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14: Court, Kisses and Comeuppances

His father pushed the door open for him and nodded encouragingly as Teddy slowly walked into the courtroom. It was deathly quiet, yet he could feel the numerous eyes of the witches and wizards of the Wizengamot peering down at him as he walked to the centre of the room and sat down. Teddy looked up to see the Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and found he too was staring at him. Harry sat a few seats to Kingsley's left, he seemed to be the only one who was not staring. The boy gripped the arms of his chair and found himself holding his breath a little as Kingsley stood up.

"This court is now in session." He announced in his smooth, low voice as he looked around the room. His eyes came to rest on Teddy once again as he continued. "Before us is Theodore Remus Lupin. Is that correct?"

There was a long silence and it occurred to Teddy that he had been asked a question.

Speak nice and clearly, and keep it simple, Tonks had advised.

"Yes, that is correct." He said, still gripping hold of the chair.

Kingsley's face seemed to soften and he even smiled a little.

"Could you tell us what happened on the day in question please, Theodore?" He asked.

"Well…um…I went out to the Quidditch pitch with my friend Chester and we played there for a bit, but then it started raining so we decided to go back inside…." The more he spoke the easier the words came to him and soon Teddy found he could explain what had happened with great ease. He even felt pride at telling the court how Remus had arrived just in time to save the day. Before long Kingsley was telling him he could leave and Harry was giving him the thumbs up. He left wondering what he had been worrying about.

Mum was right, he thought happily to himself, Kingsley's a nice guy.

The sight that met him outside made him cringe.

"Mu-uum!" He complained loudly, screwing his eyes shut. "For Merlin's sake this is a court of law! You can't just sit there like….that!"

"I'm the Head of Aurors, I'll do whatever I want!" Tonks told him indignantly, her head coming to rest on her husband's shoulder, her arms wrapped tightly around him as the werewolf laughed. When his parents showed no sign of untangling themselves any second soon Teddy shuffled over to sit on the bench beside them, and kept his eyes firmly on the ground. It was ridiculous, he complained silently. What would people think if they were to come out that door and find his mother sat on his father's lap doing…all that?! Besides, surely they were too old anyway, and his dad was just laughing! Marauder or not, he ought to know better!

To his relief a minute later Remus saw fit to set Tonks firmly on her feet and get up to take his own turn in the courtroom chair. Once Tonks had sat back down besides him, Teddy decided to try and do something useful with his time. He got out his wand and began practicing a flicking motion and mouthing a spell under his breath. Tonks observed him for a minute in silence before speaking.

"That's not what I think it is, is it?" She asked, looking mildly amused.

Teddy paused to grin at her.

"It's willpower that does the trick, Dad says." He told her, making her grin back mischievously. "But I've nothing to try it on for real."

Tonks shrugged happily.

"I'm sure you'll find something…or someone…when you get back to school."

Teddy found himself giggling. He suddenly felt that he had justification for any bad behaviour he should ever be caught doing. He was the son of Nymphadora Tonks Lupin, who understood very little about the concept of rules, and Remus Lupin, the last of the infamous Marauders. If that didn't explain something, he didn't know what did.


As Teddy made his way down his dormitory staircase he felt like cheering. He was about to rush over to Chester and announce the great news Tonks had written to him with, that Lynch would be in Azkaban for at least a year after his appeal had fallen through, ("long enough for the evil scum to loose his mind"), when he noticed the great crowd around the notice board in the corner of the common room.

"Teddy!!" Chester raced over to him, grinning like a boy possessed. "We did it! We did it!! Gryffindor Beaters!!"

Teddy simply stared.

Teddy jumped off the stairs with a loud whoop and punched the air in triumph.

"This is so cool!" He cried, hopping from foot to foot in excitement. He suddenly began to dash towards the portrait hole. "I gotta tell Dad!!" And with that he disappeared from the room and began to sprint through the castle. Upon arriving at Remus' office he barged through the door with enough of a racket to wake the dead. But as usual Remus did not so much as blink. He simply continued to scrawl notes at the bottom of a first year's essay.

"Dad!!" Teddy's voice was so very animated that Remus put down his quill and graced the boy with his full attention. "I made the team!!" Teddy shouted, and he caught sight of the delighted smile that spread across Remus' face before throwing his arms around his father.

"Of course you did." Remus told him happily. "I had no doubt at all, you practiced so hard…"

"You must write to Mum and tell her!" Teddy interrupted, practically bursting with excitement.

"Oh I will. I'll do it right now!" And true to his word, as soon as Teddy had bounced back out of the room to tell anybody who would listen about his appointment, Remus abandoned his work and wrote to Tonks instead.

Teddy stayed cheerful all morning, but as he walked to Charms that afternoon his day got even better. He was pausing to cram a wad of chewing gum into his mouth, something he had been doing ritually every hour for several months now, when a voice from behind him made him grin.

"Hey Lupin!" Orion Lynch called as he came to a halt behind the metamorphmagus who appeared oblivious as he stood chewing absent-mindedly. "Is it true you have to sleep on the floor at home? 'Cos your dad tore up your mattress with his teeth?"

Teddy calmly turned around, discreetly drawing his wand.

"Orion! Hi!" He smiled pleasantly, making the Slytherin look slightly taken aback. "You want some chewing gum?"

Orion sneered.

"What are you on about? Why would I want anything that you've had? You're barking!"

Several Slytherins behind him laughed, but after a second Orion soon had nothing to laugh about.

Teddy spat the gum out and gave his wand a neat flick, shouting:


The gum shot forward with the force of a bullet from a gun, straight up Orion Lynch's nose. As laughter erupted from every student in the corridor Teddy joined in. Things were looking up, he thought as he side-stepped Orion, who appeared to be going purple, and made his way to class.