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Learning to Grow, Live, and Love

By: firewu

Chapter One: A Firm Hand

"What do you plan on doing with me?!" A teenage boy hollered. The boy who was yelling was tied tightly to a chair in a bedroom. He was rather short, had messy blue hair, and angry looking blue eyes.

"I've heard of your little adventures and everything you've been doing to avoid me." Said a man who was standing in front of the teenage boy. He smiled down at the youth with a creepy smile.

"No Shit! Of course I've been avoiding you Belliume!" The boy spat. His shirt was suddenly being cuffed in Belliume's fist.

"Don't use that language in front of me Maki, and noir do I appreciate you're shouting. " Belliume said sternly releasing Maki's shirt and stepping back again.

"You can't tell me what to do! Who the hell do you think you are? Wait, I know exactly who you are. Your one of Ken's shitty scum shit who work for him! You and his bastards have been on my case ever since…" Maki paused with tears in his eyes. "Ever since you bastards killed Arreo! You bastards know what you did! You're all going to pay to for what you did to my friend! I swear your going to wish your were dead, You hear me Belliume?! You're going pay!"

Maki saw Belliume coming towards him again and was expecting the man to beat him or yell at him. No, instead he hugged him.

'What the hell…?

He sat there speechless. His mouth was open for words to come, but nothing did. The person who had kidnapped him was taking pity on his pain and hugging him? This wasn't right.

"I understand your pain, but there are things you just don't understand. I'm going to be the one to help you understand those things." Belliume said softly still hugging the boy gently.

Maki began to squirm to get out of Belliume's hug. What was Belliume planning? Was he going to beat him till he was nothing but bloody pulp? Rape him, molest him? Torture him till he begs for death? He began to tremble at the possibilities with fear.

"To help you understand I'm going to have to spank you." Maki froze from plain shock as Belliume untied him. Was this guy really going to spank him? No, no he wouldn't, he couldn't!

"No!" Maki snapped at Belliume who was carrying the struggling boy over to a bed that was in the room. "You can't do this! Let go of me!" Maki yelled as he pulled was over the older man's lap.

He tried to roll off Belliume's lap as his pants and boxers were pulled. "What do you think your doing?!" He yelled with fear in his voice. "What kind of kidnapper spanks their victim like a child?!"

"I guess I'm that kind of kidnapper" Belliume said, placing his cold hand on Maki bare bottom which caused the boy to shiver and squirm.

In his effort to squirm off Belliume's lap Maki found it impossible to roll away. There was some kind of magical force that was keeping him on the man's lap. In his efforts in getting away he looked over on to the bed and suddenly went pale.

On the bed were a paddle, a flat wooden hair brush, a slipper, a long ruler, a belt, a long thin stick, and a whip. All clearly items of torture and that have been known to be used for spanking purposes.

"I will spank you fifteen times with my bare hand Maki. One for each year of your life" Belliume told him.

"Then what are those for?" Maki asked about the objects on the bed.

"Those will be for later." He answered rubbing Maki bare ass.

"You're a sick pervert! Get your hands off me!" He snapped then yelped as the first blow was landed.

"I would watch your tone young man." Belliume said as he continued to smack Maki's now rosy bottom.

Maki did his best to stay silent. He tried to count the swats to distracts himself from the pain, 'Nine…ten…eleven' He said to himself in his head. It's just a spanking Maki. Keep your self together. It doesn't hurt that bad. You've been spanked before it's not ow…that bad. Just don't make any sounds. That will just make it worse. Show that you're not weak. I'm not weak.'

A gasp escaped his mouth as Belliume gave a sharp swat to his thighs. He began at the very bottom of Maki rump and worked his way up and over to Maki's thighs. 'So far for not making any sounds…'

"Oh, sorry did that hurt?" Belliume said coolly as he gave another sharp whack to the same place on Maki's thighs.

Maki didn't answer; he just clenched his teeth and fist to prevent any more sounds from coming escaping his mouth. He wouldn't let Belliume win in this sick game of his. He couldn't and it wasn't an option in Maki's head. 'Keep together, just keep yourself together. You've been through worse in your life.'

"I asked you a question!" Belliume snapped delivering the same sharp smack to Maki's thighs which caused him to squirm and let out a degrading yelp. 'Why does he have to keep hitting there?!'

"Whenever I ask you a question you will answer me right away! So, answer me now!" He ceased his spanking for a moment to allow the boy to answer.

Maki growled, but not wishing to cause his thighs anymore harm. "Nope, not at all, feels great!" He said grinning, not able to resist saying a cheeky comment.

