The final chapter is set two years after the wedding, to wrap everything up and to tell you about everyones happy endings.

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Rose smiled to herself as the Doctor and Callie played in the garden. It was their two year anniversary, and they were going out tonight to celebrate. Rose thought about everything that he had done for her. The Doctor had finally become domestic, but he still hadn't got to grips with the washing machine. But she though that was deliberate! He was a fantastic father to Callie, their eighteen month old baby girl. Turns out that Rose was pregnant when her mother and everyone else thought that she was pregnant. Only just, though.

Callie was also half Time Lord. This meant that, although the Doctor had Rose, he wasn't the last Time Lord anymore, and he was no longer alone.

Martha, Tom, Donna and Lee visited often and Daniel, although he was three years old, was like Callie's older brother and Callie loved having him around. They would play together, and Daniel would always look out for her. It was really sweet to watch and Martha always joked that when Callie and Daniel grew older, they could get married! Donna was expecting too. Two years on from her mother nagging her, she had finally conceived and was really looking forward to having her own baby. But she still couldn't get her head round the fact that she was going to be a mother!

The Doctor and Rose, meanwhile, still took holidays in the TARDIS. They thought that Callie was too young to go back in time just yet, so they basically went off to visit alien planets. Callie's bedtime story was usually told by the Doctor, who would tell her all about his home planet. He would tell her of the burnt orange sky, the wonderful people, and how much she would have loved it. Callie relished in this, and she would always beg for more tales from Gallifrey. Not only did it please Callie, the Doctor felt happy being able to talk about his home planet, and how beautiful it was.

Not everything was perfect. The Doctor still couldn't do basic things, like cook an edible dinner, or hang clothes on the washing line. He still yearned for adventure, but that was OK, because every so often, he would go on little trips without Rose or Callie, just to make sure that everything was OK in the world. Being a father had put his life in a whole new different light. Before, he didn't really have anything to live for. He didn't even believe in happy endings. But now, he had his beautiful baby girl, and a wonderful wife.

And to think, it all started with a confession.

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