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Baby, Please Come Home

Chapter Five: Baby, Please Come Home

"Daddy where we going?"

"Kels, we're going to pick up your brothers finally." Lucas smiled, finally after two months of his little guys being in the hospital they can come home.

"But they boys." Jenna complained climbing into the car.

"They're your brothers Jenna."

"Sadly." A sad Skylar said in a whispered voice. These past two months were the hardest for the whole family, not just Lucas. They last one person and gained two more.

"Skylar don't start."

"But dad they are the reason mommy's not here anymore. They killed our mommy."

"They killed mommy?" Kelsee asked. Lucas never went into the details with Jenna and Kelsee. He didn't see the point. They're only four and two-years-old, they wouldn't know anything he was saying, but Skylar she would know.

"No they didn't girls. It isn't Davis and Parker's fault, so don't blame them, okay?" Lucas said sliding into his seat as they drove away. "Mommy was sick."

"No she wasn't Dad, so stop the lying." Skylar was tired of everything. For a six-year-old to go threw losing her mother and then have her dad lie about how she died was not sitting to well. She wanted the truth- the truth that a she, as a little girl, could understand.

"Sky." Lucas said. Was he doing something bad? He was trying his best from having a wife, his high-school sweetheart, and three great kids to having lost her and having to raise five kids alone. "I know you miss mommy, we all miss her baby, but now we have to try our best and move on."

"Welcome back Mr. Scott." The nurse, Kathy, said. She became the only one that would really help Lucas out over the past two months. She told him things or re-explained what the doctor told him about his sons.

"Hi Kathy, you know by now you can call me Lucas." Lucas smiled.

"I know." Kathy laughed a little, "So are you girls ready to take your brothers home?" Kathy said bending down to the three girls level.

"Yes." Kelsee and Jenna cheered, as Skylar continued to pout.

"How about you Skylar?"

"No." Skylar said hiding shyly behind her father's back holding her arm around her leg.

"Sky be nice." Lucas warned his older daughter. Definitely a Brooke Davis-Scott kid, from the attitude Skylar had to the dimpled smile, brown wavy hair and those big hazel eyes. "Now let's go take them home."


"Go see your son's while we figure out what's wrong with your wife." The nurse said pushing Lucas out of the room.

"I need to stay with her."

"I'm sorry but you can't." The nurse said again before walking back into the room.

"Daddy!" Jenna smiled running into Lucas' arms. "Where's mommy?"

"Girls mommy is in surgery right now."


"Something happened when she had your baby brothers." Lucas said.

"Me big sissy?" Kelsee smiled.

"Yes. Come on let's go see them." Lucas said lifting Kelsee into his arms before grabbing Jenna's hand as her other hand was holding on to Skylar's hand. "Girls meet your new brothers."

"Eww. Boys." Jenna said.

"Jen-Jen." Lucas laughed.

"They like dolls!" Skylar smiled.

"Girls you can not use your brothers as dolls." Lucas laughed.

"What their names?" Jenna asked.

"Oh…Let's see." Lucas said thinking about all the boys' names Brooke and him went threw since she got pregnant with Skylar.

Alex. Jason. Keith. Kevin. Nicolas. Parker. Seth. Steven. Michael. Anthony. Logan. Davis.

"Parker." Lucas said. Brooke loved that name, she always said she did, it was unique enough but not too much different. It was prefect for one of their sons. "That ones Parker Alexander." Lucas said pointing to the smaller of the two boys.

"Hi Parkers." Kelsee smiled. She was going to be a great big sister, Lucas could tell.

"Now the other one is Davis." Lucas said. "Davis Nicolas." It was perfect. Name him after Brooke, she always loved that- mostly cause of her 'secret' obsession with Gilmore Girls, but he refused to let them name their daughter Brooklyn.

"Isn't that mommy's old last name?" Jenna asked.

"Yes it is Jennabear." Lucas smiled. It was his family- a family that finally felt complete.

"Mr. Scott?" Kathy, the nurse, said walking over to the family.


"The doctor wants to speak to you." Kathy said before turning on her heals. "Follow me, he wants to talk to you in private."

"Mr. Scott?" The doctor said.

"How is my wife, please tell me Brooke's okay or is going to be okay."

"Mr. Scott I hate to do this."

"No. It's not true. It can't be."

"I'm sorry, it seems like she lost to much blood." The doctor said looking down at his desk. This was the worst part of this job.

-End Flashback-

"Let me see those boys." Karen said waiting in the house with Keith and her daughter Lilly, Nathan, Haley, and their three sons.

"Grandma I big sissy now!" Kelsee smiled.

"That you are Kels." Karen smiled.

"Mom meet your two grandsons, Parker Alexander and Davis Nicolas." Lucas said. His mother, step-father, and his sister Lilly have never met the boys since they always traveled, they take a boat and just sail around, not knowing exactly where they where going. Something Lucas would love to do sometime.

"Daddy I want to hold them." Jenna smiled happily. "I want to hold Parkers."

"Parker it is." Lucas said taking the two-month-old out of the baby carrier. "Now go sit on the couch Jenna." Lucas said watching Jenna run across the room towards the couch. "Hold his head like you hold your dolls."

"I doing it." Jenna smiled.

"Can't we give them back?" Skylar screamed running up the stairs.

"Luke go talk to her. Sky needs you right now." Karen said hugging her son.

"Skylar?" Lucas said knocking on his daughter's bedroom door.

"Go away dad."

"Sky, babe, you know mommy's watching us right now."

"Really?" Skylar asked.

"Of course, she always hated you, any of you, sad like this."

"I miss her daddy. I want my mommy back."

"Skylar she misses you too."

"I love you daddy."

"I love you too babe." Lucas said with a smile on his face.


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