Belliume didn't do anything or say anything about the comment. And it was making the boy feel nervous and causing him to regret making it in the first place.
'I really have to start watching my mouth.' He said to himself.

Belliume finally sighed lowering his left knee and raising his right, now exposing Maki's sit spots.

Maki braced himself by closing his eyes tightly and clenching the blankets that were hanging off the bed.

'Hang in there. Fifteen is almost up; I think? Has he gone over fifteen? But, it doesn't matter now I've made him angry and now his going to kill me. Why did I have to open my stupid mouth?!'

Belliume began attacking the center of Maki's sit spots. Maki counted what he hoped to be the final swats, but he didn't stop and noir did he spank anywhere else. He just went on spanking the exact same spot.

Maki angled his head to look at Belliume giving him a confused look. "You're receiving another fifteen swats for that comment." Belliume scolded but didn't stop the painful blows.

"When I ask you something you do not give me cheek or sarcasm. You tell me the truth right away. Now I'm going to ask you again. Does this hurt?"
Belliume snapped his hands in the reddest spot of Maki's bottom. 'What kind of questions is that?! Of course it hurts no worse, its killing me!'

"Yes, it hurts…" He forced out of his mouth. Maki hated going by the rules of Belliume stupid game but his butt couldn't take much more.

Maki couldn't help but began to squirm in hopes to direct the swats somewhere else. His sit spot were burning and stinging like a mad-man. Even as Belliume passed fifteen he still didn't stop. He just kept attacking the same spot on Maki bottom and wouldn't stop. It was as if Belliume was excepting Maki to do something in order for him to stop spanking him.

The burning pain on Maki's back side caused tears to well up in his eyes. His little squirms turned into a panic to get free. He began whimpering and was desperately trying to roll off Belliume's lap.

'What does he want from me?! Wait, I can see right through his sick little mind game now. I can't let him. No, I can't…I have too…'

Maki finally snapped and could no longer hold back. "Please!" Maki cried as tears fell from his eyes. "Please, please, please"
"Please what?" Belliume asked taunting the boy and didn't let up on the swats. Maki cried over and over again and thrashed on the older man's lap to get free.

"Please stop! Please hit somewhere else! Just please!" Maki said breaking into a wailing sob.

'I've lost at his stupid game…'

Satisfied, Belliume stopped. "Good boy." He said petting Maki sore bottom. Maki's dignity was fully gone by now, and all he could do now was wish he was in a hole ( or dead). Either of the two would be better than were he was at the moment.

Maki sobs eased up as Belliume rubbed lazy circles on his backside. "That's it calm down." He said as he snapped his fingers and Maki's pants magically returned to there rightful place. But not without a painful hiss coming from Maki as his pants made contact with his very sore bottom.

To Maki's surprise Belliume had pulled him into a cradle position on his lap and rested Maki's head on his shoulder, with his bottom in between in his legs. Belliume wrapped his arms tightly around the boy who not excepting this, noir liking this at all.

'What the hell does he think his doing?! First he spanks me unmercifully then start cuddling and comforting me? Man this guy is sick! Really sick! I hate him, I hate him, damn why won't this stupid tears stop?!'

Maki was struggling to get free but found the only thing that was getting free were the tears coming from his eyes.

'Just let me go…Please just stop the torturing and let me go please…' He wanted the say the words out loud, but the only little whimpers could get passed his lips.

'What the hell is wrong with me?!'

"Shhh, Shhh." Belliume cooed the flustered boy. "Calm down, calm down, your safe in my arms, and I won't allow anything to harm you." He said trying to comfort the boy, but he wasn't calming down at all.

"If you keep on trying to get away from me you will go right back over my knee." He whispered softly into Maki's ear.

Maki who feared for his bottom gave up and allowed Belliume to comfort him no matter how much he was loathing it all. Though, he would never admit it out loud and hated to even admit it to himself. Belliume felt warm and safe, a feeling that Maki hadn't felt in a long time.

'This feeling is wrong, its just plain wrong. I shouldn't be feeling this way. I want him to let me go, but I want to stay. NO stop thinking that way! I don't stay like this but I will. I can't risk myself anymore. Next time he may do worse than spank me…I should just stay here. Yea just like this for a little while; just for my own safety.'

Maki found himself getting comfortable in Belliume's arms, nuzzling his face into Belliume's shoulder to hide the tears that were still coming from his face. He felt tired and drained from the spanking. There was no use now in trying to restore his dignity. All he could do now was get comfortable and fall asleep.


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