Okay so now that Yours, Mine & Ours is finish (sadly) I got this idea stuck in my head. Susie told me it after some movie she was talking about. I don't remember what it's called or anything. But the idea stuck and here I am writing it. I'll probably won't be able to update for a week cause I have justice worx's next week. But I'll try.

Summary: She took her eyes off of her little girl for two seconds. Those two seconds would be the worst seconds of her life.

Disclaimer: I own shit. That's right nothing. The song for this chapter is called Sweet Child Of Mine By Guns 'N' Roses.

This chapter is short because I just wanted to get the main idea of this story. The other chapters will be longer.

Brooke & Lucas- Skylar Marie Scott- 6, Jenna Grace Scott- 4, Kelsee Hannah Scott- 2

Baby, Please Come Home

Chapter One: Oh Sweet Child Of Mine

"Skylar and Jenna go get your shoes on, okay?" Brooke said walking into what use to be the living room but now is just a messy room deemed the toy room.

"Mommy where we going?" Skylar asked standing up from where she was playing with Lucas.

"To the park Sky." Brooke smiled looking at her blond haired daughter.

"Really?" Skylar asked.

"Yep now go." Brooke laughed. "Aunt Haley and the boys will be there." Brooke said mentioning her best friend/sister-in-law and her three sons, James (Jamie), Shane and Adam.

"Daddy you coming?" Jenna asked. Jenna is a full on Daddy's Girl, no matter how many times everyone says Jenna is an exact copy of Brooke, and she will always act like Lucas.

"No, sadly I have to get back to work."

"No. Daddy come." Jenna cried.

"Jenna go get your shoes on." Brooke said picking up two-year-old Kelsee.

"Mommy daddy needs to come." Jenna cried as Lucas lifted her up into his arms.

"Jennybear, how about this. When you get back just me and you will go for ice cream?"

"Really?" Jenna smiled.

"Sure." Lucas smiled back. "No go get your shoes on."

"Okay daddy." Jenna smiled again before climbing out of Lucas' arms and running out to get her shoes.

"I guess this means fun times over for me?" Lucas playfully pouted.

"Yep." Brooke laughed giving Lucas a kiss.

"Ewww!" Keighley laughed. "Momma gross."

"Oh really Kels?" Brooke laughed tickling the little girl's stomach.


"Go grab your shoes Crazy Girl." Brooke laughed putting Kelsee down on the ground. "I'll call you on our way back."

"I guess grading papers is calling my name." Lucas laughed.

"Have fun." Brooke yelled back at him as her and the girls walked out the door.


"Aunt Haley!" Jenna and Skylar screamed as soon as Brooke pulled into a parking spot.

"Girls calm down." Brooke laughed.

"But mommy it's Aunt Haley." Pouted Skylar.

"Sky, you guys see them always."

"So? Your point is?" Skylar said.

"Drop the attitude." Brooke warned the six-year-old as she helped her out of the Escalade she had to have, even though to this day Lucas says she can't drive it well. "Watch Jenna Skylar."

"Mommy I can watch myself." Jenna pouted. "I'm four you know."

"Sky keep an eye on her too." Brooke said as she tried to get a sleeping Keighley without awaking her.

"Momma?" Kelsee asked.

"Go back to sleep Kels." Brooke said rubbing her little girl's back.

"Hey Tigger." Haley said as Brooke walked up and sat on the bench next to her.

"Hi." Brooke said with a smile.

"James Lucas Scott don't you dare push Shane." Haley yelled.

"But mom!"

"Jamie." Haley said one more time, getting a pout from her oldest son.

"Mommy." Cried three-year-old Adam.

"What's wrong buddy?"

"Jamie and Shane are being mean." Adam continued to cry into his mother's arms.

"Mommy we at parky?" Kelsee said lifting her head off of Brooke's shoulder.

"Yeah Kels."

"Can I go play?"

"Sure go find Skylar or Jenna, where ever they are." Brooke smiled.

"Me too." Adam said jumping off of Haley's lap as he ran after his younger cousin.

"Mommy we can't find Jenna." Skylar yelled running over to her mom and aunt.

"She has to be here somewhere." Brooke said standing up trying to find her daughter. "Jenna? Where are you?"

"Guys stay right here, don't move!" Haley yelled. "Adam and Kelsee, go sit with them. Shane get over here too."

"Fine." Shane complained stomping over to Haley.

"Jamie and Skylar you are in charge okay?"

"Mommy what's going on?" Adam asked.

"Jenna's missing right now, buddy, so stay here."

"Jenna! Jenna! Jenna Grace where are you?" Brooke yelled in tears. "Hales I can't find her."


"My mommy's the other way lady." Jenna cried. "You said you'll bring me to my mommy."

"Shut it brat." The 'lady said'.

"I'm going to be your new mommy now." Peyton smirked.

"Let me go!" Jenna cried kicking and hitting Peyton with all the power in her body. "I said let me go!"

"Brat cut it out."

"Let me go." Jenna cried. "I want my daddy."

"Well you mommy and daddy don't want you anymore. Why do you think they had that younger brat?"


"Brooke you look, I'm going to call the cops right now."

"I need to call Luke." Brooke cried. "Skylar call daddy and tell him to get to the park fast okay?"