Just so you're not confused, I know that Mack died in the movie but I kind of need him for my story, so he is alive in my story.


After finding and finishing off Blackheart, Johnny Blaze and Roxanne Simpson married each other in Houston, Texas. A year later they had a son and named him Alexandrite. After his son was born Johnny had hoped that the Ghost Rider wouldn't pass on to his son. He wanted him to have a normal life and not deal with the evil in the world. Unfortunately Johnny Blaze was wrong.

Chapter One

-15 and ½ years ago-

I was pacing back and forth. My mind racing of what was to come. My wife Roxanne was about to give birth to our first child. When we found out we were excited, but now that the day has come for him to enter the world I was scared. I don't know how I'll act toward him. Will I raise him right? These thoughts kept tugging at my mind. Ten minutes later the door to Roxanne's room opened and the doctor walked out.

"Mr. Blaze?" He spoke.

"Yes." I replied anxious.

"Would you like to see your son?"

A smile spread across my face. I nodded and walked into the room. As I walked in I noticed that Roxanne was looking down at a bundle of blanket. She to had a smile. She looked up as I walked in. I walked beside my wife and put my arm around her shoulders while sitting on the bed.

"He's beautiful isn't he?" Roxanne said. She held out our son toward me. I hesitated, worried that I might accidentally drop him, before I held him in my arms. I smiled a huge smile as I looked down at him. His tiny arms were moving and his tiny fingers were moving in and out of fists. I put my finger by his fingers and they curled around my big finger. I heard Roxanne and one of the nurses go 'oh how cute!'

I laughed. As I handed him back to Roxanne she said, "He already knows his daddy."

"I'll be right back with the birth certificate and then you may go home tomorrow." The doctor said. He left with the nurses following right behind him. A few minutes later he came back with the birth certificate. We told him the name we wanted, Alexandrite Blaze. The doctor nodded and again left the room. I kissed Roxanne on the forehead as he closed the door behind him.

She looked up at me and smiled, "Are you happy that we decided to have a child." I only nodded.

"Do you need anything to drink?" I asked.

"I would like some water, please." She replied never taking her eyes off of her newborn son.

I got up and left the room. I asked one of the nurses which was the coffee and water was and she pointed in the direction. When I got there I got two cups, one for water and one for coffee. For some reason I had always liked coffee ever since I found out I had the Ghost Rider inside of me. When I had them both filled up I turned and started walking. As I took a drink of my coffee I noticed it got a little chilly. I stopped in place and noticed that my coffee started to turn into ice.

"Hello Johnny." said the voice with a hint of venom. My heart started racing, I turned around and saw the face that the voice belonged to, Mephitopheles, also known as the Devil. I wasn't scared because he was there, but for Roxanne and Alexandrite.

"What the hell do you want!" I said also adding venom in my voice.

"I see that you know have a son." He said smiling.

"You stay away from him." I said taking a step forward toward the Devil. Ready to fight him.

"I'm not here to fight." He replied still smiling. "I'm here to tell you something."

"Oh and what is that?"

"You'll only have the Ghost Rider in you for at least another few years, and then it will pass on to your son."

"I don't believe you." I said. My worst fears were coming true. The Ghost Rider will always be here no matter what. And soon my son will take over my job.

"You look shocked." He said. "I guess I forgot to tell you about that."

I lunged at him, my hand in a fist. He disappeared right before I made contact with him. I heard his evil laugh. I looked around and searched for him, but couldn't find him.

"Your son will soon be my tool. Take care of him well." And then the voice disappeared.

"You stay away from my son!!" I yelled. Some people stopped in the hall way and looked at me like I was some manic talking to myself. As I opened the door to the room I noticed a fearful look on Roxanne's face. She was holding her son close to her as if someone was going to take him away from us.

She whispered, "Johnny, what was he doing here?" I had guessed that she felt the air get cold when he came.

"Nothing." I replied not wanting to look her in the eyes. She knew I was lying but she didn't dare pressure me for it. A tear ran down her cheek, and I caught it with my finger.

"Everything will be alright Roxanne." I whispered as I hugged her.

-Next Day-

It was around noon when we arrived at our new house. As I unlocked the front door relief washed over me. It felt good to be somewhere else besides the hospital. From the kitchen we heard a noise. I knew who it was.

"Hey! You guys are back." Mack said as he came from around the corner.

"Hello Mack." Roxanne said.

"Hello. So is this the new edition to the Blaze family?" He said as he pointed to the little bundle.

"Yep." I said, proud as any new father of his child.

We both walked up to the baby room that we created for him. It was a light blue color with hot wheels and motorcycles on the wall. We laid him down into his crib and watched him slowly fall asleep.

I thought as I watched him sleep, "I guess that you can't escape the destiny of the Ghost Rider. Unlike me I had a choice whether to change my destiny or not. I hope that you chose the right path and not the wrong one."

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