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Number Eleven

Ginny swung her feet over the side of the couch. The hammering at the door didn't stop. She could guess why. It was pouring outside, had been for hours. Whoever was out there was getting drenched. She slid down the hall and looked through the peephole, jerking the door open a second later.

"Tonks!" she said, pulling the metamorphmagus inside.

Tonks carried two large suitcases into the hallway, stopping to lower her hood. Her eyes were red and puffy; she was dripping all over the hardwood floors.

"What the hell?" Ginny asked.

"Remus…k-kicked me out…" Tonks mumbled through tears.

"Are you kidding? Come on, you're going to catch a cold."

Ginny led the way to the bathroom, and after indulging in a slight once over of Tonks's body, pushed her friend into a hot shower.

"Are your clothes in the bags?"

"Yeah," Tonks muttered.

Fifteen minutes later, the two women were sitting on the couch; Tonks with a large mug of whiskey spiked tea. Ginny watched her friend quietly for a moment before asking,

"You wanna talk about it?"

"He kicked me out," Tonks mumbled. "Told me not to come back."

"Anything else?" Ginny asked, fighting the urge to punch a wall.

"I asked why. He said I should have known; that I coerced him into getting married in the first place."

Ginny held out her arms and Tonks curled up next to her. Ginny kissed her. It was supposed to be a quick "you'll be alright" kind of kiss, but then Tonks kissed back. The angel on Ginny's left shoulder was saying, "What the hell are you doing? She's traumatized!" The devil on her left shoulder was saying, "Who gives a fuck?" Tonks leaned back against her again.

"I'm going to die a virgin," Tonks whined.

"You haven't had sex yet??"

"No. I guess I should've known. The only time he's ever even kissed me was at our bonding."

It was around that time that a part of Ginny's brain that had nothing to do took over. It began to have a potentially very bad idea. Or, potentially, a very good one…

"You're not going to die a virgin, Tonks," she said, rolling from beside her and standing up. She held her hands out.

"Seriously?" Tonks smiled.

Ginny was caught off guard for a second. She was completely expecting Tonks to flip out.

"Ummm, yeah."

Tonks stood and took Ginny's hand.


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