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Chapter One

"I guess…a lot can change in 5 years." He thought to himself. "I wonder is everyone is still around? Will they even let me in?" The priest slowly made his way across the walk; it had been a tiring morning. He had only recived message from Lady Caterina, two nights ago, on information about his brother. He had traveled very far to hear whatever she had to say; he hoped it was good news. His mind raced on what he wanted to say to everyone once he saw them all again, but most of all what to say to her when he… "She's a Queen now Abel. She's no longer an AX member." He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the memory of a certain redhead. He paused for a moment, while trying to dig out his Vatican ID. After all this time he wouldn't be surprised if he had lost it. One of the guards looked at him strangely, Abel Nightroad smiled backed and quicken the pace on locating his card.

"Father Nightroad I presume?" A sweet feminine came from behind him. "Could it be her?" Abel turned his head and came face to face a young nun. He gave her a quick glance over; long honey colored hair cascaded down her shoulders. She was only a foot, at the most, shorter than he was. "It must be you. Everyone has told me so many stories." She smiled at him; her green eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

"I'm sorry have we meet?"

"No." She sparkled. "I became an AX member after you left, but I have been told many tales of your heroics by some of the Fathers." She smiled at him. "Oh! Forgive me; my name is Sister Lita Everglade. It's an honor to finally meet you in person." She held out her hand. Abel happily put his hand out to shake hers.

"It a pleasure to meet you Sister Lita." He smiled, before digging his hands into his pockets, again, trying to find that blasted ID.

"Lose something Father?"

"What? Oh! Just the usual, my ID." "Why does this feel so familiar?"

"No worries, I have mine." She pulled hers out of a pocket and showed it to the guards. "Come on, Lady Caterina will be very happy to see you." Abel snickered to himself, "Or she'll bite my head off for taking so long getting here." Trying to not think of his forth-coming doom, he tried to lighten the mood.

"So, Sister Lita, how long have you been an Ax member?"

"Oh! I was accepted in about two years ago"

"And how are you liking it?"

"I love the thrill of facing new challenge." She smiled. "Everyone has been so kind." He nodded. They walked the remainder of the way in silence. Every now and then she would quickly glance over to him with a look of sadness in her eyes. She slowly approached Lady Caterina's office door and knocked.

"Come in." A voice spoke from the other side. Abel wanted nothing more to shrink down to the size of a mouse and slink off to the kitchen.

"It was finally nice to meet you, Father Abel. I hope we get to work together soon."

"Likewise." He mumbled back, while grabbing the knob and opening the door. "Hello Lady Caterina." He smiled.

"Welcome back Abel." She said from behind her desk. "It's good to see you're still alive."

"You look well Lady Caterina. I hope everything is fine." Caterina bit her lip. "Where are the others?"

"On missions." She stated simply while sipping on a cup of hot tea. "But your not here to ponder on where you're co-workers are." Abel nodded. "You want to know my information on your brother."

"What do you know?" Caterina took another sip.

"It seems your brother has a new accomplice."

"Who?" She smiled and tossed him a folder. Abel opened it and look down at a face in a picture. He forced himself to burn the image of the picture into the back of his mind. The short gray hair, the blood red eyes, what was Cain doing with him?

"His name is Liam Von Helter. A vampire genius."


"Liam is very well adverse when it comes to the DNA structure of vampires and human's alike. Four years ago he was caught in the Empire trying to mutate the DNA structure of three children. He was banished. It seems his work caught the eye of your brother. It appears the two are trying to create a new hybrid, a cross mutation on the ballcus and crusnik nanomachines."

"It would be impossible. A vampire would die after being injected with the crusnik…"

"I didn't say they were using vampires Abel."

"On humans?" he gasped.

"It appears so. Father Leon came across their lab near Albion seven months ago. There was an explosion, Cain and Liam got away, but the lab was destroyed, none of the test subjects survived."

"What is he trying to do?" Abel said to himself.

"If you ask me, he's trying to build an army." Caterina stated. "At the time, a lot of people had gone missing in Albion. I sent dandelion, sword dancer and gun slinger to find them."

"Were the missing people the test subjects?"

"Seems so, but we have no guarantee. None of the bodies could be identified. Many people are worried. Nobles, beggars, children, everyone is in a panic."

"I hope Ester was able to handle it."

"That's another part of the problem." Caterina sat down her tea and walked in front of her desk.

"Is she alright?"

"We don't know."

"Why not?"

"Father Nightroad. Queen Ester went missing two and half years ago."

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