Author's Note! Read this!

Good news everyone! I finally got moving and did something with this story! Thanks to nanowrimo (dot) org and my friend who got me into it, I've done something after months of no updates. It may be disappointing, but I've rewritten this story. I haven't finished the rewrite yet, and am nowhere near close, but I've started. There are a few major changes, and it hardly resembles this one anymore.

Be aware, it might get off track at some points and take considerably longer to get through than this one, but I would like your opinions on how it's going. I have just over 30K words done, but done expect me to update incredibly fast. I'd like to stay ahead by a few chapters for a little bit.

The title of the rewritten version is: Another Way Up the Tree. I'm going to give it a new summary since it's a new story. Here's the URL (take away the 'dot's): fanfiction (dot) net/s/4657507/1/Another_Way_Up_the_Tree

Please let me know what you think of it. I enjoy any and all feedback! See you in the next story!