Munching on the sandwich he made himself, Edward Elric snuck a furtive glance outside the window through the parted curtains. Winry's room was unlit, so that coupled with the caliginous light of dusk, made his presence virtually imperceptible to the two outsiders he spotted.

He watched the two men cautiously as they approached the front entrance, pushing a wagon that carried a giant, metal water tank. Figuring they were inconsequential and bore no immediate danger, he decided to just ignore them as one of the two knocked on the door, feigning absence in the household as he and the others discussed.

Then they removed the lid of the water tank and a pretty girl with blonde hair popped out.

He smirked. "I guess that's one way to get here undetected."

Deducing that the two men must be soldiers from Briggs and that they would get in through the backdoor, Ed just remained quiet and awaited their entry.

Winry would most likely come up to her room first and would be rather annoyed (read: enraged) with his unpermitted presence. But he had a legitimate reason of being in said girl's room. It had a properly located window to the front of the house and there were enough tools immediate downstairs to transmute into weaponry if by the extreme off-chance there were hostiles lurking about (though he wouldn't transmute the wrenches. That would be a death sentence via berserk Winry RAGE).

That, and he needed to make sure Greed/Lin with his ever debatable immorality didn't enter the girl's room, and say, rummage the drawers. Not that the homunculus showed any inclination whatsoever and he never told him that it was Winry's room to begin with, but if Ed was anything, he was cautious.

That's why he himself made sure there weren't any potentially dangerous alien objects and listening devices in the house, which would of course include Winry's underwear drawer.

He didn't blush at all. Nope. Not him.

He made a mental note to take it to the grave.

Logically, he shouldn't let Winry discover him in her room, to avoid the aforementioned RAGE. But for some despicable reason that he was going to deny and ignore and deny some more and ignore even more, he wanted to make sure they meet again in a more different manner and in a more personal space.

So when Winry entered, looking mildly weary but relaxed, he decided to keep silent and let her see him. Only the room was dark and Winry apparently didn't expect someone to be in her room, at all. So she didn't see him.

And took her shirt off.

He spluttered.

Then she saw him.

One of them topless and the other one gawking, the two teens spent approximately 4.37 seconds in mortified silence.

Then Ed, higher brain functions violently addled, choked out loudly.


When Greed came upon the commotion of shrieking and shouting and surprised shouting and then painful shouting and plucked Den from someone's buttocks, he saw the bloody form of Edward Elric.

As people continued to shout at each other, he sauntered over to see if the golden-haired (though now it was soaked with blood) boy was dead, and was thoroughly confused when the boy, semi-conscious, muttered with a hint of a grin.

"……f-f-five…wrench…b-blows a-and……a s-stab in……the eye………I got a bargain……"