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Ria is a quiet girl with a strange history - although not many know about it. When she is faced with freedom, she chooses to shed her name and past to embrace a new life as a normal girl. The only thing she kept with her is her love and talent in music - but in doing so, she's risks everything, including her close friendships, her independence, and any chance she might have at true love.

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Prologue - The Beginning

"M- Marriage?!" Ria stuttered, sitting before the tall man known as her father.

"That's right. As my eldest daughter, you will be married to the heir of another wealthy family to strengthen the bonds between those of a more... noble blood." He said, looking down at the girl who stared up at him horror-struck.

"I won't." She said, standing up to look him in the eye.

"You will do what your father commands."

"I refuse." Ria said, her eyes burning with rage. "I will not be used as a pawn."

"Daughter. Come here. Now."

Gritting her teeth, the thirteen year old girl walked towards her father, still glaring. She stopped when she reached within a half-meter of him.

"Come closer. I will not bite." He said, but Ria knew better.

She took four steps forward. She was within an arms length of him, and her anger still hadn't subsided.

"You will marry him. And you will be happy." The man ordered.

"I will not be the caged wife of some wealthy pig!"

"Caged?" He asked, amused. "You have many years before you are to be wed. You are only thirteen now. That gives you seven years to do whatever you wish before you are married and become this, 'caged wife of a wealthy pig', was that it Daughter?"

Ria's voice shook with anger as she spoke bitterly.

"I will never acknowledge you as my father. I am not your daughter. My only family is Tayu. If I no longer have a mother, then I've no father ei-"

The loud slap resounded through the emptiness of the room. Ria fell back three steps as a cause of the impact.

"You will learn to shut your mouth when needed and to obey your father!" He yelled at the girl in front of him.

"How could I ever think of you as my father?" Ria said, looking at the man in disgust.

That earned the girl yet another blow on the cheek. Ria stood still and took the punishment for her sharp tongue as countless emotions formed suddenly in her heart, threatening to tear it apart.

"Perhaps that knocked some sense into you, girl!" He yelled, out of breath from disciplining her.

Ria said nothing.

"You will say yes when I tell you this again. You will be married to the eldest son of Kishito-san. Now speak."

Standing in her spot and gritting her teeth, Ria replied, "Yes."

"And you will not disobey me again."


"Good. Now leave." The man smiled, pleased with himself.

Ria turned and walked towards the heavy oak door. She slid it open slowly and closed it behind her as she left. She continued to walk to the other end of the house where she shared a room with her twin sister, Tayu.

"Onee-chan..." The girl stuttered as a worn out Ria walked into the safe bedroom. "You talked back again... didn't you?"


"Get dressed into your nightgown. Then I'll work on your bruises."

"Alright." Ria said, walking to the closet and opening a drawer. She quickly slipped on her nightgown - a short white dress that reached her knees and left her arms bare as it was short-sleeved.

"It hurt a lot more this time, Tayu.. Ow!" Ria yelled as Tayu washed her cheek and spread some cool feeling cream on it.

"Sorry about this Tayu... Sometimes I think you should have been the oldest." Ria said, chuckling as her sister began to put the cream on her arm.

"I don't think 15 seconds really made a difference in who's more mature, Onee-chan." She said, smiling. "So... what did Father say that made you so angry? You must have been pretty rude, considering these marks."

After a long pause, Ria spoke.

"Father said that my marriage has already been arranged."


"I'm getting married..."

"To who...?" Tayu asked, anxious to hear the name of her soon to be brother-in-law.

"Kishito." Ria said, looking up at Tayu sadly.

"M-Matsui-kun?" Tayu asked, feeling her heart being ripped in two.

"I'm so sorry Tayu!" Ria said, feeling horribly guilty.

"Onee-chan... will marry Matsui-kun... W-why?"

"I don't know why it's him!" Ria said, closing her eyes. She couldn't bear to see her sister like that. That...fragile... and broken.

"That's not it... Onee-chan..." Tayu voice cracked as she spoke, each word weighing like lead on her tongue. "W-why...? Why... does this hurt so much...?"

Opening her eyes, Ria saw her sister's hands tremble as she put one to her chest.

"W-why am I crying like this? Why?!" She asked her voice shrill. "I don't... understand!"

"I don't know Tayu..." Ria said, tears running down her face as well now. "I- I don't know."

The twins sat on the floor in their room, both sobbing for different reasons, crying themselves to sleep.

Hours later, Ria woke up to find her sleeves still soaking wet and the room was pitch black. A few slivers of moonlight came in from behind the curtains and she could see the outline of Tayu, fast asleep on the ground beside her.

"That's probably what I look like too..." Ria thought, looking at Tayu's puffy eyes. "I have to act quickly."

