A/N: It's been way too long since I wrote in this story, or in any story for that matter. Now that school's slowing down for the holidays though, that's all going to change. :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!

Cyborg glared at the television, the remote control was breaking in his grip.

"I'm tired of all these stupid campaign ads!" he shouted. "I'll be so glad when today's over!"

Robin sighed, "Yeah, they are pretty annoying."

Raven nodded, "And almost as bad as the campaign ads, are the campaign mail."

"And all the signs!" Cyborg yelled. "I nearly hit a whole field of them the other day in the


"That's not the worst of it." Raven muttered.

"What?" Robin, and Cyborg asked simultaneously.

"Just look out the window." Raven answered.

The two heroes dashed to the first window they caught sight of.

"They- They-" Cyborg stuttered.

"They littered the yard with campaign signs?!" Robin shouted.

"Yes," Raven answered. "But I think Beast Boy is doing something about it."

At that moment, the green boy rode out across the lawn on a steed of steel.

Cyborg's eyes widened, "Taking the lawn mower to the signs…" he wiped a tear from his eye. "It's beautiful."

"What made Beast Boy decide to do that?" Robin asked, out of curiosity.

"He was angry because Heroes isn't new this week due to all the elections." Raven replied, sounding bored.

"You mean… I TIVO-ED A RERUN!" Cyborg cried out in agony. "I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCHING IT SO MUCH!"

"And apparently…so was Beast Boy." Robin said sounding amused.


"Yeehaw!" Beast Boy shouted. "Take this campaigners! This is for messing up Heroes, and where Cy and I play Ultimate Frisbee!"