion hadn't been waiting to hear it, he wouldn't have at all. The smile on his lips only widened as he laughed to himself lowly, by the time this was over he would have the blond praying for his touch again. He dug his nails sharply into the younger mans hips as he slammed back into him with an astonishing amount of force, relishing the loud almost painful moan that escaped Deidara's lips, the blond so lost in playing with himself and keeping up with Sasori, he almost didn't realize the older man had released inside of him. with a few more rough jerks he soon followed, his hand mouth licking up the salty substance greedily.

He turned timidly to face Sasori, his arms outstretched, beckoning the scorpion to come back and lay with him. sasori scoffed placing his hand gently on the bombers face, cupping his chin as he leaned close, nibbling the lobe of the younger mans ear he whispered softly.

"Only in your dreams, Deidara"

Before turning coyly and making his way back to his own side of the room, smiling darkly when he heard the heartbroken sleepless whimpers of the brat across the room. If he wanted love, he was going to have to beg alot better then that. He was going to enjoy playing this little game with his new favorite toy.

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