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It had been a long day. The Doctor and his three companions were in the control room, laughing about a recent adventure they had had. The Doctor was leaning against the controls, while Martha, Donna and Rose were all squished onto the captains chair.

"And do you remember the look you gave that strange mushroom guy?" Martha recalled, pointing to Donna.

"Oh yeah! He ran a mile after that!" Rose giggled.

"Hey, I can be aggressive when I want to," Donna said proudly. The Doctor snorted.

"Don't we know it," He muttered.

"Oi, what's so funny, spaceman? At least I didn't scream!" Donna retorted.

"I did not scream! When did I scream?" The Doctor frowned.

"Oh, come off it! When you saw the mushroom guy coming , I heard your little yelp!"

"Um, yeah, so did I," Martha added. The Doctor sighed, exasperated.

"It was not a yelp! It was..." The Doctor trailed off, knowing that he couldn't explain his little slip of tongue to his companions. Donna fell about laughing, as did Martha.

"Right, that's it!" He cried, and stormed out in a huff.

"Do you want me to hold your hand while you find the light switch?" Donna teased," Just in case you get scared?"

"I AM NOT SCARED!" The three woman heard him cry. They collapsed in gales of laughter.

"Aww, i feel kinda bad for him," Rose said finally, after wiping the tears from her eyes. Donna shrugged.

"I suppose. Lets cheer him up with some...alcohol!" Martha raised an eyebrow mischievously.

"Martha, you little minx," Donna grinned, and before they knew it, they were raiding the TARDIS fridge for alcohol.


"Is this OK?" Rose asked, shoving a bottle of Malibu into Donna's hand.

"Perfect," she grinned, and beckoned them to follow her back into the control room. Sure enough, the Doctor was there, looking on the TARDIS monitor. He looked up to see his three companions grinning at him.

"Um, what's going on?" He asked, puzzled. Donna sat down next to him.

"We felt bad for teasing you earlier, so we brought you...this!" She said, and with a flourish, she pulled the bottle out from behind her back.

"Where did you get that?" He frowned.

"Fridge. Now, do you want some or not?" Martha asked, opening the top.

"I dunno..."

"Oh go on!We're all gonna have some!" Rose said, sitting on the other side of him, tempting him with an glass.

"Oh, fine!" He gave in, and Rose handed him the glass, smiling.


"So then, I kicked him, and it was funny!" The Doctor slurred, and took another gulp of his drink. He looked around to find Donna asleep on the floor next to him, and Martha had disappeared. Only Rose was left to hear his story.

"What was even the point in that story?" Rose asked, rubbing her eyes and pouring another glass. He shrugged.

"I dunno. What was I talkin' about again?" He was dazed.

"Summat 'bout an elephant... I think," Rose replied, resting her head on his shoulder.

"Your hair smells nice," He closed his eyes and breathed the fruity smell in. Rose smiled and found herself settling down. There they were, perfectly happy, and then the Doctor said three words. Three beautiful, terrifying, life-changing words.

"I love you."

"What?" Rose looked at him. He just smiled and took her hands.

"I love you, do you hear me? I...LOVE...YOU!" He cried. He then moved closer and his lips slowly touched hers. At first, Rose was frozen. But soon, she responded.

When they stopped, the Doctor flopped over. Rose looked cautiously at him and checked his pulse. He was still alive, luckily, but had been so drunk that he fell asleep. Rose rolled her eyes, realising that he had fallen asleep while kissing her. That's exactly what every girl wants to know! She made sure he was comfy in the TARDIS seat, pulled his brown coat over him, kissed his forehead and slowly padded off to see if Martha was awake.


Martha was just drifting off when she heard a soft tap at the door. She looked up to find Rose peering through the door.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" She asked, tiptoeing into her room.

"No, sorry...well yeah, but I don't mind. How is everyone out there?" Martha asked, rubbing her eyes and siting up in her bed.

"Well, Donna fell asleep on the floor, and the Doctor...well...he kinda passed out drunk...while he was kissing me..." Rose explained.

"What? He kissed you?" Martha cried. Rose shushed her.

"They're asleep!" Martha mimed 'sorry' and smiled.

"But...he feel asleep while kissing you?" she said, laughter rising in her chest. Rose grinned.

"I know! Am I that terrible a kisser?" Rose giggled, tucking her blonde hair behind her ears,"But the thing is, he told be he loved me. Baring in mind, he was drunk, so what should I do?" Martha sighed.

"I dunno. He might not even remember it, so do you want to bring it up?" she asked. Rose shrugged.

"I'm off to bed now, see you in the morning," Rose waved to her and slipped outof her room. As Martha settled down, she remembered the times when she had been jealous of Rose, without even getting to know her. Now she realised how dumb she was, lusting over a guy who would never love her. Still, she had Tom, and she resolved to go and see him very soon. She closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.


"Where am I?" Donna said, as she woke up on the TARDIS floor. She rubbed her head and slowly stood up.

"Morning!" Rose chirped, walking into the control room.

"Be quiet! My head aches!" Donna groaned.

"Well, I bought you some black coffee to help your hangover," Rose offered her the warm mug she was holding. Donna took it gratefully and sipped it.

"What happened to you then?" She asked Rose, who was currently fiddling with her hair.

"What do you mean?" Rose said, a little nervous. Had she heard everything that the Doctor had said to her?

"I was only asking! Gosh, you'd think that you did get up to something last night," Donna chuckled. The Doctor was stirring, so Donna went over to him and shouted in his ear.

"WAKE UP!" The Doctor woke with a start, and fell off the chair. Rose giggled, but never looked at him in the eye as he stood up and started to shout at Donna.

"You could have killed me!"

"Oh here we go again! God you are one big wuss!" Donna rolled her eyes. The Doctor didn't reply, but instead looked over at Rose.

"Morning!" He said. She smiled at him, but not directly. Donna mumbled something about asparin as she walked out.

"Do you want some coffee?" Rose asked. The Doctor nodded. Has he remembered? Rose thought, as she watched him ruffle his hair and straighten himself out.

Has she remembered? The Doctor wondered, watching her walk out of the control room. He smiled to himself and started to hum a song to himself.

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