Determined, Ria slid open the window and grabbed her pillow and blanket off her bed. She threw them out the open window and took one last look at Tayu's sleeping figure before climbing out the opening and closing it shut behind her. Ria ran off the property that had been known to her as home and followed the road towards town.

"It's colder than I imagined..." Ria mumbled to herself as she walked past fields and fields of emptiness with the wind at her back.

Everything was black. Darkness. Ria began to get a little scared. At every sound, she jumped, only to find a stray bird or a stick that had broken under the pressure of her foot. Suddenly, a light appeared from behind her.

"I've been found out! I'm done for-" She thought, panicked.

She turned to see a delivery truck.

"Need a ride?" An old lady from inside asked, looking at the strange girl who had been wandering the countryside alone at night.

The woman was short and old, but certainly not frail. She was probably around the 60s or 70s. Her frizzy gray hair draped onto her shoulders and a thick woolen shawl was wrapped tightly around her. Although she appeared to be quite old, her eyes were dark, awake and playful.

"You have to be careful, little girl! I almost ran you over – I didn't see you!" She exclaimed. "What are you doing out here so late?!"

Ria sighed and thought of an excuse.

"May I come in first? It's pretty cold out here." She said, stalling for time.

"Oh, I'm so sorry – of course, come on in." The old lady said, unlocking the door.

The strong wind blew the door wide open.

"It must be very cold – the wind's so strong! It's almost winter too. Hurry, before my door blows away!" She yelled, holding onto her pink shawl tightly.

Ria put her pillow on the seat and wrapped her blanket around her body. Then she climbed into the truck, which was very warm to Ria's delight. The door closed with much effort on the young girl's behalf.

"Now what are you doing out here at this time of night?" She asked, looking suspiciously at Ria.

"I could ask the same about you." She said, still thinking of an excuse.

"Me? Well, I'm delivering a shipment of watermelons to Tokyo. But that's different – this is my job."

"You're going to Tokyo? Oh- could you take me too? You see, I'm from America and came to Japan to visit my grandmother in Tokyo – but the plane took me to some weird city I haven't even heard of before and I've been wandering around ever since." Ria said, knowing the excuse had countless holes in it.

"Why didn't you just say so?" The old lady asked, surprised. "Your grandmother must be worried sick if she's anything like me!"

"...She actually... believed it..." Ria thought, amazed.

"So what's your name?"

"...Lianna." Ria said, using the first name that had popped into her head. It wouldn't have been safe to use her real name.

"It's nice to meet you, Lianna-chan. You can call me Shiron-san."

The old woman continued to talk about her grandchildren and the situations they got in on the way to Tokyo. After a three hour drive, they finally reached the city.

"This should be far enough." Ria thought, seeing all the tall buildings.

"So what does your grandmother's house look like?" She asked, looking at Ria who was half-asleep.

"Well... She owns a... sushi shop."

"How do I know which one to drop you off at?" Shiron-san questioned.

"Um... It's named after my family name..."

Ria looked around and spotted a sushi shop with the sign, "Kawamura Sushi" in the distance.

"And your last name is...?"

"Kawamura." Ria lied. "My full name is Kawamura Lianna."

"Oh! Could that be your grandmother's shop?" She asked, looking at the shop you had found only moments before.

"Yes! That's it! Thank you so much, Shiron-san!" Ria yelled, faking happiness and opening the truck's door as the vehicle slowed to a stop.

Ria hopped out, bringing her belongings with her. "Thank you so much for the ride. I would have never found my grandmother if it wasn't for you!"

"You're very welcome dear. And take a watermelon from the back. Give that to your grandmother in apology for being so late!"

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you!" Ria grabbed a large green melon from the back of the white truck and watched the kind lady drive away.

As soon as she was out of sight, Ria walked down the street, looking for a place to sleep.

Looking at the low sun, it was early morning – maybe 5 or 6 am. And of course, it was the fall – the temperature wasn't exactly pleasant, even in Tokyo. With her pillow, blanket, and a watermelon, Ria walked further down the street before finding what looked like a school. All her life, she had been home-schooled. She had lived quite an isolated life, only associating with her sister Tayu. This was her first time at one. Ria walked onto the school's grounds and saw what happened to be a shed.

"It'll be like living in a small house." Ria thought, trying to open the door of the small structure.

"Just my luck – it's locked." She muttered, cursing under her breath.

Ria looked around, searching for something to open the door. In the dirt field nearby, she found a large rock. With one blow to the lock, the rusty metal broke and Ria slid open the metal door, trying not to attract any attention. She threw her things into the shed and closed the door behind her, keeping the cold from coming in. Wrapping herself in the blanket, she laid down on the cold concrete floor and put her head on the pillow. It wasn't like sleeping on a cloud – but it was freedom.

Ria was free.

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